We should not forget that small emotions are the captains of our lives and we obey them without even realizing it. Vincent Van Gogh. General information, basic principles, considerations emotions are very significant in our lives, that should sabersel control, manage properly, so that we get from these results that we favour. Indicated us to the condolences, are neurochemical and cognitive processes related to the architecture of the mind takes decision-making, memory, attention, perception, imagination that have been perfected by the process of natural selection in response to the needs of survival and reproduction one must be attentive when the emotions in order to properly control and prevent are activated, affecting its impact us negatively, we match each handling them, especially in vibrations derived from them, in order to ensure positive results, especially, when it has been determined its scope, what they represent and us favor, as well as hurt. A well controlled emotion can give way to very positive impact on our State of mind that guarantees us, personal growth, happiness, specifically very positive results, but also can harm us. Do is we remember, that Etymologically, the term emotion comes from the latin emot? o,-? nis which means the momentum that induces action. Psychology is defined as that feeling or perception of elements and relationships of reality or imagination, which is expressed physically through some physiological function such as facial reactions or heart rate, and includes reactions from behaviour such as aggression, crying. Emotions are the subject of study in psychology, neuroscience, and more recently the artificial intelligence.

With respect to her, gives us, that an emotion is an affective state we experience, subjective reaction to the environment that accompanied organizational changes (physiological and endocrine) of innate origin, influenced by the experience. Emotions have an Adaptive function of our body to what surrounds us. It is a State that occurs suddenly and abruptly, in the form of more or less violent and more or less temporary crisis.