President Tour

Aguirre wanted to congratulate the rider on his new triumph in the Italian round, at the same time that rated him as the best and one of the most important athletes of Madrid and of all Spain. My greeting is very special to title staff. I do it with true emotion that this edition was the maximum difficulty, you had to pedal nearly 3,500 miles in 22 stages, some very hard, said the President. Thank you for making us so happy all locals and to all Spaniards. Thank you for believing in victory, that you have never abandoned, and thank you for being one of the most successful Spanish sportsmen, said Aguirre. As the anthem, an anecdote about the mistake with the anthem of Spain – pro-Franco-, counter rang in Milan with the lyrics of the era was limited to manifest upon arrival at Barajas that was only an anecdote of the time, although he noted that always passes to him, to remember that on another occasion, in the Tour, they put the Danish national anthem.

The Madrid cyclist, with 6 wins in big laps – three in the Tour, two in the rotation and one in the back-, occupies seventh place in the ranking of winners of three races by more important stages of world cycling, which is headed by the Belgian Eddy Merckx, with eleven. Pinto is volvo once more after passing through the capital, hundreds of people received one year more the rider in his town of Pinto to honor him. Neighbors of the cyclist, accustomed to the heroic deeds of the local Idol, favorite son of the city, gathered at the Town Hall square to congratulate counter, three times winner of the Tour de France (2007, 2009 and 2010), two-time champion of the Giro (2008-2011) and winner of the Vuelta in Spain in 2008. This trophy is in large part thanks to you because you have supported me at all times and you have given me strength to squeeze me the most, and a piece of this trophy is to all of you, said counter to its neighbors. It has been the hardest tour that I’ve ever made. Now I’m really tired and I have to disconnect both physically and mentally.

If I go to the Tour it is because I am one hundred percent because I want to fight for the race. And now what I want is to enjoy this triumph and rest, he said the three vences winner of the French round. In rrencia to the decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency to respect the decision of the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS) defer the resolution in the case counter, the cyclist said not be aware because his lawyers have spent it. I’m making my year aside from this and only my participation will depend on how you recover, he reiterated. The pintenos, gathered in the square, could enjoy the holiday and the acknowledgments of a cyclist that expect many more victories and, a year more, shared his joy with Pinto.