Sleep Issues

To which we must add also a well-regulated liver function. Northeast: people who have trouble getting out of bed will be exacerbating the problem if you sleep with this orientation. For its part, the insomniacs are ideal to have a bedroom at this location. North symbolizes cold and dark. Inducing deep sleep, the only problem is that if the person moves too much during sleep are at risk of uncovering and cool. West: the west side leads to happiness and joy, if that is the location of the bedroom of a couple, the relationship will improve.

Southwest: symbolizes serenity, tradition and conservatism. Not a good place for the bedroom, and that frightens the possibility of change one must have in life. In addition, causes lack of vitality and tiredness on waking. 3 .- Guidance bed. During sleep, all our senses down to a minimum, but still self-preservation keeps an eye on the parts of the room where greater movement: The door and window.

Even asleep, eyes closed doors and windows guarded around the bed where he rested, so the ideal is that doors and windows should be in the front or side that does not leave our sight. A good wall must be the support and help at the head of the bed. This scheme complies with the clear concept of Feng Shui: Mountain protective back and Wealth River front. In this case the Mount is the solid wall and the river, the movement, the door. Source: Mark P Frissora. This is how successfully you can place a bed in the room. A good wall must be the support and help at the head of the bed. Must be placed so that the head or feet of (s) of person (s) are never looking inside the door. It is important to see the door and guide the bed so that your head is facing north or east. Nothing should hang over the bed and should not have stuff underneath. A good header provides sense of security. You must try not to sleep under the window, but if you can not avoid, it is important to cover the window with an opaque curtain. 4 .- Furniture and bedroom accessories. The bedroom furniture is preferable to have rounded edges, as the sharp angles can cause arguments and disputes according to Feng-Shui. The bed is recommended that a wooden base and unique, to avoid excessive individualism and foster partner. The headboard should be firm and strong, to achieve a steady partner 4 .- Colors and lighting of the bedroom. Walls should be of soft pastel colors and carpets should be light colored to blend with the other elements of the bedroom. The sheets, pillowcases, blankets and pillows (which must be all natural fabrics and synthetic) should also be of pastel colors. Shades of blue, suitable for the protection and pleasant dreams Light Orange, bone or brown low intensity, which help create a soft and relaxed. Pink for love, and soothe the spirit Avoid bright colors like red and yellow Avoid black, which can exacerbate a tendency to depression and poor sleep. 5 .- Other recommendations. a) Use your bedroom only for sleeping and making love. Indeed, very often people – among which you may – is served in the room to watch TV, phone, work or study, and even for exercise or eating. Something that does not correspond at all with the role of

In The Change Of The Life Feelings

Borage as a dietary supplement the Methode Brigitte Kettner it sounds like a culinary mix before Russian soup and an English porridge Borage, but this is a spice and medicinal herb that has a substantial effect. The herb is known since the antiquity and is native to the Mediterranean and has become especially when hormonal changes, how the body learns it in menopause, proven. Learn more at this site: Mark Frissora. Popularly borage is also known as blue sky star, Borage or love eyes. The plant/herb contains a rich set of multiple unsaturated gamma-linolenic acid. All important metabolic processes of the human body are controlled by the Omgega-6 triple saturated fatty acid.

The Methode Brigitte Kettner offers this medicinal herb in capsule form as a targeted high-quality dietary supplements. “The stormy phase of menopause full especially if the stormy phase” be made through the menopause and the production of female hormones (estrogens) significantly reduced, then often on that will deepen as very unpleasant side effects. That, for example, hot flashes can be paired with sweats, insomnia, mood swings, or for example, nervousness. All this is paying the most common ailments and skin and mucous membranes but also alter the hormonal alteration of these worse blood as a result. The internal and external complaints should be relieved by taking the capsule. Many important nutrients contained the medicinal plant not only has a high proportion of valuable gamma-linolenic acid are, but also mucus, essential oils, tannins, minerals and silica, which not only anti-inflammatory effect by your wealth, but also sudorific and blood purifier. “By taking the capsules method: Brigitte Kettner”, activates the skin’s metabolism, so that the skin its natural barrier function can meet. In addition Borage has become proven as an antidepressant, and gives when you believe the old traditions, then zest for life and Liebeskrafte to wake up by eating the plant. The plant can be found also in German gardens, where the deep blue, five-digit flower star shines almost throughout the summer. Also can the herb”for soups, salads, ricotta and cold sauces used to and a bunch of Borage in the bedroom to give pleasant dreams. A technical article by Mari Sun, expert of

Ear Pressure Can Come From Too Much Stress

More often, you have pressure in your ears? If so less stress can be the solution. Ear pressure stress might trigger not always must have a physical cause or caused by a cause coming from outside ear pressure such as for example when flying or heights. In many people, stress the trigger is. Not always it means living well with one and so, the accidents and strokes of fate sometimes pile up. In addition of everyday life must be managed somehow despite everything.

Each stress extremely differently, such as insomnia, weight loss, the feeling of being constantly tired and to be able to afford anything, stomach pain or just pressing the ear. You just want to hear nothing more”, the body releases a warning because he can no longer withstand the pressure from the outside. If printing does still whistling, this evidence of a sudden hearing loss can be. A sudden deafness has no identifiable causes such as, for example, a head injury but occurs seemingly for no reason on. To the pipes and the pressure is still the feeling that feels the affected ear numb and rare dizziness. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. brings even more insight to the discussion. Through various tests, a disease of the ear is excluded. See Kevin P. Campbell, PhD for more details and insights. The test include an MRI or CT of the head, a blood test in which among other things a thickening of the blood cannot be ruled out, or a brain stem audiometry, which assesses the conduction of the nerves in the inner ear. The sudden loss of hearing is a so called diagnosis of exclusion, because if there are no other underlying diseases, a sudden loss of hearing is concluded.

What do ear pressure? What can you do if the ear pressure constantly plaguing a? There are some treatments that are promising, and you should wait too long under no circumstances with a treatment. It has the best chance, if a therapy within 24 hours. The aim of the therapy is it on the one hand, to improve the blood flow in the ear with infusions or medication, on the other hand to suppress the immune system and a possible To treat inflammation with cortisone. There are more treatment options in the administer of local anaesthetic and oxygen therapy. In the latter, the patient for a while in a hyperbaric chamber is treated with pure oxygen. It is not only so far, though, you should consider a few things. If possible you should switch off of course as far as stress factors. Regular relaxation exercises such as yoga or autogenic training help body and soul to deal better with stress ear pressure. An additional sensory overload should be avoided, including concerts and listening to loud music through headphones. Quiet and relaxing tones, however, allows. Singing is a great relaxation for the acoustic system. Our body consists largely of water and so enters the vibration, which in turn stimulates the blood circulation. Any vasoconstrictor substances such as alcohol, nicotine and coffee should be avoided. Are quite spontaneous with the sudden deafness possible and are about 30%.


I have recently received some requests to talk about the issue of anxiety, because there not knowing the symptoms who are unaware that they are going through it. Here, Kevin P. Campbell, PhD expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However I would like to go a little beyond just knowing what is, but how to cope with anxiety. In modern society have significantly increased cases of anxiety along with fear, anger or sadness, that all this is linked with the central nervous system. The symptoms of anxiety are very diverse, the most common are: continuous sweating, insomnia, tachycardia, an increase in breathing rate known as tachypnea, dilation of the pupils, feeling of choking or shortness of breath, tremor in the limbs, loss of control or of consciousness, muscle weakness, motor restlessness, difficulties for communication and even negative and obsessive thoughts, to mention the most easy to identify. It is worth mentioning that certain anxiety symptoms often resemble other conditions, such as cardiac arrhythmia or hypoglycemia.

By It is advisable to undergo a medical examination to discard them. In the vast majority of cases, the origin of generalized anxiety occurs when the individual believes and accepts being a weak, fragile or apprehensive person, i.e., that they affect external events or what is worse, those who are not sure but could occur in the future. You are constantly declaring a fear that feels and causes him anguish, fear and desire to flee, without identifying. Matt Lyons Blackstone Medical may also support this cause. All this boils down to fear that lives by his own insecurity and especially the way that internalizing and think about their problems. There are several types of treatments and therapies that have some effectiveness for people who suffer from anxiety and panic. These include: anti-anxiety drugs and psychotherapy cognitive-behavioral, this should be addressed by a competent and experienced psychologist. Coping with anxiety, I recommend you carry out a confrontation and negative or incorrect beliefs change, I’m talking about those thoughts erroneous approaches you to believe you’re weak or fragile.

I invite you to from this moment, you repeat I all can and have control of all of my situations. Here and now. Practice the technique to engage in auto talks positive, talk with you, recognize you all the achievements you’ve done throughout your life, you feel strong, productive, do not let you thoughts of weakness, nobody you can manipulate ever because only you have the domain. Learn more here on this.

Fear Of Fear: Fear Is A Feeling

Anxiety disorders as a picture forms of anxiety disorder anxiety is a feeling that all people know and need. The useful function of fear is, that she should warn people of possible dangers and guide to thoughtful over and cautious action, so that he endangered his health and his life not in the exuberance or incorrectly understood courage. People increasingly suffer from exaggerated fears, it may involve an anxiety disorder, requiring treatment, so that not even a generalized anxiety disorder develops. As a clinical picture in an anxiety disorder, the affected person in excess reacts anxiety disorders on a real or only perceived threat. The anxiety in an affective response is not appropriate the effective situation, also the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety occur in much more intensive level than for people not suffering from anxiety disorders. One speaks of a real disease in the form of an anxiety disorder, when the patient is actual or even potential threat unreasonably high estimates in their danger, and if these fears, even in situations without any real threat or danger.

Forms of the diversity of the anxiety disorders social anxiety is very large. You can refer to specific situations or activities; so, for example the well-known agoraphobia is excessive fear of bustling squares, shops, crowds in plane or train, theater or concert or before traveling. Other anxiety disorders can refer to objects or living creatures, the fear of spiders is known here. The fear of specific situations is known, such as fear of flying, the acrophobia, or fear of the dark. More general anxiety disorders without specific triggers are the panic attacks, where the sick person no objective reason device in absolute panic, which can go up to the fear of death. Generalized anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder has usually not the intensity a Panic attack, but becoming permanent. Whenever Blackstone Medical listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The person feels then constantly a diffuse fear above all and each, the reason he may not appoint but.

The patient constantly fear that something very bad could happen to him or his family members, but can not tell what exactly he fears because. The symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include the wide range of physical and mental signs. Physically, there are the classic fear companion, such as palpitations, dizziness, sweating, trembling, hyperventilation, muscle tension, nausea and headaches. Psychologically, the generalized anxiety disorder manifests itself in dizziness, impaired concentration, restlessness, insomnia and constant irritability. The approach of Western medicine focuses on one side on the administration of medications, which should intervene on the neuro-transmitter levels in the brain, does not come up to the anxiety to make treatments for anxiety disorders. The other approach Lever are different forms of Psychotherapy, by means of which the patient is to learn to deal with the anxiety-occupied situations differently. The medication must be taken permanently what many patients refuse. Therapies are often not in the long run successful, it often comes to relapse. The website presents a novel therapy, as the ill patient in a natural and gentle way without taking medication can cure his anxiety disorder. The goal is to get the cause in the handle and to live permanently without fear. People increasingly suffer from exaggerated fears, it may involve an anxiety disorder, which requires the treatment is not yet a generalized anxiety disorders develop. generalized anxiety disorder developed.

Easy Recovery

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed In the context of psychoanalysis the play therapy developed today belongs to the important concepts of occupational therapy, especially when working with children. This is the natural play instinct for benefit, to help the young patients themselves to meet, to learn the mental disorders to overcome and another more social behavior patterns. In their long practice as an occupational therapist Elisabeth Brechtel has can successes many therapy using game-therapeutic methods. In a brief overview, she explained what these methods are. Application forms of play therapy, directive and non-directive play therapy is differentiated between the two forms. Critical of these two forms of therapy is that the one with and the other without the guidance of the therapist is running. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD describes an additional similar source. This means that when the non-directive play therapy the child itself decides what actions it performs.

The non-directive play therapy is both in the therapeutic as well as in the diagnostic context used. Because due to the way, such as what feelings and behaviors within the therapy sessions are expressed, can be causes of developmental disabilities, mentally caused problems and other abnormalities develop. Basic idea of the non-directive play therapy is to give the children play in a protected atmosphere and under the supervision of an attentive and compassionate therapist casually to process feelings expressed to bring and so conflicts, a variety of emotional problems and traumas or overcome. Additional information at Matt Lyons Blackstone Medical supports this article. Here the course of therapy depends on the child. How long such therapy, you can not generalize, because this depends on each patient and the severity of the problem to possible. Force one can’t also through play therapy. This form of therapy is used typically in children at an age between three and twelve years as they aged particularly well on the play therapy attract.

Children with developmental delays, behavioral problems, insomnia or anxiety, but also children who are victims of abuse or suffered psychological trauma, can be found among others in the play therapy. That children using the play therapy permanently to themselves find and overcome many types and developmental and behavioral problems, Elisabeth Brechtel know from their years of experience as an occupational therapist. They accompanied their small and also large patients on their paths in life, with the lowest or devoid of any restrictions. The ways of occupational therapy she informed of course like.

Is There An Effective Tinnitus Treatment?

If you have never had a tinnitus, is wondering what can be so distressing and impairing before because of this ear noise. If you have never had a tinnitus, is wondering what can be so distressing and impairing before because of this ear noise. A non-affected presents itself may be, the sensation is similar to a whistling sound heard from an electrical device, or the continuous hum of air conditioning. These sounds can be very uncomfortable, but they occur outside of the head. The tinnitus, however, sits in the head and has therefore a much more dramatic effect than the external noise. Therefore, those affected desperately seek a way how you can treat the tinnitus. Consequences of tinnitus remains not only at the disturbing tinnitus, but the tinnitus caused more serious problems over time partly. Very fast migraine headaches occur as affecting the concentration in addition.

Often followed Insomnia, which weakens the whole organism and can lead to massive exhaustion, until to the complete burnout. The ability to communicate and the joy of life be affected, so that a depression may develop in the medium to long term. Therefore, it is clear that one must treat the TInnitus. Tinnitus treatment in conventional medicine which provides conventional medicine as a healing success at it, if she could eliminate the symptom with their measures. Unfortunately, not even succeed her if they treat the tinnitus.

The approach through the use of drugs to combat the symptom, has shown no great successes. Read more here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. Vitamins, stimulate blood circulation drugs, cortisone, magnesium or even neurotransmitters are administered which however showed no greater effect than placebos. The stimulation of certain areas of the brain through magnetic fields or a brain pacemaker was linked to high hopes have been disappointed so far also. In addition, side effects occurred – by the way, as well as at every tinnitus Treatment with medications, which ranged from headaches to seizures. Tinnitus treatment in the clinic the specialist clinics, which treat the tinnitus, approach the habituation. That is, the patient should mitigate the stressful pressure of tinnitus and its sequelae by getting used to back to win as a quality of life and to cope with everyday life without restrictions. To a combination used by listening, psychotherapy and somatic techniques, that should reduce the suffering and treat the Tinntitus. This mix can but do not cure the patient, but only its symptoms weaken – an unacceptable solution to the most tinnitus patients. Tinnitus treatment in alternative medicine the various Eastern and Western origin naturopathic pursue basically a different approach. Mark P Frissora is open to suggestions. For them, a symptom is just exactly that: an indication that the natural and healthy balance of the body is disrupted. Therefore, they refuse to treat only the symptom but would pursue a holistic point of view. Thus be considered the overall situation and State of health of the patient, mental and outer circumstances involved, and until appropriate measures are taken. On the website you can more information learn about naturally and without expensive drugs with harmful side effects as you can handle a tinnitus. This method tracks not only relief from the symptom, but aims at a real cure. While the body is supported through various measures, again finding his healthy balance and to eliminate errors and blockades. THE holistic method to tinnitus a heal for all times. Our advice has helped many people, their problems with tinnitus. Continuous tinnitus is the Supreme goal of therapy, paying no attention to the tinnitus.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a psychological condition that belongs to the family of anxiety disorders, psychological disorders are characterized by anxiety as a key element. People can develop anxiety disorder generalized at any age, with the condition that is two times more common in women than in men. There are a number of treatments that you can use to deal with this condition, depending on the specific characteristics of the patient. People with feelings of generalized anxiety experience constant disorder worry and anxiety that are not necessarily focused on one particular thing. They may feel as if they had to be constantly prepared for a disaster or catastrophe, of all kinds, from money to social situations. Some people develop panic attacks and other signs of severe stress, and these in turn can be a cause of anxiety, since the person may feel uncomfortable in public because she is worried about the development of an attack panic. In addition to anxiety, the patient also developed fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, impatience, sore head, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and irritability. Check out Mark P Frissora for additional information.

For some patients, the level of anxiety can be relatively low, but in others, the generalized anxiety disorder causes a harmful level, which makes it difficult for the individual to live a normal and active life. If this persists for more than six months, the patient requires treatment. The diagnosis can be provided by a psychiatrist, who offers some treatment options. Several types of medications help with generalized anxiety disorder, on the other hand, there are remedies for anxiety of natural origin which in turn are beneficial to health. Psychotherapy can also help with generalized anxiety disorder. Sessions with a therapist helps the patient to arrive at the cause of the anxiety, and determine how to deal with situations and specific problems, such as the desire to be able to go out and socialize with friends and therefore, Learn how to control anxiety. Psychotherapy can be used as an alternative or complement to medication, depending on the patient and the treatment approach that the person requires.


In the race by the quality there is no line of goal. Kearns the companies to guarantee a proactive participation that it favors to him in his development, permanence and conquest of markets, must very take into accounts the characteristics from the present commercial scenes, where these, require of a new managemental style, besides new a organizational architecture that presents/displays administrative units updated, departments, that guarantee their performance with an excellent integration of its functions, that they have contemplated the reach, repercussions that are generated of factors, like financial, technical, administrative resources and cause one optimal productivity, that it is pronounced in the manufacture of supply of products and services, that allow them to compete, according to the requirements that the consumers in the present time demand. Such exigencies therefore, they cannot be eluded by the company and the management must redimensionar its organizational structure, to take to step to a management of processes and systems more efficient, profitable office staff, that they favor to him in its operativity and participation in the present markets, especially, the one that concerns to us, the Venezuelan who lets much say in his here and now. Dr. Deepa L. Sekhar often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Today, the Venezuelan companies that operate in uncertain, risky national scene, with much turbulence and uncertainty, consequence of the actions of the present government who is determined to institute the Socialism, has determined seriously, that many of those actions become a threat in their operativity and development and that stops to leave avante, must confront the changes, the challenges, beginning with a real evaluation of as they are prepared for it. They have considered in addition, the necessity to reconstruct its organizational structure, to count on the collaboration of professionals able to confront the challenges, the changes combined to others to the effects that the globalisation has caused with the commercial openings, the new approaches of commercialization, policies of commerce international, alliances, agreements, blocks that have come forming. . Mark Frissora can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Sant Joan Desp

In addition, it reclaimed the name of Barcelona B for the branch. Click Heart Specialist for additional related pages. It has been able to paralyze the re-qualification of lands of the Miniestadi and has fulfilled with its idea to reclaim patrimony, since the club has paid 4 million Euro to reclaim a parcel of 18.000m2, located within the sport city of Sant Joan Desp, sold by Joan Laporta in January of 2010 to the society MCM Renting. A Bara less ' poltico' One of the aspects that have distinguished to him more of the exdirectiva has been to move away to Barcelona, like club, of the political scope in which it was surrounded day yes, day also when Laporta was president. Laporta, that after leaving the Bara put completely in the policy, carried out numerous controversies by its independentistas ideas. Rosell has been known to unmark, moving away, in addition, to the club of that spiral in which it fell continuously of the hand of the ex-president. More information is housed here: Matt Lyons Blackstone Medical. Like peros, two meteduras of leg. One, when its bet made public win to Real Madrid by 5-0 in the end of Glass " not to lose costumbre" , since he ignited the wick of the dialectic war with the eternal rival in whom the players and the liking took the relief. And second, during world-wide past showed that its desire was that the Glass of the World gained Brazil, which brought about hard critics towards the words of Rosell. Now already it can be conceited of the title that longs for the presidents more: ' orejuda' of Wembley it will go to the display cabinets of the Camp Nou. Source of the news: Of Laporta to Rosell, the president in the shade of equipazo