Draft Berrycow: Do The Impossible

Every man has long dreamed of getting a lot of money, and do not make this effort. That’s why the Internet there are many projects that simply have to bring their owners untold treasures. It is necessary to simply type in the search engine ‘freebie’, ‘get rich quick’, ‘fast money’ or ‘fast pay’, and you get a huge number of links. They have written people who dream of quickly and easily rich. Let us recall the project , who discovered the site milliondollarhomepage. This project can be called fully successful, and is now complete.

For 5 months of his idea of selling 1,000,000 pixels for $ 1 per pixel has been realized. The original idea and unconventional approach did the trick. The basic idea of these projects – the value of the product is incredibly overstated, or due to the uniqueness, originality of ideas, or just the author trying to psychologically convince you that the best product you can not find. This technique has long been used by salespeople, and also all the systems of direct sales and mlm. What lies at the heart of this site Berrycow? As far as he is unique, unusual, and what he differs from many similar Russian and foreign projects? So, I created a work that you watch on the site in early 2004. Their artistic value, will leave for judging professional critics, and consider another question. Why I created this site and what results it wants to achieve? Here’s what the key idea of the project Berrycow: one million euros – is not the true value of the picture as a work of art, it’s worth love and a sincere desire of the author cares about his friends and relatives, this desire to see the world, it is hoped to see and feel new, to visit there, which never was. For the author of this site and these works – a hope for new, on best.

Hope to change their world and the world of their loved ones, make them happier. In this Berrycow clearly aware of the responsibility in case of successful development of this project. Firstly, the most important value for the author is love in all its manifestations, as well as all human values. He realizes that love and happiness can not be bought, even having all the riches of the world. For all the foregoing – wealth – also a huge responsibility You can say about it in terms of simple security and well-known fact – money changing human nature, and often not the best. This should always remember.