Memories of one I touch I ask for to license you who are reading, to reproduce a text here that I wrote to many years. When still, back in the Paran, it did not have as much emphasis in the quarrel on the necessity of ambient preservation. At that time if it saw, come of all side, the increasing deforestation. In gone years 70, the decade of tri, what more if it saw for that rich Paran were knocked down, smoke of forest fires and tractors entering for the way them lands occupying the space and the place that was of the worker. the land, fertile, deprived of virginity the force, give birth tons of grains that they did not feed how many they were being obliged if to divorce the land It was at this time that a teacher, at that time, of the gymnasium, ordered in them to make a writing with free subject. this writing, is clearly that corrected, today I am showing and sharing. I make this because me it seems that living we of Rondnia need to make a deep and urgent revision of positions in relation to the environment and to and I believe, also current – writing says the following one: Old, but well old exactly, I age a great tree.

It lived in way to an immense forest. To say the truth, I most beautiful age one of one of the greaters! My twigs, thick and strong, confided to receive, to hug and to shelter the birds that wanted to make settled in my ramagens. I sheltered many nests: vi to be born and to grow and to procreate many small birds, in my ramagens. My twigs and branches, green womb, had been the uterus formed that and gave them life My shade sheltered those that, tired of walking, were thankful for I to exist to the side of its way.

Easily Increasing Muscular Mass

In order to increase the mass muscular of effective form one is due to take into account two fundamental parts. Each of them is very important and the majority of the people does not consider them the same, therefore many do not manage to increase the weave muscular, since they do not understand the importance of each of these parts. It is necessary to raise the weight and to eat the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. When these two ingredients are combined, it can operate his muscular gains. In the first place you need to understand that to gain muscular mass she needs heavy load. For more information see Newcastle University. Each part of its body must be worked rigorously to harness its muscles to the maximum. It considers that we are not speaking to raise 20 repetitions with a somewhat reasonable weight until you get tired. I am speaking of few repetitions with heavy weights.

It places muscles under heavy loads and the gains go off voluntarily. The fiber of muscles it must destroy, is the unique way to construct the new muscle. Once the muscles they have been destroyed, the body immediately it begins to send the nutrients to the muscle with the purpose of to repair it. It is why the nourishing ingestion is so vital. To learn to increase the mass muscular includes a suitable nutrition. You must consume 1.5 at least gr. of protein for men and 1.0 gr. of protein for the women.

It is necessary to rely on complex carbohydrates. They help to maintain the regulation of the blood and it will give the energy him that needs during the day. The fiber consumption must be increased slowly. The fiber helps to eliminate the excess of nutrients that the body does not need and aid to expel the fat through digestive system, instead of to keep it. One of the majors errors that the people commit when she is to construct muscular mass is to forget the food after the training. This food it can be the most important food that it eats in all the day. It must be a food very complete carbohydrate flood. The carbohydrates help to repair the muscles that they have damaged of one more a faster form. A good dose of carbohydrates complexes, 30 minutes after each training will help him to gain size and it would help him in the charge of energy for its body. When it realises its training and the muscles are in tension and the damage in them is very obvious, it means that they need to repair itself. The best way to repair them is with a food after the training. It stops listening to the advice free who are listened to in the gymnasium, although could be a great advice, the best thing is to learn of whom they have obtained what you look for.

Guararapes Foundation

If it had abandonment of the studies was for free will of each pupil or some another reason, because constantly the educational duties were charged on the part of the regent of the band, the professors and the direction of the school. Ahead of the continuity of the artistic works of the bands Maria Sampaio and Vasco of Gamma, Carmelo professor next to the pupils and all involved ones obtained many benefits for the performance of the band, such as: new instruments, uniform of prominence for the band, standard, game of flags for the school, room to keep the instruments of the band, material of maintenance, people to assist in the work of formation of the pupils contracted for the Guararapes Foundation (monitorial), among others benefits that helped, in favor of the band. In the administration of Carmelo professor the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena and Vasco of Gamma worked in set, that is, the requests that were made for one were made for the other also. The executed repertoire was equal for both, because into many occasions the two bands if only transformed into one, in the main meeting and events of prominence of our State and is of it. It is not something The University of Chicago would like to discuss. We can cite the Meeting of Bands and Swaggering of the northeast Military Command (of the Army) that it happened every year in the Gymnasium of Geraldo Sport, in the quarter of the Imbiribeira in Recife. In the reality the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena was created as plain pilot to take care of to the martial bands of the Secretariat of Education of Recife. Therefore, the band was called band the Guararapes Foundation for belonging to this institution and because of its prominence in the scene of the martial bands that called the attention in the development its repertoire and ' ' uniforme' ' that at the time she was confectioned in So Paulo for the estilista Lina Fernandes. The uniform had much pomp and very called the attention the public for being a uniform differentiated for what age of custom at that time, north-eastern Brazilian, therefore u.

Hollywood Diets

There are correct and incorrect ways to manage to burn that fat that as much bothers to you. Here I will give the 7 things you that you do not have to do and that usually they recommend to you; but also I will give 7 (+1 advice bonus) things you that of insurance will help you to become thin in one week. 7 things that you do not have to do I write these things so that not even you think to do them if somebody recommends them to you. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dean Ornish M.D by clicking through. And if you are already practicing some of these advice holds, because your health could be in danger. 1.

It does by one week one of those popular diets that leave in Internet (For example: Hollywood, Cakes, Soup of cabbage, apple). 2. To go to the gymnasium every day and to try to make press of bank, or weight died with the double of your corporal weight. To finalize doing 100 abdominal ones. 3. To take two bottles from hidratantes drinks and to begin to run every day by one hour. This really will not make you become thin in one week. 4.

Not to eat more than 3 times to the day and not to eat after 6pm. Nothing of normal food, to focus in bars of proteins and packed meals. 5. To reduce dramatically calories that you ingest. If you eat more than 800 calories per day, qudate underneath the bathtub with cold water by 10 minutes. 6. Not to take breakfast. To take two cups from coffee with a low fat roll. 7. To smoke half package of cigarettes and to take tablets to become thin. A note approaches the programs of loss of weight Is certain that some people do not need any type nutritional programs to lose weight, also is certain that some people need to follow a guide and a routine of exercises nutritional to lose weight of successful and safe way.

Visconde Books

The art to like to read the family and the school was the beginning of everything. Happy infancy? Ah I lived. I was happy child. It knew stimulated for my mother with love to devorar books that had allowed me to live deeply lost moments of extreme happiness and joy, hours and more hours in innocent thoughts to turn pages books of the library of my house bought for adored mine, wise and saudosa mother acquired of salesmen who for those lands walked vendendo knowledge and amusement. The newspapers mentioned Martha McClintock not as a source, but as a related topic. Not, it did not have television at that time and nor if it wants we dreamed of net, however we had, a pretty library thought and planned for the adorable teacher Alade, my mother, woman of vision the front of its time years light.

Ah silver-plated years! Illuminated for the pleasure of the discovery of books. As it was happy! thus we discovered first Lobato Hunter my passion of infancy my mother we read for and I continued reading everything of this great writer we I had the collection Vov Felcio a gift of our genitora. Valley to remember to my beloved father also great reader its image I keep with me that seated man to the side of the radio (television still did not exist) to devorar periodicals. In the public library idealized by a great educator Stela teacher of my small native city I looked and I discovered more books of Lobato Hunter: The Reinaes de Narizinho, the Hunted ones of Pedrinho, Visconde de Sabugosa, Emlia, Blessed Owner, Aunt Anastcia and for I walked and I loved there very, much Lobato. Yes the poets! Humberto De Campos the workmanship of to this great impressed me man. I took knowledge of the author in the gymnasium through the great educator of mine cidadezinha marcante Eliane teacher and competent master I will forever take the souvenir of its lessons of Portuguese (interpretation of texts) at the time young inteligentssima poet of our small land.

Qualitative Sweating

This is the main value of taking the so-called eccrine sweat glands. Less numerous apocrine sweat glands determine the odor of the human body. Sweating is also a way by which the body gets rid of unwanted substances. Of course, the skin can not substitute for the kidneys, and yet However, if necessary, through the skin, along with then a significant amount of minerals. Thus, the sweating is an important process, which is of great importance in the whole organism. In addition to the sweat glands in the skin are the sebaceous glands. They produce 'sebum' – a substance which softens the skin, giving it water-repellent properties. If excessive sweating hyperhidrosis naming, the excess Selection 'sebum' is called seborrhea. Dean Ornish M.D takes a slightly different approach.

Sweat glands are innervated by fibers of the sympathetic nervous system. Getting them on impulse, the glands are reduced, and secrete sweat to the skin surface. When necessary and sufficient sweat glands work quickly evaporates from the skin surface. When excess sweating drops of liquid accumulated on the surface of the skin. Violations of sweating. Allocate the quantitative and qualitative disorders of sweating.

In addition to the absolute loss of sweating – anhidrosis – meets decrease in its intensity – gipogidroz – or rise – hyperhidrosis. It should be noted that gipogidrozy observed in clinical Practice as often as hyperhidrosis and is usually not noticed by patients. Hyperhidrosis is almost always felt by patients, can be very painful and causes marked emotional disturbance. Qualitative Sweating disorders associated with changes in the composition and colors allocated sweat. Sometimes it is secreted by sweat bloody – hematidrosis. This so-called syndrome of bloody sweat, sometimes observed in hysteria. At there is a significant admixture of sebum is fat pot (steatogidroz). Violations of sweating can be caused by degenerative changes of sweat glands congenital or acquired nature, arise in a number of diseases (scleroderma, atrophy of the skin) or age-related changes (in the senile skin).

South Africa

There is compelling evidence in the form of image data of rocks (dating from 4500 BC. Er.) Are also found in Egypt. Shows different breed dogs, including lop-eared beagle with a distinct Ridge on the back. The most plausible is the assumption that the dog was domesticated tribes of the Hottentots. Over the centuries, the Hottentots moved everything to the south, in the district of Tanzania, Zambia and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), until they reached the Cape Peninsula, just in time for the time when the Dutch established their settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. Go to Professor Roy Taylor for more information. Among the animals, who traveled with Hottentots were and their hunting dogs ridged on the back. The first conclusive evidence of the Hottentot dogs are cave paintings at 30 km north of Rusape in Zimbabwe.

Hottentot dogs were significantly less than modern Ridgebacks – a little more than 46 cm at the withers. The dog was described as a terrible establishment with jackal and the body hair on his back, growing in the opposite direction, but at the same time, selflessly devoted person. In what external data Dogs have been improved by crossbreeding with dogs tribe bakalahari having type greyhaunda.Rodeziysky ridzhbekkak breed was officially recognized by the South African Kennel Union in September 1924. The first Ridgebacks outside South Africa have appeared in England in 1928. First fame Ridgeback as a fearless and selfless hunter, but the closer you get acquainted with the owners of this wonderful breed, the more useful qualities they found.