Internet Traffic

and That's when the term traffic stand before you with all your inevitability. Because in this case, there are about the same problems as in the case with a dedicated internetovskoy network: the subscription fee includes a certain traffic (he is measured in gigabytes, because it is still on the server, not on the local computer), but as a rule, free traffic per month is exceeded, and then you for it privyshenie starting pay. And the pay is very, a very significant amount (if you have visited the site). Some hosters prefer to specify in advance such conditions or collect money for the traffic to avoid disagreements and mutual recriminations. And here it comes time to begin to delve into any details – much different from the Russian foreign traffic that occurs in the case of the so-called peer-to-war (which will be just in your pocket) and so on. After that, you the question arises – why, actually, you generally have to pay for traffic that uses your site? After all, users visiting your life, pay your isp. For more specific information, check out Cardiologist. And pay for traffic that comes to them in pc (with your site). Then why must pay for this traffic? It turns out that the providers receive double payment – in the sense that the users get the money for what they swing information from your page, and you get money for what users shake information from your page? Twice the charge for the same thing – is fair? – You ask, and in this holy wrath of pure truth is almost one hundred percent. What is interesting, until recently, time such a paradoxical situation actually occurred: providers have money for the traffic and users, and site owners. Of course, one could argue that users only pay for time spent in the Networks but with what they are there during a hold? From what we, webmasters, these pages are posted on the Internet. Therefore, should not the creators of sites pay for traffic! In this I am deeply convinced.

How To Sell Elephant

You're lucky and you have an elephant. No! Do you have a few inexpensive, Russian elephants (yes, Russia – the birthplace of the elephants!). Say even, constant supply of a variety of quality Russian elephant, just for a profitable resale. All your friends have already got an elephant with your light hand, and now the road leads straight to the Internet, look for someone else can sell these wonderful eared hobotonostsev. So, make an online store 'all the elephants of Russia. " Name. Your buyer should remember the name. And then remember it when it is to tell your friends, even if he has not bought you an elephant (for example, on difficult family circumstances).

Your 'main slonopitomnik country' can be common. Your 'Three merry elephant' may become a beloved family shops at a wide range of fans of the elephants. Your 'Slonischi', laced with a cool logo of a full-grown mammoth could be killer brand among all progressive youth. Range. You have to be a pink elephant, a thoughtful elephant in spectacles and a militant bishop for gamers. Every lover of elephants, looking for his elephant and he should not leave your shop disappointed. There are, of course, quite unassuming buyers who did the size of the ears and long trunk compete testing their skills, but you do not want to rest, fastidious, to leave unhappy? Especially because they will give you pleasure money if you give them their elephant! Showcase. Top elephants should be on a beautiful showcase.