Scrap Lens

Sometimes fastens telephoto lenses (large) and we’re big eyes looking at it, What a cool, which probably is good, extends even etc. Here too, the pitfalls are usually trying to sell stale does not exercise demand lens. Ie best place to buy a camera without a lens, it is still called body. Believe me, then say thank you for this tip!). But let’s order from the beginning about the camera: 1. How many times I wrote and will write about cameras – there are Nikon, Canon and others. So if you want to choose a good machine then take your pick from these two firms. Yes, I understand that the price they did not budget, but doing nothing, look at the different vendors will find little cheaper.

The most interesting variant of the acquisition of the camera – is to buy it abroad (eg states). Why did he become more expensive in Russia, I still do not understand 2. So, on the mark then you decide if you should – what you have Budget? Usually at this further choice of camera is caused by limiting the amount you are willing to pay for the camera. But please continue reading this article until the end and may need to add quite a bit of money and buy a camera much better than you originally planned. Or conversely, you can take cheaper and no worse.

If you are new to slr cameras, the most the best option for you – buy a cheap slr. Let me explain why. To learn how to use (use wisely) all the features of slr you will need some time. Take the example of 1,5 years. Functions of amateur and professional slr camera strongly differ, the difference in the parameters and characteristics. Incidentally, the Professor. camera does not auto-mode, ie You will have to master the regime of maximum M-, and the rest will be easier. If you now get the latest model professional camera, after learning how to handle it ( 1.5 years), this model will be at the end of the rating, the progress from year to year swiftly flies. As I wrote at the beginning, we choose a camera without a lens! I do not want describe a specific model, which I would recommend to buy first, look it up yourself in the stores, the initial price range – there and look, look! Do not buy photo equipment at the ‘left’ sellers. This instrument is very complicated and warranty on it is very necessary (you never know). This is particularly true of lenses, the scrap rate is much higher than the camera.