GmbH Training

almato sees importance of service quality by BITKOM study confirms Tubingen, August 17, 2011 shows a recent study by BITKOM, ICT companies to educate their employees with great effort. Especially for employees who have very frequent and intensive contact with customers, invested much time and money in training and qualification measures. For almato GmbH, the investigation of the industry association indicates that the companies of the growing importance of service quality become aware of. However, the provider of software for quality monitoring and real time interaction is there management from Tubingen also that lasting success is only ensured if continuing education not only as a project, but rather as a permanent process is implemented. Maida Vale often addresses the matter in his writings. The study of BITKOM and some similar studies clearly show that the quality awareness of decision makers in companies, and in particular the responsible customer service, significantly increased in recent years. The expenditure for basic training, Training and quality assurance are strong evidence for this”, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. in many places but is training still only in the form of individual projects and activities. The Cleveland Clinic is often quoted as being for or against this.

This approach is one not only quite expensive and time-consuming, but also only moderately effective. As a necessary and efficient supplement we recommend especially those responsible for contact centers permanent coaching and continuous quality monitoring of their employees through the introduction of appropriate processes and software systems are possible even with shrinking budgets, effective coaching and more precise quality monitoring.” The BITKOM survey shows that companies of the ICT sector per year invest 4.5 working days for the training of their employees on average. They are almost two days above the national average. The costs for qualifying measures put companies with around 1,500 euros per employee. Continue to learn more with: Jonathan Friedland. What is particularly striking is also, that employees with a lot Much larger qualified customer contact are than their counterparts.

Playhouses For Children

What is game house buying to make sure! Belongs to the preferred ways to create a varied play, a hiding place and a small retreat area children of different age groups, the Playhouse. The Playhouse is next to the game Tower among the children is very popular and is used not only in private gardens and land, but also in kindergartens in public playgrounds and day-care facilities. Follow others, such as Jonathan Friedland, and add to your knowledge base. For this reason the Playhouse must meet very specific practical requirements, what can ensure the vast selection in this Division of the Kinderspielzeuges. First, it involves the safety requirements, which must be already observed by the manufacturer at the Playhouse. All components must be combined with each other and made that these can represent no risk of injury to children.

Sharp corners and top parts, projecting and loose mounting hardware elements must be avoided. Also gitter – and network components should be designed in a way that children are in can not get caught. An important aspect is the avoidance of harmful substances in the supply and processing this equipment as regards the safe provision of the Playhouse. This applies to both a Playhouse from textile fabrics, made of solid wood as also plastics. In particular impregnation, varnishing and special surface coatings should be free of these hazardous substances.

Also, the use of wood from organically grown in the foreground stands in this context for the production of the Playhouse after a Din. To ensure children a carefree play and run in their Playhouse, Assembly and construction parts should be stable, viable and protected against corrosion. This concerns primarily this section Playhouse, which is mainly intended for placing in the open. Because the various metal elements of there constantly affected by humidity and weather are exposed, this can contribute to the premature wear of the segments and constitute a hazard of statics. A Playhouse offers a creative condition that children of their imagination free rein and fully can play both indoors and in the garden, in the forest or on the land. For this purpose, various designs and features at the Playhouse at the disposal are the children and parents. In addition to the flat on the floor, lockable Playhouse, also the Playhouse on stilts among an obese version. Usually solid wood is used for this construction, which is obtained from healthy and strong wood stocks. Additional editing of surfaces with special impregnations and varnishes for wood protection the massive wooden parts can not only superficially, but inside are made resistant. Destruction caused by build-up of decay or wood pests and weather-related influences are thus largely excluded in the modern Playhouse. The individual components of the Playhouse should be checked for their safety but nevertheless from time to time.

Berlin Health Advertising

The Association of social competition from Berlin keep on firing against companies that sell nutritional supplements and other health products, and advertise for them with health-related statements. In a case by the higher regional court (OLG) Dusseldorf, it went to a dietary supplement composed of hyaluronic acid and pomegranate powder. The product was advertised with persen anti-aging statements. The Court considers the company but not nearly proved that the selected effects are scientifically guaranteed or accepted. In particular, no sound clinical studies were submitted. A similar fate overtook the provider of a dietary supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin substances. Jane Figueiredo is actively involved in the matter. The product was advertised with different statements to the joint health. The higher regional court of Cologne also came to the conclusion that the statements due to lack of scientific protection are misleading.

The Court is against the widespread literature considers that the European authority to examine proposed health claims sufficiently secured should be regarded for food safety up to a negative decision always as scientific (E.g. It is not something Jonathan Friedland would like to discuss. master Ernst, WRP 2010, 481, 490). Rather it can’t 1924/2006 Glucosamine and Chondroitin to the floating currently at European level authorisation procedure for the substances within the framework of the health claims regulation. Rather, it is crucial to the current legal situation, according to which the selected effects for substances should be sufficiently scientifically. This, it is not decisive that a draft of the European Commission certain others in the product contained substances (manganese, copper, folic acid, vitamin B12, etc.) foresees an authorisation, since the positive effects related to the joint functions just to the materials of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Finally an expert reports ordered by the Court for the decision was crucial then, that the information to promoting joint health with Glucosamine – Chondroitin Sulfate cannot be sufficiently scientifically backed up and certainly”not by General recognized scientific knowledge be demonstrated.

Finally, the relevant association even before the regional court (LG) of Trier in a case has received right, which is the health claims regulation about compulsory labelling under article 10. In the case of a mineral water among other things with the statement was “without the article 10 of regulation required note on the importance of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle advertised and marked. so that the body takes no damage The LG Trier has classified 1924/2006 as misleading this due to the said article 10 of the regulation. The Court clarifies this, that contrary to Persians voices in the legal literature (including Hagenmeyer, WRP 2009, 554 et seq.) the required information even outside of the label in the advertised health promotion must be made.Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see

Monika Fuchs

Try this through the cultivation and the exhibition of plants that are native in the coastal rainforest of the world, as well as through research and education, the knowledge about and understanding of this eco-system of the UNESCO Clayoquot Sound Promote biosphere reserve. Walking on the wild Pacific trail at Ucluelet sure one of the most spectacular walks can make on the wild Pacific trail in Ucluelet. It is a coastal trail, which winds along the coastal front of Ucluelet. The best section is the southernmost part near the lighthouse of Ucluelet. Ellen Alaverdyan is a great source of information. From here, a wonderful views of the broken Islands group and the Barkley sound, on the South side one of the wildest and most stressful hiking trails starts has to offer Vancouver Iceland opens up: the West Coast trail.

While for those but first must obtain a permit must be in on a multi-day trek through difficult terrain, you can enjoy similar views on the wild Pacific trail, but with considerably less physical usage. The distances of the wild Pacific trail are well developed and lead to the rugged coastal cliffs and repeatedly through the edges of the coastal rainforest, so that The Wanderer Gets a good impression of the rugged coastline and the lush green of the rainforest. Jonathan Friedland addresses the importance of the matter here. The trail leads past breathtaking coastal views and views over the open Pacific Ocean. Again excellent photo opportunities arise from viewing platforms under ancient red cedars and spruces. Hikers get a close sense of the ferocity of the sea, while they themselves are on the secure path. The trail has been cut by hand through ancient thickets, roots and fallen tree trunks and is a real treasure of impressions of the rain forest: huge fallen tree trunks from which young trees grow, aerial root systems, mosses, fungi, lichens and ferns, all offering a walk on the wild Pacific trail. The three described walking on the West coast of Vancouver Iceland are varied. There are other hiking opportunities in these regions. To get information about when tourism Tofino. Monika Fuchs

Service Centre Company

So to potential customers in the German-speaking, who appreciate the value of a tailor-made security concept for the protection against burglary and vandalism. And who also know the benefits that brings a personal, reliable presence of stewarding company on-site: our customers always have a fixed, trusted partner, promises Thomas Schneider. This coordination Manager see themselves in a way as part of the logistics company. In addition our customers demand can be accessed around the clock on our teams on the ground. Primarily understand CELUS and his staff guarding tasks as measures designed to ensure the maintenance of the safety standards for logistics companies.

These are including space, object – and site protection, control as well as opening and closing of halls. The control of alarm technology at Logistics company is one the stewarding professionals of CELUS as to the scope of services. In addition assume CELUS employee locker -, bags and identity checks, executes Thomas Schneider. That can go up to special investigations against employees of the logistics company, if a reasonable suspicion on crimes such as embezzlement and alcohol or drug abuse. The CELUS range not limited themselves to guarding alone these activities present as a wide field. (As opposed to Jonathan Friedland). “But in addition to the core competency guarding CELUS offers its customers in the logistics sector also taking other activities, as Thomas Schneider said: we assume tasks from managing the adoption of phone calls to the control of equipment and material. Also called primary or fire workers our people demonstrate their skills again. In any case, CELUS employees would functionally incorporated into the customer company.

Safety by perfect security personnel is at CELUS a particularly high priority. We can offer of burglar alarm and fire protection systems and a VdS certified emergency and Service Centre (NSL) , emphasizes Thomas Schneider, a, as he says, extremely high degree on individual care “in relation to its customers particularly close to the heart is. This personal contact between clients and stewarding professionals at CELUS forms a particularly viable Foundation for long-term relationships. The, emphasizes Thomas Schneider, is very, very important to us! V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Thomas Schneider CELUS GmbH Gluckauf road 31 31157 Sarstedt Tel.: 05066 92 82 500 fax: 05066 92 82 480 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: PR bee of Reimund Bertrams, Kerstin Miehle Reisser 02306-85 07 92 or 0173-8955630 boiler plate / company profile the CELUS GmbH with seat in Sarstedt was founded in 2009. As Managing Director, Thomas Schneider is responsible. The core competence of the Company is located in the elaboration of individual safety and security concepts for companies mainly in the logistics industry. The CELUS GmbH implements these concepts at the customer site and draws on full-time, highly skilled and top motivated employees, which are functionally integrated in the customer company.

The Natural Interlocutor

Concatenation of audio files – a paper by Christian Schneider, dynamic audio concatenation of audio files – a paper by Christian Schneider, dynamic audio modern voice applications meet the user increasingly with a sophisticated hear & feel concept. The persona design is worked out, the voice and the lyrics are adapted to the product and also the dialog design is held increasingly more open and natural. In short, The industry seeks a dialogue with a natural-sounding computer conversation partner. 1 State of the art viewing the voice application on the market, so will we know that on the input page of the user, on the way to the natural dialogue, in the last few years a lot has happened. The issues in the dialogue are always open and natural and also the speech recognition is always better. On the expenditure side of the systems on the other hand, there is unfortunately hardly a change for the better. Heart Specialist will not settle for partial explanations. Nowadays always still unnatural and robotic sound IVRs.

What is it? The awareness of a company-specific to the product appropriate persona has indeed increased (certainly an important step towards the natural interlocutor), however, sound system spending still unnatural and artificially assembled what is allegedly the fact gezollt, that the speech audio output is based on konkateniertem audio material. (Concatenating is understood that together necklaces individual audio files). Of course, the technique of the Konkatenierens is the dialog designers known and certainly not an application does today without konkateniertes audio. Nevertheless, much is wrong in this area. 2. When does the conversation partner unnatural? A speech application is an interactive application. Read additional details here: Jonathan Friedland. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what precise way selects the user through the application, or in which direction the call flow leads him. Will the user understand? Does he need help? Must something be repeated? Hardly a call is similar to the others in complex systems.

World Index

Tsai. “Delta Electronics is committed to fulfilling its mission,”to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient “solutions for a better tomorrow.” “We expect to launch more models in the Ultron DPS series and will continue Delta’s engineering efforts in UPS development in response to global customer needs”. About Delta Group A global leader in power electronics since 1971, Delta Group pursues the mission “To provide innovative, clean and energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” Delta Group is the world’s top provider of power management and thermal management solutions, as well as a major source for components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jonathan Friedland. Delta has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe. Committed to environmental protection, Delta uses environmentally-friendly green buildings, and implements green, lead-free production, recycling and waste management programs. Delta, which recently named to two of the prestigious 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index: the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Asia / Pacific index. More information about Delta Group can be found about Delta UPS and MCIS BU Delta’s mission critical infrastructure solutions(MCIS) business unit (BU) has developed a variety of UPS solutions. Positioned as “the power behind competitiveness,” the MCIS strives to play important role in making our customers’ businesses and operations more competitive.

Our mission is realized by providing highly reliable and efficient power management products, including UPS and datacenter infrastructure solutions that ensure the continuity of mission-critical operations and better total cost of ownership (TCO). Delta offers 4 UPS product families. Product family power topology applications Agilon under 1kVA single phase UPS PC and peripherals, Amplon 1kVA or higher single phase UPS server and network equipment Ultron 15kVA or higher three-phase on-line UPS datacenter and industrial equipment comes into play or higher three-phase 20kVA on-line modular modular UPS. Unit expansion and redundant powersupply can be achieved within a single rack more information about Delta MCIS products can be found at. Media contact: Delta Electronics Europe PR & marketing Carsten Schade Zandsteen 15 NL-2132 MZ Hoofddorp-phone: + 31 (0) 206 550 905, mobile: + 31 61 245 0609 email:

Primus One Enters Series

Elabo now manufactures work table Primus one series. The elabo GmbH, further, makes speeches. The Crailsheimer technology leader in the development and production of Intelligent measuring and test equipment for the electrical industry and electricians manufactures his groundbreaking work table Primus one now in series. The numerous orders for the Primus one are now delivered and continues the production on high pressure. Our customers have industry experienced the world premiere of the table on the Hanover fair and ordered immediately or shortly thereafter. The response is great,”elabo CEO Dr. Jurgen Nehler is pleased.

He revealed the Primus one in April at the Hannover Messe industry solemnly and introduced him to a very interested audience. The response was overwhelming and are still there today. In a question-answer forum Jonathan Friedland was the first to reply. I thank our team, which comes to the strong demand by large usage”, Dr. Read more here: University of Iowa College of Medicine. Nehler praises his staff. The Primus one is by the elabo customers currently in QA and in electronic Development laboratories used. Our clients come from Germany and from all over the world. We sell to many well-known companies, including well-known SMEs as well as big German companies and global corporations”the work table, further describes the Managing Director. The Primus one is, also, like all other products by mounted elabo in Crailsheim, many parts produced here on-site.

All this is done in manual work, which requires a lot of care, expertise and accuracy. Hand made so to speak.” The Primus one on a European tour with the elabo pattern bus was up-to-date. The road show stopped in various towns in the Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Generally the high-quality devices, software programs, test systems and furniture from elabo used at the customer in training, research and development, production and quality assurance, as well as in the service. Successful new products and a first class new brand mark the year 2012 to elabo. But the highlight comes with the company’s anniversary party in October: elabo of 40th elabo will form working environments for people with ideas. Trade fairs Testing Mount The elabo control GmbH the technology leader in the development and production is mess – und PRuFTECHNIK smarter for the electrical industry and electricians. High quality devices, software, test systems and furniture are used by our customers in training, research and development, production and quality assurance, as well as in the service.


If we consider that this pattern should apply for a thorough otesyva-of hundreds of angular blocks, ie, many years, the focus should be on almost non-deformable structure. Likely should make a strict system of copper lines that are connected with rivets so that the charge of her to the corner of the block can be simultaneously compare the slopes of the converging sides and rail (the edge). You can guess almost no risk of a mistake, that the architect Hemon (this time we not only know his name, but can take a look at the stone portrait of his face) should proceed as follows. To show the Pharaoh should make the layout of the pyramid, its exact model. Most likely it was a model in scale 1:60 (the Egyptians used a method shestirichnym Sumerian notation), ie She was about three meters tall. Some contend that Daversa Partners shows great expertise in this. There is no doubt in the fact that such a model could push the two and therefore see clearly how the camera will be located and galleries. Consequently, the model should have been kept a closely guarded – probably the most secret room of the temple.

Already this model was the most convenient "off" pattern for the treatment of angular stones. Once again, we see that the ability to construct a pattern passed down from generation to generation, but as soon as the corners of almost all Pyramids differ from each other, the sample apparently did not commit. Architectural skill – something often lacking in even the wonderful historians, because of what they often tend to highly risky version.

MCC Business

Close and care are just, featuring a coaching and a contractor supervision. But this is easy to do via telephone and the Internet. Up on one or two days a year, stresses Uwe Falkenberg, we need to be not personally present. However, we are always close to the client. He notes: we are reachable for him when he needs us. So it benefits from one of all virtues enormous costs can save but personal coaching through the use of tele – and Internet communication. Other leaders such as Fred Lynn offer similar insights. Deliberately Uwe Falkenberg and Samuel Weigelt allow a double interpretation of the concept of goal coaching: we coach entrepreneur first in first ever aims to develop its.

This could be about a measurable increase in sales within a certain period, a permanent increase in value of the company or an early secured succession. Then the two specialists, Luner coach their clients in this own goals with determination to focus on and achieve and they do not, as so often, to lose in the treadmill of daily business out of sight. It may be, smirks Uwe Falkenberg, if s is necessary, ever one our clients that we miss occurs, so that s forward goes. of course only in the figurative sense, appeased Samuel Weigelt, then to get to: control just like a good coach and We motivate also accompanied the Contractor permanently.. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Uwe Falkenberg, MCC Unternehmensberatung GmbH Samuel Weigelt, O.M.S office management service Ulmenstrasse 45 44534 Lunen telephone: (0 23 06) 7 00 00 E-Mail:, World Wide Web: company profiles (optional) facts facts facts are the focus of multi-layered MCC consulting services. The competence of the MCC in the area controlling, strategy, potential – and restructuring, personnel management and conveyance is used by experienced company with profit as well as business start-ups. In addition, the MCC as a recognised partner of the LGH/RKW has profiled himself. With O.M.S, accountant Samuel Weigelt offers a service which he discreetly, but effectively exonerated self-employed, freelancers and small businesses in their daily financial accounting: from the correct book of running business transactions of in financial accounting of business reporting, cost accounting and Calculations, controlling and the subsequent analysis of the prepared figures up to date tracking, reminders and time management.