Caring For A Dog

HOW brushed Dogs Do not rush to buy up all the brush in a row and combs sobak.Oni are expensive. Need only those that are suitable for your dog. It is best to use metal combs with rounded to section zubtsama, blunt at the ends. For dogs with long hair are suitable comb or brush with long teeth and sparse, but for short, respectively, with short and thick. Whole procedure is best done on street, put the dog on the hill so that you do not have to stoop to it.

Very carefully cleaned the dog in the ground near the ears, around genitals, and abdomen and legs. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted as being for or against this. Long-haired dogs, first cut through the confused hair with scissors in the direction away from the skin to the ends of hair, and then neatly combed this strand. Not advisable to cut the mats, as it spoils the appearance of a dog. This should be done only in extreme cases, but it is best to avoid such a strong tangle of wool. Then comb hair, starting from the tips of the brush. After that, it is desirable to again comb brush with natural bristles for greater luster of wool. Also need to cut the excess hair between the toes, as in the street in these areas often stick gum, dirt, motor oil, etc. Short-haired dogs combed rather special mitt or brush with a thick pile for to remove the fade hair. After cleaning and combing the dog, do not forget to tidy things take care of her.