She is necessary to finish with the corruption! They say the authorities in the subject, up there, that it does not have mount of money enough to attack the problems, especially, in the area of the health, most important for the total development of the human being. If to reflect on the situation of the country this is not truth. The mounts of money that must be destined the Health really are destined. The majority of them goes for other places or is deviated shamefully. It will be that we are made a mistake in thinking that if the corruption was banished would have mounts of money to take care of to social in all its necessities? I find that it is obvious and well-known thing.

The millions that are deviated could be used in special in optimum attendance in the day the day, where the people do not obtain to mark a consultation, exactly in a Rank of Health, in less than the two three months of wait. How it wants the ANVISA that the Brazilians do not acquire remedies saw pharmacy without prescription and leave of the antibiotic for anti inflammatory? It is not possible! If not to make this option when to arrive our time to request the prescription for the acquisition of the remedy that must be bought for determined mazela, already we will be died and the ANVISA there nor, therefore it does not know not even what she is better for the people being able until being connivent with the barbarities who comes happening! As we know well all the powerful ones are covered with one same blanket! Still well that we have pharmacies in favor of the needed people. If they were not would not know as to proceed! It is good for rethink and for charging of the authorities one better performance and little disobedience in this country! I believe that many people agree to the affirmation of that if the corruption she will be banished, the Brazilian society will start to live more worthy, with better assistance in the ranks of health, ready socorros and even in hospitals! This to happen is necessary much claw and firm pulse of our president. It only can make this for the Brazilian people! With faith and courage it will be able to make a clean one in the Ministries, does not know how many there they are, but that for its time does not make nothing! Which the purpose of as much ministry! They are excessive hundreds of job hangers and wages, adding a great richness, Brazilian richness this capable one to minimize mazelas and a faster attendance for the sick people. She is necessary to move and with urgency! We go to give one is enough in the deaths to the doors of the hospitals for not having conditions of attendance with dignity to the poor persons who search aid!