Common Diseases

Hotel Karwe GbR informs us is dear to the well-being of our four-legged dogs forest. Therefore, many dog owners about the health of their animals are trying and regularly consult a veterinarian. This is good and important. Dog diseases threaten not only the health or the life of the dog, some diseases can spread to humans and cause serious diseases. Heidi Plohn the dogs forest Hotel Kadam are a brief overview of common dog diseases. There are a number of diseases, we people also know which manifests itself however, unlike in dogs.

Most allergies, for example, making their presence felt on dermatological complaints, redness and itching are common here. The fatal jaundice (known also as hepatitis) also occurs in dogs, but transmitted through feces, or nasal secretions. Symptoms such as fever, inertia, or loss of appetite are the first signs of liver inflammation in dogs. The history is in the animals differently, so hepatitis involves various complaints of the gastro-intestinal tract as well as heavy blood coagulation disorders (which are caused by the damaged liver). Has the dog become infected once with hepatitis, can be treated only the symptoms, the disease itself but not cured. As humans, there are vaccinations, which should be started as soon as possible but also for the dog. Worms, called endoparasites, provide, depending on the type of worm infestation, for dog and man represents a major threat. The infection with worms happens however casually and often unnoticed, because dogs lick up the worm eggs.

Some worms also via the skin of dogs in the organism, or can be transmitted before birth in the womb. Regular research helps to detect worm infestation and to treat. This will bring more advised than to de-worming, since strong side effects for the dog. In contrast the endoparasites there ectoparasites, so dust mites, fleas, ticks and others infected with the dog outside of his blood feed on and in this manner transmitted diseases. If an infestation is found, not only appropriate medical treatment is indicated, in the House the textiles, carpets, dog bed etc. Thor must be cleaned and disinfected, as there preferred are the parasites. In the dog forest, hotel Kadam is the four-legged guests in the first place. Fresh and healthy food from the hotel’s own kitchen, woodland walks and plenty of room to fool around are here as well of course as the round to the hours of the four-legged through the competent and experienced team. So the employees can react quickly if their guests have first disease symptoms. For more information on the services of the dogs forest Plohn granted hotels Karwe Heidi likes. Press contact: Dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR contact person: Heidi Plohn Karwer Heath 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9 09 80 E-Mail: Homepage: