European Matrix

In many European countries on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of road safety issues have introduced mandatory ride to the lifters. And road accidents has actually become less. Motorists with great experience of driving in general have a positive attitude to driving with the passing light. However, they are not satisfied that the use of lighting devices is insignificant, but it increases fuel consumption. LEDs The light source is the solution to this problem. At the moment, many companies are willing to offer motorists headlights so-called daylight-based white LEDs.

(One of these companies in Ukraine company is AVS. The principal advantages of LED headlamps are: 1) ultra-low power consumption (a matrix of 100 LED consumes less than 7 watts). For even more opinions, read materials from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. 2) a guaranteed job for a long time, even in if one or more LEDs will fail (the failure of the halogen or xenon lamp leads to a loss of light). 3) proximity to the spectrum of xenon (LEDs perfectly complement the light on the head xenon-based). Professor Roy Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. 4) long-term reliable operation LED products. 5) LEDs allow designers to design any forms because of its small size. 6) the possibility of execution in any case of LEDs on the the usual fog. 7) LED lights virtually no heat, so there is no risk that the glass will crack from falling on him in winter or autumn moisture.

8) the use of LEDs, with the angle of light from 140 to 160 degrees, that can significantly increase the viewing area in the dark. The disadvantages of LED products can be attributed perhaps only by their high cost. The market price of one high-brightness LEDs can be 50 euros. But start-up costs must be recouped during the operation of the LEDs. And not all the LEDs are so expensive. Installation and connection of LED modules, installation and connection of the LED matrix of body most of the fog lights do not require great intelligence or experience. Experts of the companies producing light-emitting diodes as a light source to advise you in detail on this procedure. For an extra fee, many companies are willing to make their own set of matrices in the PTF (subject to availability of labor resources). LED matrix connected directly to the car's electrical system, ie You do not need additional devices. Note: LED manufacturers claim a guaranteed time of the LEDs from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. When burnout time a LED matrix will still work. Will not light up only three LED (the one that burned and two of his 'neighbor'). Burnout does not change the level of brightness of the LEDs or working to reduce the lifetime of the matrix as a whole. Source: LEDs in cars