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The Centuries

Strange reactions that by times are had by the people, are to the level of the emotion, the feeling, of the hunch, for which if they do not find explanations immediate and objetives, lead to admit that the man, stops beyond all the materiality who are its physical body, exactly has in itself one another dimension, not-physics, indefinite quantitatively, it leads that it for situations of full sensation of well-being, of happiness, in the direction of the accomplishment staff. The college that the man possesss of, for the cognitiva activity, to leave itself outside, for a imensido where it judges to be able to live perpetual, without suffering of no species results of its capacity to believe that, in situations terminals, a divine solution exists. With effect, the religious dimension of the manifest man in it since its appearance in the world, therefore the experiences that throughout the life go having indicate to it that one another way exists, beyond the terrestrial passage of its life biological, considering that: ' ' The religious feelings are a necessary element in the humanity. They emerge simultaneously with intelligence and look for to merge themselves with the interior basic truth. () The religion is, with effect, aspect of the more essential life human being of what intelligence, the morality or the conscience. () The key of the existence human being is the innate religious impulse that sprouts of the universal essential life and it inhales retornar.' ' (IKEDA, 1982:221) When one is developed projecto in defense of an ideal, is presumption to present credveis, convincing arguments and that, if possible, if they make compatible with the predominant characteristics in one given society. The citizen who if intends to prepare for this new and demanding cycle of the world-wide life, certainly will be intent to the fenmenos that they go appearing and will demand, not only the maintenance but also the so classic deepening of those values and how much universal experiences, of these being distinguished it religious experience that has crossed the centuries.


We live in a society of images, where the sound lost its value. The world finds its answers and certezas only in what enxerga. But nor always it was thus, had a time where to the transposition of experiences passed through the orality of parents for children, it was not only one form of respect with oldest, but mainly one forms to receive important information for the survival. Orality is understood then as the transmission of what the writing is not capable to repass and then can place in first plan the emotions. The verbal speech has the power to arrest the listener at the moment where it discloses, through it speaks (tune and I silence), the feelings lived for who account a fact, a situation. ' ' The narrator is a master of the craft that knows its necessity: it has dom of the advice. It was given to enclose an entire life.

Its talent to tell comes to it of the experience; its lesson, it extracted of proper pain; its dignity is to count it until the end, without fear. A sacred atmosphere surrounds narrador.' ' (BOSI 1994, P. 91) Many times same that the person whom she tells is not the same one that she lived the facts, still thus the feelings of the weight of the original narrative remain, perhaps, as a form of respect, or same of fear of the consequences of if modifying history. However exactly that the narrator of this history does not perceive, the close influences of each one modify history. Not that he is something thought, but the simple change of narrator and the space/time modify gestures, tune and voice and with this also dumb history. ' ' To a great extent, to remember is not to reviver, but to remake, to reconstruct, to rethink, with images and ideas of today, the experiences of the past.

Human Process

This representation is understood, in a psychological boarding, while to possess cultural values and meanings and of professional aspects with the reality (MOISS, 2005, p.34). The teaching professional positioning, is reflected of as we have acted professionally and eticamente. This image that we demonstrate for our pupil that it will define the success of it. The advance and the changes in the relations of interest in the individual and collective plan are of great importance for the educator, who will make in homogeneous way this interaction so that in its classroom the harmony between human beings and to know can spread for one same end (SODR, 2006, p.38). When we consider in them to retake the practical one of essential values as respect, fellowship the goodness and as much other values, that in assure the conception to them of that to be educated is not only to be worried about the educational formation of the pupil, but the social formation human being. This process of relation between professor and pupil is very including and of essential connotation for the school, therefore this esteem of relations that the epistemolgico process will mold all (AXE, 2007, p.39) For terms the notion of the importance of the affectivity in the pertaining to school space, we must take in account the value of the life of the human being, since its birth until its death. The human being is an unfinished being and the all instant renews its potentials, in search of that the objective, this it makes since child. When entering for school this process if extends and it has that to divide emotions, knowledge and experiences varied with many individuals that it nor the least knows and fits to the professor to mediate this process in pleasant way all and that he does not scare and nor melindre this pertaining to school beginning (PIAGET, 2001, p.52).

President Tour

Aguirre wanted to congratulate the rider on his new triumph in the Italian round, at the same time that rated him as the best and one of the most important athletes of Madrid and of all Spain. My greeting is very special to title staff. I do it with true emotion that this edition was the maximum difficulty, you had to pedal nearly 3,500 miles in 22 stages, some very hard, said the President. Thank you for making us so happy all locals and to all Spaniards. Thank you for believing in victory, that you have never abandoned, and thank you for being one of the most successful Spanish sportsmen, said Aguirre. As the anthem, an anecdote about the mistake with the anthem of Spain – pro-Franco-, counter rang in Milan with the lyrics of the era was limited to manifest upon arrival at Barajas that was only an anecdote of the time, although he noted that always passes to him, to remember that on another occasion, in the Tour, they put the Danish national anthem.

The Madrid cyclist, with 6 wins in big laps – three in the Tour, two in the rotation and one in the back-, occupies seventh place in the ranking of winners of three races by more important stages of world cycling, which is headed by the Belgian Eddy Merckx, with eleven. Pinto is volvo once more after passing through the capital, hundreds of people received one year more the rider in his town of Pinto to honor him. Neighbors of the cyclist, accustomed to the heroic deeds of the local Idol, favorite son of the city, gathered at the Town Hall square to congratulate counter, three times winner of the Tour de France (2007, 2009 and 2010), two-time champion of the Giro (2008-2011) and winner of the Vuelta in Spain in 2008. This trophy is in large part thanks to you because you have supported me at all times and you have given me strength to squeeze me the most, and a piece of this trophy is to all of you, said counter to its neighbors. It has been the hardest tour that I’ve ever made. Now I’m really tired and I have to disconnect both physically and mentally.

If I go to the Tour it is because I am one hundred percent because I want to fight for the race. And now what I want is to enjoy this triumph and rest, he said the three vences winner of the French round. In rrencia to the decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency to respect the decision of the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS) defer the resolution in the case counter, the cyclist said not be aware because his lawyers have spent it. I’m making my year aside from this and only my participation will depend on how you recover, he reiterated. The pintenos, gathered in the square, could enjoy the holiday and the acknowledgments of a cyclist that expect many more victories and, a year more, shared his joy with Pinto.


As much Law 3,229/84 how much the Dec. 9.581/86 were absolutely unconstitutional, inasmuch as they wounded the perfect legal act and the acquired right, therefore the contracts were in full validity, and the carriers of the headings only waited its expiration for rescue, with the promise incomes. Ademais, disrespected art. 36, of the Law of 15 of November of 1827, that it established the imprescriptibility of the headings of the public debt. The uniformizao of 1902 In 1902 the headings emitted in the values of two hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred and eight hundred a thousand kings, you rescued with interests of 5% to the year, had been uniformizados in headings of a story of kings. The Dec.

n 4,330, of 28 of January of 1902, that it authorizeed the emission of these headings, did not establish the amount nor the stated period for expiration of the news, establishing, only, the percentage of interests in 5% to the year. This Decree did not establish the obligatoriness of the exchange. We know, today, that six hundred and fifty a thousand new headings had been emitted approximately. It is standed out that uniformizao was only applied to the internal debt. The purpose of the Dec. 4.330/02 were of uniformizar the headings in a story of kings.

However, instead of making only this, the Government emitted new government bonds, in the values of two hundred and five hundred a thousand kings, under the justification not to have that to pay fractions of a story of kings. This exchange did not cause great damage to the carriers of the headings since of the reorganization of 1884 and 1886 the 1902, did not have great depreciation of the currency and a story of kings slightly remained steady in relation to the gold. The external reorganization of 1943 In 23 of November of 1943 n 6019 was edited the Decree, that it fixed norms for payment of the external loans, taken in pounds and dollar for the governments of the Union, the States and the Cities, for the Institute of the Coffee of the State of So Paulo and for the Bank of the State of So Paulo.

The Defendant

Doctor, but was its previous colleague who asked for the hearing. It said that the defendant died, however as the death certificate does not exist, he intended to prove the death in another way. Doctor, I gave one looked at and fls. X this a finding of cadavrico examination of the one of cujus. The qualification of the deceased this correct and cause death were a mount of project in the head. This signed by two medical legal experts.

For me this document is better of what the death certificate, has more wealth of details. Beyond more, if to make you this hearing goes to finish entering in a book of anecdotes judiciary it. It goes there. It asks to the grave-digger if it is truth that it lowered to the deep one of ditch Y, in squares Z, the body of the defendant. It is well probable that it goes to speak that embeds as much people that it does not know who embedded. If it did not know the deceased, Mrs.

asks if it asked for the identity, why it can have embedded the wrong deceased. What I make? He extinguishes this process and he orders for the archive, I answered. the death certificate? It looks at! If the finding of cadavrico examination not test Mrs. who the goat this deceased, the solution is the female judge to forward the warrant of arrest and to order the officer of justice behind it. I go to give the address of endeavours: Local cemetary, squares Z, ditch Y.

Care To The Psychiatric Patient

The present article standes out some techniques and not less important on the care of the psychiatric patient, and to the pursuing of the nursing course, one of the first substances which we saw in psychiatry had been psicopatologia slight knowledge where we learn what if it must take in consideration when evaluating a psychiatric patient, as social history, familiar history, examinations physical, laboratoriais, and so on. We saw that for each patient it has a plan of cares, as in the other patologias that each has, one exactly having the same pathology can have its differential in symptoms as, for example, people who suffer from anxiety, some eat very, others stop and they do not obtain to feed itself. When making the physical examination of the patient we must take in account all the details, face expression contact of the eyes, evidentes physical anomalies, bizarros showy aspects, etc. We must worrying in them about the level of conscience, paranoia, craze, anxiety. We must also analyze the last history of this patient, after all of accounts, know that many of the psychological illnesses this on one total with emotional situations which the patient lived deeply. We must observe the clothes and the asseio of this patient also to take in consideration its autoestima, which this on minutely illness. If it must have science on signals and symptoms of the depression, knowing that the depression is the incapacity to feel pleasure for the life. To be intent also on the schizophrenia that is a severe psychic upheaval that if characterizes classically for the following symptoms: alterations of the thought, hallucinations (visual, sinestsicas, and, over all auditory), deliriums and alterations in the contact with the reality.

Next to the paranoia (persistent delirious upheaval) and in the serious upheavals of the mood (the old maniac-depressive psychosis, today broken up in maniac episode, serious and bipolar upheaval), the schizophrenias compose the group of the Psychoses. Today it is faced not as illness, in the classic direction of the term, but yes as a mental upheaval, being able to reach Diverse types of people, without exclusion of groups or social classrooms. We say on sense perception, that is an elementary psychic phenomenon, resultant of the action physical stimulaton (sound, light, heat etc.) on the sensorial agencies. Psicopatolgicas alterations as hiperestesia, hipoestesia, anesthesia, analgesia, hallucinations and also on the types of hallucinations existing that can be visual, liliputianas, auditory, tteis, of contact, etc. To take in consideration the obsessive upheavals compulsory, as crazes, gestures, phrases some repeated times. The health professional that she deals with mental sick patients or not, will have that to have the care to know to distinguish some signals, is physiological or motor they. Knowing that a carrying patient of a pathology could in such a way suffer from schizophrenia separately, or be folloied of a depression, with this all the clinical manifestations must yours truly be observed so that if it can make correct treatment. less important not to know that a psychiatric patient deserves and to have to have the care and necessary attention all that another patient becomes with any, giving it the had attention and cares.

Sociological Theory

MARTINS, Carlos Benedict. What it is sociology. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 2006. Carlos Benedict Martins, author of the workmanship ' ' What it is Sociology? ' ' , he is sociologist graduated and master Social Sciences for the PUC of So Paulo, beyond doctor in sociology for the University of Paris. Hodiernamente, acts in the practical professor and research in the Department of Sociology of the University of Brasilia (UnB), more specifically in the areas of Sociological Theory and Sociology of the Education.

It is, still, researcher of the CNPq. In synthesis, the workmanship problematiza the sociological question searching the factors motivadores of the sprouting and the affirmation of sociology while science. Martins makes a historical boarding in order to contextualizar and to become visible elements that are not clarividentes, but that they had influenced strong and they are closely linked to the appearance of new science, of the science of the people in the collective scope properly said. The book is divided in: ' ' Introduction; First chapter: sprouting; Chapter second: The formation; Chapter third: The development; Indications for leitura' '. In the first item, ' ' Introduo' ' , the author presents the workmanship and clarifies its pretensions with this. It makes one brief communication concerning what it configures sociology in its essence, of which its objectives while science, of its relation with the capitalist rising society, of its initial experience in the universities and later the prohibition of the education of the same one. In addition, the author deals with the mistake, that is perhaps even though proposital, to equal or to take the sociology as .causing of the marxism and Theory of the Revolution, therefore for the capitalism he is not nothing interesting that the proletariat is organized and mobilized for its rights and sociology was despertando the capacity of criticidade of the mass. The ruling class, bourgeoisie, desired to verwhelm sociology and tried to convince others that this optimum age.


The general hospital allows the psychoanalyst to put in test the ethics of the psychoanalysis, supported for the ethical imperative not to twist ahead of its desire. Adoecer implies in a transformista change in the aspects that even though involve the mesmice of the daily one, or even though the superfluity of the conditions of inerncia of the proper life. ' ' It brings in itself resqucios of the contemporaneidade lived in mago of its ocorrncia' '. (Angerami-Camon, 1996, P. 191). FINAL CONSIDERAES The relation of the man with the proper body presents one of its bigger sufferings. The body has strange a familiar statute and at the same time, what it implies in discomfort.

Lacan initially approached the question of the body for the image. In ' ' The stadium of the mirror as formador of the function of eu' ' (1998 1949, p.97) it introduces the idea of the stadium of the mirror as an identification, the transformation produced in the citizen when it assumes an image, leading to the construction of the notion of I. It is of the suspicion to the reduction to the proper body that appears the affection of the anguish. The representation that each person has of same itself is tied its corporal image. As the identity is constructed from a complete and complete body, the situation of an illness threat the sense to feel itself complete, consisting in that it puts in risk the existence of the person. If inevitably presentifica the human suffering in a hospital institution – the anguish, the sadness, the solitude, the courage, inherent in the human being and ahead evidenced of situations of urgency and acasos of the life, mobilizes in the hospital, doctors and other professionals and constantly legitimizes to the participation of the psychoanalyst in the diverse units of treatment, demanding a psychoanalysis renewed and ' ' reiventada' '. The cardiac surgeries, beyond sharing common aspects to other types of surgeries, have as especificidade all the symbology that the heart presents in our culture. The patient brings its fancies in relation to the surgery and the proper heart – this a vital agency, motor center of the circulation of the blood and the supposed headquarters of moral sensitivity, of the passions, feelings, love and affection.

When leaning over on the thematic one of the configuration of the imaginary one in the hospitalization process we come across ourselves with the question that establishes the limits of imaginary with the reality; it is as if the citizen had in adoecer an intermittent confrontation between what it had conceived for its life previously and the reality that is presented it in terms of existencial concretude from this, emerges the consequences of the cardiac surgery in the behavior of the citizen. A confrontamento between what experience in relation to the suffering and the idealizao on its condition of fullness, where it does not have place for the sprouting of the possibility of adoecer. In such a way, any that are the fancies of the citizen, the psychologist has for function to recognize its importance patient it and to understand what he is involved in this suffering, observing intently and with patience its words and silence.

The Combination

Although fasting acts like a stimulant, brings about nervousness much less and that other stimulating and anorexgenos available ones in the market. In addition, fasting tablets to become thin only must be used for short term treatment, as the drug tends to lose its effect when more time is taken from the recommended one. Fasting is generally I supplement safe for its use. Nevertheless, medicine can make worse some diseases. You must avoid to take fasting tablets diet, if you have allergies to other stimulants, upheavals of the thyroid, cardiac disease or hypertension.

Use of other medicines to lose weight (fenfluramina, dexfenfluramina), as well as inhibiting of the MAO (selegilina, isocarboxacida), is also a contraindication for the use of tablets to thin Fastin. Pregnant and nursing women must avoid medicines, said. Fastin diet pills also is not recommended for their use by the children who are smaller of 16 years of age. As with other supplements to lower of weight, the effects of tablets to thin fasting can be increased by means of the combination of the pill with a low diet in calories and an active style of life. Fasting diet pills is a vital component in its regime of loss of weight, to help to lose those kilos of more when it is being learned to change his nutritional habits and to make exercise! One of the best things of tablets to thin Fasting it is that it does not require a prescription of a doctor. You can buy fasting supplements on the counter, reason why he is readily accessible. With tablets to thin fastingn, there is no reason not to lose weight and to be healthful! Fat burners, slim weight patch and phen375 review.