Farmacolgico Treatment Of The Chronic Asthma

University Braz Cubas – SP. INTRODUCTION: The asthma is a respiratory illness inflammatory chronicle, characterized mainly for the exacerbada reply of the bronchis before antigens, causing a blockage of the inferior aerial ways, due to broncoespasmos, increase of the production of muco. They are 300 million cases in the world, leading the death about 250 a thousand people. It is classified in chronic acute and, and has in its treatment the use antiinflammatory broncodilatadores and. OBJECTIVE: This work has as objective the bibliographical revision of the current farmacolgicos treatments with the inclusion of frmacos in development. DEVELOPMENT: The use of antiinflammatory broncodilatadores and must be made a necessary diagnosis after, using the following farmacolgicas classrooms, the beta-2-agonistas, the anticolinrgicos, xanthins as broncodilatadores, and as antiiflamatrios they are had corticoesteroides, antileucotrienos, cromonas, cetotifeno and the new inhibiting frmacos of fosfodiesterase 4 have the two simultaneous actions. CONCLUSION: Exactly with innumerable boardings, the current treatment of the asthma is inefficacious and possesss many collateral effect, although the efforts of the pharmaceutical industry in the development of new classrooms of frmacos.