Tumor Out

Pancreatic cancer beat the cancer with willpower and positive thinking is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer. Swarmed by offers, Sam Locke is currently assessing future choices. The chances of survival are very slim, and the disease progresses quickly. However, there are patients who have won the fight against this insidious cancer itself. Carola Ries of Heeg is one of them and has now written on their healing path a book, to encourage other interested parties. The online Department store shopping.de introduces the story about the woman who beat the cancer after doctors had declared a cure already to be impossible. Nine times six times six centimeters tall was the tumor, Carola wore Ries of Heeg in itself. The intervention had to be broken off to remove it surgically, it was too dangerous. Not posted the following chemotherapy.

After a long treatment time, they told the doctors for out cured”and saw no possibilities of modern medicine, to help her. Carola Ries of Heeg decided her remaining time to enjoy and the fight against to absorb the cancer itself. And she was victorious thanks to positive thoughts and overcome their fear of death and healed herself. In tumor out into life!”, she describes her way of healing. It should, like other books of this kind, be a guide for those affected, and encourage them. It will show them that the cancer is not invincible and cheer her up, to actively participate in their recovery. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Lifting Without Knife

Optimal smoothing of the surface of the skin through a bio mask is every known type of skin with age as the maturity to see skin. This is generally the beginning the progressive age constraint of the skin functions. Recently Chuck Carroll sought to clarify these questions. Here, the subcutaneous fatty tissue loses its capacity. The skin appears dry, withered and wrinkles are formed. (Source: Jessica Pels). The bio mask, an enzymatic exfoliation can help here. Enzymes are high molecular weight protein bodies, which significantly affect the metabolism in the organism as Biocatalysts. The Angela Bruhn cosmetics uses proteolytic enzymes in its organic form of biological peeling of the skin.

The selective action of these enzymes is that Horn blades replaced and dismantled function residues of the epidermis. Intact cells remain intact. It can unfold even better after the removal of ballast. The bio enzymatic peeling has significant advantages over other scaling methods. The bio mask from the Angela Bruhn cosmetics laboratory contains the proteolytic enzymes in addition gefassabdichtende effect components. It is suitable for Couperose and acne treatment in the same way as for the dry skin. Even sensitive, delicate skin can withstand the bio mask without irritation. The eye area is treatment included in that and shows positive effects of lifter.

The bio mask must never dry during the exposure period, otherwise slight irritation can occur. The humidity can be ensured with the Vapozon, a non-woven cloth or a plastic wrap with nostril. The following double effect can be achieved with a strong blackheads infestation (also the form of pustule-eyelet): before applying a softening mask and the blackheads from cleans after the exposure period. Then the BIOS mask is added and cleaned off after 30 minutes. Contact: Volkert Petersen Angela Bruhn in the distribution of the ola4you UG (haftungsbeschrankt) long str. 71 27749 Delmenhorst phone: + 49 4221-5842500


New active ingredients soothe and nourish sensitive skin skin resonance ensures that fat and moisture content of the skin back in balance: with regenerating AQUADERM (imitates a natural moisture retaining factor NMF -) and sunflower lipids in combination with besanftigendem white tea extract as well as Zanthalene, a Chinese yellow wood seed extract. Zanthalene promises an unprecedented, pleasant feeling for stressed skin. Good to know: all products are paraben – and silicone-free and are produced with energy from renewable resources. CREAM OIL CLEANSER 150 ml, 27.50 gentle, protective cleaning cream oil. The cream phase into a protective oil emulsion that removes dirt and makeup residue at the massaging. By the same author: Cardiologist. The skin is clean, smooth and silky. Thanks to the high oil content this product especially for sensitive and dry skin types.

Aquaderm with Sunflower lipids. TONIC SPRAY 200 ml, 29 immediately soothing and soothing tonic against Redness and irritation. The fine mist of white tea and Zanthalene is distributed evenly on the delicate skin and gives fast relief. REMEDY OIL 25 ml, 49 the strong soothing oil serum based on amaranth, sunflowers, Zanthalene and Echiumol. The S.O.S. product if redness by capillary weakness and sensitive, irritated skin. Scrub a gentle scrub 50 ml, 34.50 Gluconolakton – a precursor of lactic acid – and white tea, cause without mechanically irritating the skin. Ideal for skin prone to redness.

FLUID 30 ml, 58,75 the light fresh texture provides daily effective protection against redness and irritation. Aquaderm, sunflower lipids with olive emulsifier. The texture of the fluid is suitable especially for warm, moist air and skin images with sufficient sebum production. CREAM 50 ml, 67 the rich, velvety texture provides relief for dry skin more exciting. Protects and hydrates extremely dry skin, especially in the Winter. Aquaderm, sunflower lipids and olive emulsifier maintain and protect sensitive skin day after day. skin resonance treatment in the Spa: treatment of 45 minutes, recommended price of treatment: 50-60 Euro according to the comfort zone welcome tranquillity ritual will clean the skin. Then applied the skin resonance peeling so that the skin of dead skin cells is freed and can effectively absorb the following active ingredients. It follows a massage with the recover touch massage cream, then applying the skin resonance mask, which will remain on the skin for 10-15 minutes and so promptly redness reduced. The treatment ends with the application the skin resonance cream and poured a comfort zone herbal teas for the spa guest. Proof of manufacturer Michaela Dee, 6.3.2012


Anemia occurs in different ways including by blood loss, lack of red blood cell production and high rates of destruction thereof. Blood loss is the most common cause of anemia, as well as iron-deficiency anemia. Heavy menstrual periods or bleeding in the digestive tract can cause blood loss. The lack of production of red blood cells can occur in acquired or inherited conditions. The inability of the body to produce red blood cells, is also causing anemia, this deficiency is caused by some kind of diet, alteration of hormones, some chronic diseases and pregnancy. Types of sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia and the lack of certain enzymes.

The symptoms of anemia vary between, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, general paleness, depression, dizziness, some additional symptoms may also include loss of hair, malaise, worsening of problems of heart, etc. Most of the symptoms include the risk of internal bleeding. The symptoms that occur in children are probably caused by iron deficiency. Natural food supplements are useful for the treatment of anemia, for example the chlorophyll which is a juice of Green pigment of plants raises hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood. Fresh and organic carrot juice and beet increase the count of red blood cells in the body, the Greens, in the same way, have extraordinary properties for blood.

Some other foods that contain iron are bananas, raisins, parsley, peas, plums, prunes, broccoli and yams. Regular consumption of tea and coffee should be avoided in order to facilitate the normal absorption of iron in the body. Performing yoga exercises and breathing exercises help in normalization of hormonal and enzymatic activities in the human body. The types of anemia can be categorised as the anemia due to iron deficiency, pernicious anemia, folic acid deficiency anemia and hemolytic anemia, but the most common type that affects the anemia is sickle cell anaemia which is incapable of carrying oxygen to the body’s tissues. Hereditary or acquired hemolytic anemia that causes deformation of red blood cells is the result of another hereditary disorder of the blood. Iron deficiency anemia is due to blood loss and the lack of iron in the diet. These factors lead to that the body does not have the levels of red blood cells necessary for the production of blood.

Cedars Sinai Hospital

Yesterday a total crash and again a day later behind the wheel? One can not imagine that. Even Britney Spears hasn’t gone so far, although it has been reported. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Blimi Marcus and gain more knowledge.. However, X17online.com can disprove this rumor. You can even safely say that Britney is after its release (!) out of the hospital on their property in Beverly Hills. Yes, you read correctly. Britney Spears was released after yesterday’s collapse from the Cedars Sinai Hospital.

It is located at the time in their mansion in Beverly Hills. Of course she will be guarded around the clock, not only by this photographer agent but also by a lot. Everyone is probably waiting for a next disaster. They are even in front of Kevin Federline, although you will not assume that he will visit his ex-wife at home. They saw only the bodyguard of Kevin on the road today.

Also from the House of her family, they lurk, the perfect pictures. Britney is supplied with a police escort in the hospital it was reports that Britney Spears wants to withdraw some time out of the spotlight. We hope that you succeed in to rearrange their lives. She will recover well now and hope that your life comes back to a normal track, but that she must do a lot. We hope that you succeed.

Vienna Boys Choir In Berlin

Christmas concert 2008 in Berlin – Vienna greets Berlin the Wiener sangerknaben brought on the second weekend of Advent Christmas atmosphere in the Berliner Philharmonie and Konzerthaus on the Gendarmenmarkt. 21 boy in the sailor suit and patent leather shoes entering the concert hall singing. With their clear voices, they show a snippet of their repertoire the Berlin audience. In the second part of the concert, rather festive shades are voted on. Her repertoire ranges from medieval of to contemporary and experimental music.

Motets and songs for upper choir form the core of the touring repertoire, as also the own arrangements of waltzes and polkas by Strauss. With the perfection of seasoned musicians, the 10 up 14 boys show what can produce many years of intensive training with children for success. Especially the solos of the first singer is unique due to its strong and also sensitive voice. Challenging choral alternated with cheerful folk tunes. A wonderful mix! Klinika\”, if I were once rich from Fiddler on the roof and in the second part of the Program an international mix of different Christmas songs were probably the most popular ways for the Berlin audience. A truly successful appearance! The dedicated choir conductor and pianist could inspire children and the concert-goers with its rousing kind. \”The audience can hardly imagine how this partly almost pubescent children sing wonderful songs, voice coming soon and at home and at school as other children normal\” play on the PC and watch TV.

The Wiener sangerknaben have succeeded at the Berlin audience that they could start a little relaxed the way home on the adjacent Christmas markets and contemplative look forward to Christmas. Thomas Moser, December 6, 2008, Baird-press (www.berli-press.

Brad Pitt: George Clooney Would Like Chippendales!

The actor told Ellen DeGeneres as George Clooney in her show gets Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular Showmasterinnen in America, and in addition to Oprah Winfrey arguably the most famous. She had some stars in their broadcast. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jessica Pels is the place to go. Even Barack Obama, the new President of the United States gave the honor and visited Ellen in her show. She had not one but apparently still. It’s believed that Sam Locke sees a great future in this idea. One, she want to be sure. But this probably doesn’t want. There is talk of George Clooney. Now she have to give a “good tip” by George’s buddy Brad Pitt.

The Chippendales “Brad what I should do? We have sent Victoria’s secret models to him, we have sent Miss America to him, we have sent even Kate Hudson to him. He received also gifts from us. We have decorated his bungalow for Halloween. But nothing! We’ve tried everything,”as Ellen to Pitt, who has been turned on via video to her in the show. Brad Pitt laughed and said: “Ellen Victoria’s secret forget models and let Kate Hudson at home. The only way you can bring in your broadcast George is: Schick him three or four – no better three – sexy Chippendales and he is yours! Look but a blonde this is!” Ellen, never a good joke and saying move, was delighted with this tip. She said: “all right, we do it and then tell him it comes from you.” In addition to these tips, the two over Brad Pitt commitment for the hurricane victims from New Orleans were talking. Well, then George Clooney can look forward to something.

Maximum Sympathy Maximum Success

Promotional items for children at premium-Werbeartikel GmbH in the coming Christmas days many children’s eyes are shine brighter as the festive lighting. Especially if located right underneath the Christmas tree. This year children show their best smile for LEGO, Barbie and children chocolate, because already in the age of from 3 to 5 years starts from a world of things ‘ a brand world ‘ to be. Children are picky also in advertising strategies and promotional items. For example, 65% of surveyed children find it good, if they can join puzzles and competitions. Promotional items for children must be interesting and fun. With a mix of entertainment and of strengthening cognitive and creative skills, strengthen brand awareness and the targeted product selection is carried out. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH carries promotional items for kids, which combine popular design elements such as animal designs, bright colours and promote creativity.

The range includes small plush toys for 6 of up 9jahrige, various writing and drawing sets for creative painting and patience games to promote the concentration. Nice and useful kids wallets and piggy banks complete the offer. So the promotional products for children can develop a 100% value of sympathy, it is particularly important that the products comply with all standards of quality and safety. Thus children enjoy long their giveaway. And promotional items that inspire children, pull the parents on their views. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items.

For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability.

Penelope Cruz

The actress shows up as usual sexy and elegant at the same time Maher, tasty! Think maybe now some. But whether it may be to Campari, the beverage, or Jessica Alba, Baldwin. 2007 Jessica Alba was elected the most beautiful woman of the PRT. In the summer of 2008, she brought her daughter Honor Marie on the world and then it was still first to the likable actress. Jessica Pels shines more light on the discussion. Until now! Jessica Alba is the new face for the Campari calendar 2009? Whether a penchant for sexy latinas is Campari? Can you say probably so no doubt finally was before Jessica Alba also Salma Hayek and Eva Mendes face for Campari. Missing only Penelope Cruz in the series of the faces, but this may be in the year 2010.

By Jessica Alba as the face for the Campari brand, you can expect a lot. Elegant, sexy and stylish are the pictures for the 2009 calendar. It is only a matter of time before this calendar is sold out.

Alexandra Cerny

After a total latency of approximately 8 to 10 hours, we decided to miss the appearance on the music scene and instead pick up the photos of the autograph session. The goals of the zee carnival closed relatively on time and we were very tired but very happy among the last who left the Hall. On Saturday we decided for a place on the perimeter of the autograph stage, because we had no desire again to make us, as some others did. Again, we waited for several hours to see SRK. It was a very good place with good views of the stage and the speed of the stars of shut-off approached.

Again we saw Jasveer Kaur and Anushka Sharma and then Shah Rukh Khan, but this time it was different. You have to experience it, to believe it. The quantity poured continuously against the barriers and we had to hold constant, in order not to be pushed into the fence. When src made his rounds on the perimeter, people literally freak out and were no longer to keep. Small children in the crowd had to be protected, so that is not injured. The security had reviewed that amount prompted to take a step back and to make sure what but ignored the children became people. After this sporty deposit, we needed a break and made it to us in a corner cozy during then and when individual members of the group moved their walk through the stands. Then we made our way to the music stage to some of the performances there to see.

Various In the various styles, dance groups and singers showed performances. More stories, videos and photos are aoforum found at. Fans crowd densely on the fence around their star at least once to shake hands or to snag an autograph, but still: Irrfan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, “Rubbing shoulders” with the fans, was the last Entertainer of the evening Mr. Khan and finally we even saw what was previously only tells us: src danced to love Mera hit (which he spared his shoulder) and answered questions from the audience. Lara and Irrfan came to his support on the stage, but unfortunately time was no longer enough to answer more than one question. That was too bad, because I could see the three longer together interact for their great presentations in Billu (Barber). Our last chance to see SRK in action came on Sunday, and we wanted to use it. So we moved again to see him once again position the autograph stage. When he appeared on the stage it became clear that the last days of their toll had asked because he was tired and could write not as many autographs as on the previous days. He also said this at the beginning. According to the autograph session, he again made the rounds on the shut-off and the fans freak out like on all days and pushed the first rows in the fence. For us, this was the moment to leave the zee carnival, because it was time for the return journey. Three grueling and eventful days, that probably never will forget the fans and… now in a year make that you want on the upcoming zee carnival.