Care To The Psychiatric Patient

The present article standes out some techniques and not less important on the care of the psychiatric patient, and to the pursuing of the nursing course, one of the first substances which we saw in psychiatry had been psicopatologia slight knowledge where we learn what if it must take in consideration when evaluating a psychiatric patient, as social history, familiar history, examinations physical, laboratoriais, and so on. We saw that for each patient it has a plan of cares, as in the other patologias that each has, one exactly having the same pathology can have its differential in symptoms as, for example, people who suffer from anxiety, some eat very, others stop and they do not obtain to feed itself. When making the physical examination of the patient we must take in account all the details, face expression contact of the eyes, evidentes physical anomalies, bizarros showy aspects, etc. We must worrying in them about the level of conscience, paranoia, craze, anxiety. We must also analyze the last history of this patient, after all of accounts, know that many of the psychological illnesses this on one total with emotional situations which the patient lived deeply. We must observe the clothes and the asseio of this patient also to take in consideration its autoestima, which this on minutely illness. If it must have science on signals and symptoms of the depression, knowing that the depression is the incapacity to feel pleasure for the life. To be intent also on the schizophrenia that is a severe psychic upheaval that if characterizes classically for the following symptoms: alterations of the thought, hallucinations (visual, sinestsicas, and, over all auditory), deliriums and alterations in the contact with the reality.

Next to the paranoia (persistent delirious upheaval) and in the serious upheavals of the mood (the old maniac-depressive psychosis, today broken up in maniac episode, serious and bipolar upheaval), the schizophrenias compose the group of the Psychoses. Today it is faced not as illness, in the classic direction of the term, but yes as a mental upheaval, being able to reach Diverse types of people, without exclusion of groups or social classrooms. We say on sense perception, that is an elementary psychic phenomenon, resultant of the action physical stimulaton (sound, light, heat etc.) on the sensorial agencies. Psicopatolgicas alterations as hiperestesia, hipoestesia, anesthesia, analgesia, hallucinations and also on the types of hallucinations existing that can be visual, liliputianas, auditory, tteis, of contact, etc. To take in consideration the obsessive upheavals compulsory, as crazes, gestures, phrases some repeated times. The health professional that she deals with mental sick patients or not, will have that to have the care to know to distinguish some signals, is physiological or motor they. Knowing that a carrying patient of a pathology could in such a way suffer from schizophrenia separately, or be folloied of a depression, with this all the clinical manifestations must yours truly be observed so that if it can make correct treatment. less important not to know that a psychiatric patient deserves and to have to have the care and necessary attention all that another patient becomes with any, giving it the had attention and cares.