Carl Rogers Therapist

Such conception is supported in the perception of that ' ' the important one in this psycotherapy is not the absence of directive, but the presence, in the therapist, of certain attitudes in face of the customer and a certain conception of the relations humanas' ' (ROGERS; KINGET, 1977, p.29). Rogers affirms that the essence of the Boarding Centered in the Person consists more in a way of being of what in a way acting, being that it is necessary that the therapist expresses attitudes and certainties that are part of its personality so that the same it can unchain in the customer processes of update of itself and of personal growth. It’s believed that Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. sees a great future in this idea. Rogers (1997) points that to provoke significant processes of transformation in the other she is necessary if to launch in the relation. For the author, the essence of some deeper parts of the therapy seems to be a unit of experience, where the customer and the therapist must be capable to live deeply with equal freedom the deriving feelings and understandings of these, without intellectual inhibitions, precautions and emotional and/or cognitivas barriers. The diagnosis is not basic for the performance of the therapist centered in the person.

Although it is considered, its aspects are not norteadores of the psicoteraputico process, therefore the essential elements for the growth and development are in the relation between customer and therapist. Rogers (1997, p.230) affirms that &#039 enters in the relation with the customer; ' not as a scientist, not as a doctor who diligently looks to the diagnosis and the cure, but as a person who if inserts in a relation pessoal' '. To promote the growth of the customer, to help it to extend it its congruence, in accordance with the theory of Carl Rogers, the therapist must establish conditions for the development of a relation of constructive change of personality. .

Lift Advantages

System such as 'lift' is ideal for working in different industries and can be used for transportation of scrap metal, household and construction waste, sand, gravel and other goods. This system greatly simplifies and speeds up the work, reducing time of loading and unloading, and is universal: one car may be carried in the body for various purposes, equipped with a special sub-frame (container, tank, side loader, loader, cabins, specialized equipment). Depending on the required capacity is chosen model hooklift and type of bunker. Possible options for equipment installation at domestic chassis (KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural) and the chassis are imported. The advantages of this system lies in the fact that the car leaves the swap body at the site and leaves after the other is already filled. While saving time and thus money. Consider special car 581140 (lift): () 1. Purpose, scope and mode of operation of the product 1.1 Vehicle Special 581,140 (the lift) is designed for loading, transportation and removal removable hoppers, loading and unloading by the crane, and also allows you to do the work in the dump mode.

The use of interchangeable bins can be used to lift various sectors (Utilities, construction, trade, industry, road service, etc.). 1.2. Lift is manufactured in climatic design – Y location category 1 according to GOST 15150. 2. The composition of the product consists of a car Automobile chassis MAN TGA 28.353 FNLC and specialized equipment, which includes: – a mechanism for loading and unloading ECOPRESS; – kranomanipulyatornaya installation EPSILON E90Z74; 3.

Work products drive the mechanism by control valve with manual control. Before the work mechanism includes a pump, is available on the chassis. Loading lift with a hook lowered to a height of staples, available in the bunker, pulls up to the bunker. After linking hook clamps up the bunker with the help of master cylinders, front and hook frames. When the bunker will transport provision, it is fixed on the vertical and horizontal movement of Nogo-fixing mechanism. Then disconnect pump drive. Removing the tank is carried out in reverse order. When working in the dump clips from engagement with the longitudinal beams bunkers are not taken. Kranomanipulyatornoy installation is controlled with the help of control valve, located on the beam opornopovorotnogo device. More information about this construction can be found at:

Gamma Rays

A radioactive material are called isotopes, nature provides some of which keeps them stable energy balance, man, by external factors as other unstable isotopes, such as its nature decay in different periods of time to become stable, as this happens release energy in the form of particles or electromagnetic radiation of different types according to their energy alpha rays are of such low energy that a piece of paper can stop them, a human being could only affect your skin, are low peligrosidad.Los Beta rays are average power and can be stopped by aluminum foil, they could penetrate the first layers of our skin are danger media.Los Gamma rays are high energy, can only be stopped by heavy materials such as lead, steel, cement considerable thickness, these rays can not be stopped by our body and are highly dangerous. Visit Dr. John Mcdougall for more clarity on the issue. The radioactivity is now used by humans in a number of beneficial applications that most of us never suspected, as an example quote algunas.Se food irradiated to prolong their storage periods without them decompose, eliminating bacteria such as salmonella in chacinados.Utilizamos case of X-rays to detect elements that threaten security in airports or industry edificios.En scan used to detect defects in welds and industrial components to prevent failures that could harm plants and agriculture are studied personas.En the absorption of fertilizers in the course plantas.Tambien can detect underground water flows, and movement of sediments rivers. Cardiologist has plenty of information regarding this issue. archaeological applications, measuring the carbon 14 is a radioactive isotope present in all living beings, we can estimate the age of plant or animal remains man-made objects. If you would like to know more about Donald Sussman, then click here. .

TBE Blood

The temperatures are rising and many people like to spend your leisure time again outdoors. But with warmer temperatures also the ticks are active again and the discovery of a fixed blood cleaner on the skin can spoil quite the joy of the natural one. The fright is first if you discovered a tick on his body, has already anchored themselves in the skin. Here the question arises often, as the small parasite manages to sting and to anchor themselves without noticing you something of it in the skin. Ticks are equipped with a sharp-edged tool of the mouth, which are tiny teeth. (Not to be confused with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.!). Thus, the parasites can scratch the skin of their host and then sink their proboscis, the so-called Hypostome in the wound.

Because ticks on their host are often up to several days and suck your blood, if they are not disturbed, her saliva contains a kind of narcotic drugs, which is why one does not notice the bite. So that the tick is firmly anchored and their blood meal can take alone, ticks produce a type a few minutes after the bite Adhesive, the so-called tick cement, with which they stick to the host. When the tick has completed the meal, laid out fully sucked an enzyme, which again raises the “glue” and drops the tick. If you discovered a tick, she should be removed as soon as possible. This is important, because the transfer of TBE virus shortly after the ceremony can occur because the viruses are in the tick’s saliva.

Lyme disease is only transmitted by an infected tick after several hours because the Borrelia in the intestine of the tick are. So, it can be useful to take a tick removal tool walks and stays in the open air. A special tick forceps tick, tick hook or a curved forceps are suitable. Definitely not the tick before removing with something should be drizzled as oil or glue. The tick could be vomited in agony and pathogens would get it more quickly into the blood stream of the host. When removing the tick from the skin, it is essential to ensure that the tick is taken as close as possible to the skin. Quiet and just up and out pull the tick. Left in the skin, it is usually only the rest of the technical apparatus of the tick. This grows out however by itself after a time. The tick is removed, the bite area should be disinfected. The next few weeks it is important to observe the body and skin lesions, such as, for example, a so-called hiking redness, as well as on any disease symptoms to make sure. Even if it is to relieve the symptoms of a cold is supposedly should be visited a doctor as a precaution and it also informs about the tick bite.Health information, as well as our overall guide, see

Colon Cancer

Since we were small we’ve fed very rich things to our liking, such as fried foods, fats and other things that throughout our lives we have consumed, all this can seriously affect our digestion. Yet you have not you proclaimed as the King of junk food to keep in mind that should avoid eating too much unhealthy food since you get to stay in your body parasites or other diseases which prove to be fatal. When asked a person on these topics, most often put very nervous or answer with a joke, and is the topic of colon, bowel and stool is a delicate engage in theme. It is still taboo today while we are in a modern era. If you consume too much liquor you must have in mind that this toxic substance passes through your intestine before being eliminated and weakening in a way very serious. With excessive consumption could reach need liver cleanse.

Returning to what could produce us a colon cancer, leaving aside the bad food & liquors, there is a small group of people who as children had suffered from severe constipation and if that was little also irritable, pretty annoying and painful disease syndrome. Click Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to learn more. Besides going to the doctor and do a colon hydrotherapy, you can also try searching for alternative medicine information online that can give good results, which will not come immediately as many imagine, but it slowly for three or two months, depending on the Agency, we will feel healthier and more relieved than ever. These programs can also serve to people who have never suffered anything intestinal or stomach upset, and it is a great prevention for colon cancer, so nobody is free of this terrible disease..

Booking Glasses

Recently, motorists are increasingly interested in booking car windows, as This service is becoming very popular, along with the usual toning auto glass, however, issues related to features booking glass is weight. Read additional details here: Donald Sussman. Therefore, we decided in this article highlight the main aspects of the booking. Others including Donald Sussman, offer their opinions as well. So, booking car windows makes the task of, first, to protect the driver and passenger from broken glass during an accident, and secondly, to protect the people sitting in the car, from the attack of enemies and robbers, and thirdly, to keep valuables in vehicles. Glass inscribed with armoring tape against the attempts to break it or just squeeze slows the rate of penetration into the vehicle. Such glass can not be broken up into fragments. During the attack, after repeated blows glass may break, but the protective film will keep it in place.

In our work we use a protective film LLumar (U.S. production), and Hanita (Israel production). Why them? LLumar is the undisputed world leader in automotive films, so the choice its obvious. Hanita – a leading Israeli company for the production of films and technology production and use of reserving films in Israel developed as in no other country in connection with the commission of a sad traditionalism this region of terrorist acts, so often clients wishing to book their car windows, and even more who do not know anything about the producers of the films, ask first about Israeli companies. Exactly so Hanita was selected along with LLumar'om. Which of these film producers better, hard to say, they are about the same level of adaptability and quality – are equally high.

Ahrensburg Apartment

The luxury holiday penthouse Travemunde in BINZ on Rugen with fireplace, sauna, Jacuzzi and stunning sea views in a prime location in BINZ now at Ahrensburg, April 29, 2010 – already seduced when entering this 5 star penthouses overlooking one of the roof terraces with incredible views of the Baltic Sea. The old Villa is just a few metres from the fine sandy beach in Ostseebad BINZ. A successful combination of old building with modern decor makes this apartment highly sought after. Two roof terraces offer stunning views of the sea and the chalk cliffs, a third of which is ideal for sun worshippers. Four people find here, without losing the comfort of luxurious decor with comfort. Thus, both bedrooms have not only large double beds, but also their own flat-screen TVs and bathrooms.

Another highlight is a hot tub built into the tower with direct sea view. Thanks to the top floor of the old Villa secluded and with incredible views! The bathrooms are with Underfloor heating and a conventional heater, donate the warmth. Maybe you like to like to take a steam bath in the shower Temple, or rather enjoy the classical Finnish sauna with views of the Baltic Sea? Both are possible in this apartment. You will enjoy guaranteed. The kitchen is also high-quality equipped. Marked with a granite worktop and Siemens appliances equipped is integrated into the open living-dining area. The Cafe on the ground floor of the House provides on request breakfast in the apartment.

Coffee machine delivers a fresh, hot coffee, espresso or latte the Jura. It goes without saying that this apartment also has a microwave, a washing machine and a dryer. For a quiet evening inside the apartment, is a large flat screen television with Bose system available. Here is the play of CD’s and DVD’s guaranteed a unique sound experience. You enjoy the gorgeous sunset am Horizon of the Baltic Sea or a glass of dry red wine on the blazing fireplace. There is a detailed description including pictures of the apartment “Travemunde” on. Contact: acquando Reinhard Holewa hamburger str. 50, 22926 Ahrensburg / Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 4102 666 998 fax + 49 (0) 40 3801 789 4292 Internet: E-mail: the Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany-based company acquando provides sophisticated holiday guests exclusive holiday apartments and holiday homes along the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In particular in selected locations in Keitum, Kampen, Rantum and Hornum on Sylt, in the Baltic Sea Resorts Kuhlungsborn and Warnemunde on the Baltic coast and in BINZ, Ostseebad Gohren, Sassnitz and Gross Zicker on the Baltic Sea Island of Rugen. The homes feature a living area of about 50 to 300 m square and due to its high-quality facilities are among the best holiday homes in the region. Germany’s best luxury holiday apartment is the maximum number of points, which so far only in the category of the 5 star has received for an unforgettable dream holiday on acquando to book. With a selection of over 120 exclusive homes among acquando in his region the leading providers. The offer includes also sailing, island sightseeing flight and providing free hotel rooms or suites of superior SPA – and wellness hotels. Include, for example, the current partner of acquando: the 5 * Ceres hotel in BINZ, the 5 * Alpenhof Murnau on Lake Staffel, the 5 * Fahrhaus Sylt or the 5 * Grand SPA Resort A-ROSA Travemunde and some more.