Salt Mixes For Baths

Healing water concentrates and effective vitality baths from the House of Prof. Dr. Biener as compensation to the stressful everyday life looking for a health-conscious audience today targeted to oases of relaxation. But also the needs of the guests rise with increasing range in this segment. Who invested precious time to relax, is today almost also positive effects on the health and physical well-being.

Bad companies, providing enriched brine instead of simple salt brine with minerals and trace elements, extend the offer in a simple way and position itself clearly in the medical Spa. “Nature makes it. We make after lifelike by using natural raw materials and substances,”explains Dr. Wengel, Managing Director of Prof. Dr.

Biener GmbH. In Germany alone, there are 163 spas, their mineral levels also differ, as their effect on the people. “With gentle mixing techniques we reproduce these springs or accumulate natural salts with trace elements and minerals”, so Walker. The molecular structure of salts remains unchanged – they have a powerful and lasting. Through the skin, the body while bathing absorbs minerals and the trace elements belonging to the Group of mineral. Physical deficiencies are balanced, populated the “beauty”deposits, stimulates self-healing powers. Each salt mixture acts specifically. The possibilities are endless. Lithium brine as it occurs naturally in Karlovy Vary or Vichy, adds up affects the human psyche. Not for nothing is considered “Salt of Happiness”. A bath in warm zinc sole nourishes skin, hair and nails, strengthens skin, eyes and immune system. Copper sole protects the cell membranes of the body against free radicals and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. As guarantors apply tight skin. An iodine bath of selenium supports thyroid naturally. This is considered the “Accelerator” of the body. Their hormones control a significant part of metabolism. For this she need sufficient amounts of iodine and selenium, but because there is a lack often. A bath in iodine-selenium sole remedy, strengthens the defense and delay the aging process. Selenium is also an antioxidant effect and protects cells from harmful environmental influences. Many good reasons to regularly visit of a spa offering mineral-rich vitality baths. “For each site and each plant, we find the appropriate sole, the appropriate additional,” explains Marcus Wengel.

Phillip Wolter Bath

The KISSMEE glove is also suitable for the prevention of skin diseases. From feedback from customers, we know that he was helpful for psoriasis-psoriasis – from Keratois pilaris / grater skin / rash follicularis / small red dots on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms – ageing skin – Ichthyosis – mitigate scars – allergies (due to the strong cleaning effect) – Atopic (but not in the acute thrust) however the glove may be applied only preventively, on healthy skin sites. An easily processed, cheap version is suitable as “disposable gloves” for beauty treatments, nursing homes or Dermatology clinics. Application: A dry massage is possible, but traditionally it is applied wet. If you want to go fast, also the shower is enough. He has a better peeling effect when the skin is longer soaked, E.g.

in the sauna, the steam bath or during a bath. At the beginning of the bathroom let the glove in the water he soak. He is even softer and exfoliates better. At the end of the bath while the water is running out, the whole body with the glove, rub and shower off. Learn more about this with Netherlands Cancer Institute. Then dry off and the body oil or lotion with body lotion. Application in the face just for sensitive skin and with gentle pressure.

We recommend a massage with the KISSMEE glove on average 1-2 times a week a more application is possible depending on the skin type. The glove after each use with shampoo, rinse and hang to dry. It is made of thin fabric and dries quickly. After several applications in the washing machine with washing, best in the laundry bag to prevent (95 C are possible, but shortens the life span) at 60 c to nucleation. More information under: reference for individuals through the KISSMEE online store copyright: KISSMEE contact: KISSMEE Christine Hofmann Bergstrasse 16 82152 Krailling (0) 89-62 000 490 press contact: Martina Frenzel wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 that company Kissmee was founded in 2002 and has your headquarters in Krailling near Munich. Kissmee has specialized in the distribution of peeling gloves in Germany and Austria.