Dietary Supplements: Vitamins As Support For Body And Mind

Food supplement is in vogue. Here you will find an overview and review of various dietary supplements and sports nutrition: particularly in the sports body high performance demands. But only if both the body and the spirit are fit and healthy and perfectly together playing, the performance can be obtained also. Everyone drives the sport consists of his body of a more or less high load. This strain was to keep health is the most important requirement. Professor Roy Taylor is likely to increase your knowledge. Natural, vegetable-based food supplements can help to counter exhaustion and fatigue, and to maintain the physical well-being.

The optimal interaction between muscles, tendons, nerves and brain is essential in sports vitamins to support during physical exertion. To promote the performance of certain vitamins can make a great service. Vitamin B12, vitamin B12, for example, can increase the physical and mental resilience, supports the reduce stress and protects the nerve cells. Vitamin B9, folic acid, is together with vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and iron base for an optimal oxygen supply of all cells and can contribute to the optimum performance of the brain. Daryl Katz is actively involved in the matter. Vitamin C contributes to the strengthening of the defences and the immune system and can also support the stress management. Retinol, the vitamin A supports the development of red blood cells, as well as the iron transport in the blood, and participates in the development of protein in the nervous system.

Vitamin B3, niacin, is a collective term for two natural forms, where the vitamin is present: Nicotinic Acid and NICOTINAMIDE. It is a white substance that is soluble in water and extremely robust. Vitamin B3 can provide a steady release of energy in the body and supports a healthy night’s sleep. Because the recoveries for the body are just as important as a healthy diet and regular practice. For more information on the subject under