As a result of recent traffic accidents which occurred near the city of Trujillo, someone out there has proposed that firefighters are the only ones authorized in attending the scene to assist, stabilize and transported the injured to hospitals, Regional and Bethlehem. The intention, perhaps sort the form of medical assistance but the extent would be very dangerous for the city and its half a million inhabitants for the following reasons: 1. For more information see lumbar puncture. already exists a glaring deficit of bomberillos units in the city and pretend that one or two that have acudan all claims and even when sometimes the injured total tensIt is put into peligro the health and life of people. 2 There is a resolution Ministerial not 343-2005-MINSA standard assisted patient transport overland and that although it is governed from June 6, 2005, gives time limits ranging up to three years to adapt all the public or private ambulances to this law. 3.

This law criminalizes all types of ambulance that there is, the use that each one must have of them, the requirements that must be met, computers, drugs that should have and professionals and technicians who must deal with them. 4. The ideal is that each Hospital and each clinic of the city have an ambulance type III, i.e. Contact information is here: amnioscentesis needles market. that is well-equipped, complying all the pharmacological and human requirements stipulated in articles 14, 15,16 and 17 of the above-mentioned RM that includes having present in the ambulancia emergenciologos 24 hrs. day 365 days a year. 5. The Regional Council of health (responsible for health in the Region) should appoint a Committee Coordinator of ambulances to check progressively the prompt adaptation of the existentes to the law and to put them at the service of the community in todo type of emergency that there is medical or surgical, haciendo that these even police the city by strategically to aid in a timely manner to those who need it, doing that they attend such or which claim according to the magnitude of the same and thus you could enumerate many actions rather than they would benefit the city taking a Coordinating Committee. 6. An orderly system of ambulances well-equipped, as exists in many cities of the world, would be an experiencia new to the Region, would provide security to people and is at the same height of public safety both spoken conclusions we are proposing that todas ambulances existen in the city that are public or private I know fit to the RM 343-2005 MINSA as soon as possible and already well equipped with medical instrumentswith relevant medicinas and all with doctors trained in first aid. That they police the city in strategic places and with system coordinado of radio, they come so orderly to the place of the siniestro, all mesto under the baton of a Committee and a responsible, this system is superior to the proposed with lightness make that only firefighters attend all surgical and medical emergencies in the city.