Kernig Diseases

In the hemogram is often found leukopenia with relative lymphocytosis. Sharp serous meningitis can be complications or independent forms of the disease, they occur when mumps, brucellosis, limforetikuloze, ornithosis, Q fever, sinusitis, cranial trauma. Serous Meningitis may be a manifestation of an early form of purulent meningitis and occur as a result of certain intoxications, including medicines. There have been cases of aseptic meningitis due to serous endolyumbalnoe introduction of streptomycin. With the expansion of knowledge in the field of infectious diseases, viral diseases and neyrovirusnyh became known to all the new diseases that occur in the form of serous meningitis. Significant percentage of serous meningitis still remains undeciphered in aetiological terms. In a question-answer forum Cancer cells was the first to reply.

Among the most common serous meningitis following describes two nosological forms. Acute serous meningitis with mumps. Mumps in 10-15% of the proceeds with the picture of acute serous meningitis sick children mostly from 5 to 15 years. Clinic. Meningitis usually develops acutely at an altitude of disease, ie, 3 to 5 days from the beginning. Meningeal syndrome in the form of headaches, photophobia, cutaneous hyperesthesia, neck stiffness, Kernig's symptom and Brudzinskogo notes from the first day of brain lesions membranes. At first, almost always marked nausea and vomiting. Sometimes it is also revealed encephalitic and entsefalomieliticheskie symptoms: facial nerve damage, irregularity of tendon reflexes, pyramidal appearance symptoms (Babinski, Rossolimo, Oppenheim), decreased pupillary reflexes, general lethargy and drowsiness, and sometimes loss of consciousness and seizures, short-term mental disorders.

Describes the individual deaths. At the section in such cases are detected inflammatory changes and lymphocytic infiltration of shells, and in cases with lesions occurring brain substance, – an intense inflammatory process in the brain stem and okolososudistye somewhat later clinical manifestations of meningitis. Cerebrospinal fluid is transparent or slightly unclear, intracranial pressure increases. The protein content in CSF moderately elevated (average 0.4-1% o) or in the cerebrospinal fluid in most patients is due to lymphocytes.

Wine Disease

In the early nineties of the xvii century the German city of Ulm and the surrounding area were struck by an unusual epidemic. Further details can be found at Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., an internet resource. I suffered severely ill animals, there have been cases of loss of consciousness and even death. City doctor Gokkel E., serviced at the same time two nearby monastery, drew attention to the fact that they stayed healthy monks who for various reasons, abstained from wine. From your wine (butlers, a local prince), he learned that the wine sweetening the special solution (sugar was still unknown). To obtain litharge (lead oxide white powder) was dissolved in wine, then evaporated to give a sweet liquid. Its something and added to the sour wine. Gokkel suggested – a disease caused by lead.

The use of lead compounds to "improve" wine dates back to ancient Rome. Romans specially prepared in a lead pot of grape juice flavored syrup effectively stopped the deterioration of not only wine, but fruit and olives. It took several centuries, until the damage of the Roman way of keeping wine became apparent. And with the advent of cheap cane sugar such practices are "better" wine all gone. In addition, we found a new food antibacterial – sulfites (which in our time are used in winemaking and in the manufacture of fruit juices). Nevertheless, the last high-profile cases of food lead poisoning occurred in 1994 in Hungary, where he found the party of powder, in which to enhance the red color added minium – a red oxide of lead.

Disease Of High Heels

Wear comfortable shoes and your legs will not grow "bumps"! What is it There is a misconception that the "bumps" at the base of the big toe are due to salt deposits. Lung cancer: the source for more info. In fact, their appearance is not associated with water-salt metabolism in the body, as opposed to osteoarthritis. Opie arise in the case when there is a foot deformity. Doctors call these changes a cross-footed, that is, the bones, instead of remaining parallel to the sides begin to diverge. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach. Stop as it spreads.

A thumb and still unfolding inside. (Similarly see: Cancer Research). As a result, disturbed the normal structure of the joint of the thumb, and one of the bones gradually increasing sticks out – there is the same "bump". All of this disrupts the normal structure of the foot. At the same time suffer from other fingers. But the "bumps" – is not just a cosmetic problem, it's a lot of pain. The people in these pits base of the thumb is called "bumps." How much trouble they bring women – discomfort when walking, sometimes even severe pain, also have to forget about the beautiful elegant shoes. How to prevent the emergence of seeds and what to do if they already have? As soon as the build-up starts to increase, there is a deviation on all counts – and the finger "bends", and itself becomes deformed foot type. Over time it becomes a heavy gait, may appear limp. In addition, the swollen joint can cause pain, swelling, blisters, inflammation. But that's not all.

Hyperhidrosis Disease

One of the biggest and no small importance in human organs is the skin. It has many functions, speaking a protective cover, which depends on the health of the exterior of men and women. Unlike diseases of the internal bodies that manifest themselves outwardly not very noticeable, the skin disease could not be better diagnosed visually. The study and treatment of various pathologies and diseases of the skin involved dermatology. This branch of medicine Being one of the oldest, continuously evolving and has now made many discoveries, a good basis of means and methods of diagnosis and treatment of the skin. The etiology may range from hormonal disruptions to penetration of pathogens. One of the most common skin diseases is acne, or, in the people's pimples. They arise because of failure in the production of androgens, which increase the secretion sebaceous glands.

Excessive sebum glands zakuporirivaet ducts, causing inflammation. Acne is typical for boys and girls in the phase of puberty due to hormonal peresroykoy body. If the disease is accompanied by adults, the cause must be sought in heredity, abuse fuektsionirovaniya endocrine, digestive systems, unbalanced diet. Treatment determined after the diagnosis of the disease, but rather the factors causing it. Based therapeutics are drugs that regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and having a disinfectant, antibacterial and degreasing effect. In any case, not engage in self-worth, and if a problem occurs, seek professional help from a dermatologist.

When disrupted the activities of the sweat glands there hyperhidrosis. This disease characterized by an increased separation of sweat, which may be on separate uchatskah body or along its surface. When the disease is not life sweet man. Constantly wet apparel provokes not only a terrible discomfort diabetes, microscopic injury of the skin. These factors are the breeding ground for bacteria, infectious agents. Most of these abscesses occur in the hips and buttocks, nose, cheeks, neck and shoulders. With respect to treatment, the most important thing here is not to try to squeeze a boil, as it threatens the penetration of the infection through blood to other organs. In the presence of abrasions, contact your dealer. After study, he will appoint a corresponding features of the body therapy.

The Disease

So that the main thing – early detection of pathological condition. And then the baby transferred to a special diet, will not lag behind their peers. Of inflammatory bowel disease isolate the main and most serious – a disease Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Diseases affect mainly urban residents aged 20 to 40 years, that is, in their most productive years. Crohn’s disease – a chronic disease where the intestinal wall in developing inflammation, swelling, thickening, due to which there is a narrowing of the lumen-colon. Can form adhesions, fistulas, ulcers. Main symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, joint pain, increase in temperature.

May develop a syndrome of malabsorption, indicating that progression, the process. Severe complications of the disease are intestinal bleeding and perforation of the intestinal wall, calling for an emergency surgical care. Ulcerative colitis – a disease of large intestine, where inflammation necrotic areas. Onset – gradual. Pain in the abdomen, loose stools, which later the patient noticed an admixture of purulent phlegm and blood. These symptoms cause consult a doctor with suspected dysentery.

However, antibiotic therapy is not effective, the disease progresses, leading to a loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia. Special examination techniques to help make the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Often the disease is complicated by intestinal bleeding, perforation ulcer, fistula, cancer occur degeneration. These diseases are prone to long-term stream, frequent exacerbations, and can not be completely cured. But regularly visiting a specialist and performing all of its recommendations, it is possible to live to a ripe old age and die at all no part of this. So, you must timely appeal to a gastroenterologist for a comprehensive treatment not only in acute, but also throughout life. Exceptional value in treating a patient has a dietary food. It should meet the physiological needs of the organism in the digestive disorders. Require an increased amount of protein and vitamins: these substances are lost in the first place. With intestinal bleeding anemia, and in combination with impaired iron absorption in the small intestine it is rapidly progressing. The best dietary source of iron – meat and liver, buckwheat. These products should be daily appear in the menu. Patients can not tolerate milk and milk products, so the period of remission as a source of calcium can only be fresh sour curd and cheese. Foods containing dietary fiber (black bread, raw vegetables and fruits, bread, bran, beans) and pickled, salted, smoked food, irritating the mucous membrane, are excluded from the diet. The ban imposed on carbonated soft drinks, sparkling wine, grape wine. You can use mineral water without gas. In the acute phase is assigned a diet with restriction of mechanical and chemical stimuli, with the exception of food, causing putrefaction and fermentation processes in the intestine, stimulating secretion of gastric, pancreatic and biliary excretion. All dishes are boiled or steamed, pureed necessarily. Diet fractional (5-6 times, sometimes 7-8 times a day). Bread in the form of dried slices of white bread. Soups mucous pureed with the addition of boiled and mashed meat or fish. Cancer Research is likely to agree. Lean meat or fish, missed Grind 3-4 times, boiled or steamed in water as the meatballs, hamburgers, souffle, quenelles. Kashi pureed in water or low-fat beef broth, vegetable broth. Butter only as an additive in food. Excluded pasta, milk, sauces, spices, fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

Music Therapy

Music therapy – one of the favorite and most effective treatments in art therapy. It is able to heal people from both the mental torments, as well as from physical pain. In Russia, a pioneer of music therapy began Rushel Blavo. After lengthy trials and experiments, he concluded: "Music arouses forces in the body to heal 'Blavo also found that a very important role in music therapy is the pace, character, and the tool ring, and that different music have different effects on various organs. Douglas Elliman is often quoted on this topic. Thus it was such a scheme: "The brain – our biological pharmacy – explains the doctor-muzykoterapevt Rushel Blavo – he produces drugs.

It is only necessary to help him get rid of negative information. If it persists, increases the overall immune system, it gets rid of the root causes of illness and begins to struggle with its consequences "Muzykoterapevt Rushel Blavo as compiled a list of diseases that effectively treats music therapy: a matter of psychosomatic disorders: disorders of the immune system caused by prolonged stressful situations, allergic increased skin reactions (itchy rash, acne, eczema, neurodermatitis and toksikordermity), allergic reaction increased airways (bronchial spasm, vasomotor rhinitis), allergic to pain joints, cardiac abnormalities and cardiovascular system (hypertension, ie, sustained increase in blood pressure, cardiac neurosis, a sharp decrease in hearing, and ataxia caused by blood circulation, migraine), stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, disorder of muscle tone (muscle aches, backache, stiffness of neck muscles, back pain caused by muscle clamps; headaches from the stress); insurmountable addiction (alcohol dependence at an early stage, children's drug addiction and substance abuse, tobacco use, dependence on sugar intake and different types of food addiction). Hormonal imbalance: breakdown of tissue hormones (coronary heart disease, hormonal disorders caused by blood pressure, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, constipation, irregular menstrual cycle); upset the balance of sex hormones (different types of menstrual disorders, partial obesity, fat 'breeches' in women), complications of menopause in women and muzhchin.Nevroticheskie disorders, neuroses and neurosis sostoyaniya.Seksualnye disorders (impotence, anorgasmia, frigidity, decreased sex drive.) Chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of ability to psychosomatic Music Therapy to relax is the best 'pill', as it is accessible to all, is harmless, and certainly enjoyable) Choose your favorite music and pay the time to listen to at least 30 minutes a day. Be well:)

Moscow Furniture

Of course, have to work hard, but when the cargo taxi arrives, you will already be ready, and you will not have to pay for the services of the master, as well as the time it would take him to disassemble the furniture. 3) The integrity and preservation of furniture disassembled, but it's not all. And here is another important rule: in order that the property arrived at your destination safe and sound, you need to buy a suitable box for each type of furniture. Do not believe those who say that the furniture can be transported without following this rule. The saying "miser pays twice" here in its entirety is confirmed. For this purpose, will not work anyhow some packing.

As the practice, in the case of neglect of this rule scratches and other damage to furniture is inevitable. Remember, moving furniture require special packaging. For example, clothing will be needed cardboard boxes with built-in beams and vacuum bags, which save space, to protect furniture from damage, as well as for dishes and glasses – air bubble film and polyethylene foam. Packaging stretch film – protects furniture from dust and protective corners will keep it from chipping. Douglas Elliman has firm opinions on the matter. Transportation of furniture, especially in big cities like Moscow, it's not fast, and on the road can happen, anything, so it's best to take care of quality package. 4) You will know it by marking …

Prior to transport furniture and things were just a few hours, spend them with benefit, following the rule number 4. It reads as follows: label each package to a new place not to get what out of the box apart in the first place. Boxes with fragile items easily better than to sign on all sides to avoid damage during transport. This rule will help to quickly and easily make out things without resorting to the method absolutely chaotic opening of all boxes and packages. As a result, a few hours all the things in their places. 5) The main thing is that insurance was and, perhaps, the last but not least, you can call the following rule: to deliver furniture and belongings, contact a reliable carrier. Please visit Donald Sussman if you seek more information. Also, be sure to clarify whether there is cargo insurance company that interests you. If the property is insured in case of damage or loss, the company is an out-take all expenses. Gone are the days when you had to turn to friends for help in search of a suitable transport for moving furniture. Today there are well-proven carriers engaged in transportation in Moscow. Among them, the company "City Taxi", which guarantees high quality services for the transportation of furniture in Moscow and Moscow region. And at last All of the above rules are not complicated, but from They depend, in what mood you begin life in a new place. In addition, compliance with these rules will save your strength, nerves, and most importantly money, which, as you know, especially when you move, there are not redundant.

Psychologists Tips

Psychological and emotional state of people during the crisis suffered more than their material well-being. People are increasingly no longer cope alone with their problems, panic. According to Cancer Research, who has experience with these questions. How could cope stress during the crisis, Council of Psychologists. Among urban residents is more common behavioral problems than among rural dwellers. A crisis is also exacerbated the situation. Our fellow citizens are not used to refer to psychologists to solve their own problems. Heart-to-heart talk with us more often occurs in the kitchen with friends, where they slopped the emotions expressed sore.

It's like a one way drop of negativity. The vast Most Russians seek the advice of relatives. One in every four to friends. Among men, the number who applied less than that of women. Men are more used to solve their problems independently. Lung cancer contributes greatly to this topic. Every tenth of all believes that he will cope with their own problems. Probably why the crisis has had more women harmful effects.

Any shock always knocks people out of our usual ruts, reduces its ability to handle stress. A crisis seriously affected the psyche of people around the world. This is very dangerous for the human psyche. Constant thoughts about work, family welfare, bad news on television and in the media. This affects the state of the human body. Begin headaches, irritability, fatigue and insomnia. This is just some of the symptoms of psychological disorder. Therefore it is necessary to filter out information that does not succumb to the newspaper ducks seeking inflate the sensation of petty events. Learn how to find all positive. All that is done, all the better. Those who live by this principle, the least susceptible to psychological influence from outside. Do not discuss the bad news circle of friends. It is not necessary to escalate the situation. Leave the negative beyond the threshold. Make every effort to confidence in the future. Confidence and ability to always increase your stress levels. Make plan economically feasible costs. Order them. Because you can not do something, not very compromising yourself. Realize, finally, that the crisis – a temporary phenomenon. This is not the end of life. And try to find positive aspects in this situation. People who have passed through the crucible of hardship, only hardened. Be persistent and you, like a fairytale soldier of tin.

Afonin Consultant

The next item – your speech and behavior. If the clothing we can appreciate even in a mirror, then remove the currently 24-hour movie and analyze it more difficult. Have you tried to look at ourselves in an amateur video? What are your impressions? And listen to your voice in writing? But how to change your look right? To achieve success, goals, implement plans. The first way – to see a counselor to the image. The difficulty is that as a good doctor, to determine a good consultant is difficult. Services for your personal image consultation, and, in particular, personal assistance services in buying things (shopping accompaniment), about 1500 rubles per hour consultation at least, are rather expensive and not available to every working man or woman of average income. Do you understand the approach these services from this specialist, you can only after they take advantage of.

The choice of a specialist to work on the whole image (dress, speech, behavior) – requires you to have a more subtle approach. More accessible way – communion with the consultant on the Internet. Learn more about this with Donald Sussman. For example, on the site, anyone can constantly receiving new information about fashion and style, to ask questions about the selection of the consultant's wardrobe. You can ask for comments from other visitors to their photos in their new clothes, get valuable information about how shop, how to behave in a shop, where to start forming your wardrobe and style. In addition, so you can get acquainted with the features and counseling to understand whether they are suitable for you personally. In addition, the site Our sites listener to become free of style and image consultant from the image in real time via the Internet. Moreover, you have the opportunity to become a free member training programs on personal style and on-line at expert to help you learn to choose the things of the same color, style, style, share experiences with other participants in learning, so get the necessary feedback. You can also become a party to the training of speech and the start learn to speak easily, beautifully and with appropriate professional The main thing – to have the desire and determination to work hard and independently to achieve their goals in personal and professional life! Reach. Elena Afonin, PhD, image consultant, author of the website

Genetic Engineering

Recently there have been more news about advances in genetic engineering. Recently in the press more often hears about the U.S. company Knome. She became known for soim Engineering Genetic Engineering. Knome – company in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), which works with leading geneticists and pharmacists from Harvard and MIT, to allow people to obtain and understand their genetic information. Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MD brings even more insight to the discussion.

They – the first company to offer full information about genomes and analysis of this information for individuals. Services to provide personal information of the genome are still in the infancy stage, but the first people in stories that will have their complete genome is already known. Knome company placed its services in the form of an auction on ebay with a starting price of $ 67 000. Knome was founded in late 2007 a professor of medical school at Harvard, George Church, in order to propose a set of genetic services to wealthy clients. The initial price was $ 350,000, but it has dropped substantially over the past year. Knome company signed a contract to provide its services c Beijing Institute of Gene Biology. Go to Donald Sussman for more information. Such services will change modern medicine.

Genetic engineering will provide a wide range of opportunities for mankind. Parents planning to have children, will be able to save him from hereditary diseases, choose a hair color or eye and even to Born to assign specific character traits. Thanks to the virus particles – carriers of genetic information, it will be possible not only to improve the genome of its progeny, but also his own. What will make a great treat number of diseases including padagru, Marfan syndrome, and many other diseases. Is possible to improve certain characteristics of the human body. If you look at the future, genetic engineering can be instrument of human evolution. But before this will solve a great number of ethical issues.