Fear Of Fear: Fear Is A Feeling

Anxiety disorders as a picture forms of anxiety disorder anxiety is a feeling that all people know and need. The useful function of fear is, that she should warn people of possible dangers and guide to thoughtful over and cautious action, so that he endangered his health and his life not in the exuberance or incorrectly understood courage. People increasingly suffer from exaggerated fears, it may involve an anxiety disorder, requiring treatment, so that not even a generalized anxiety disorder develops. As a clinical picture in an anxiety disorder, the affected person in excess reacts anxiety disorders on a real or only perceived threat. The anxiety in an affective response is not appropriate the effective situation, also the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety occur in much more intensive level than for people not suffering from anxiety disorders. One speaks of a real disease in the form of an anxiety disorder, when the patient is actual or even potential threat unreasonably high estimates in their danger, and if these fears, even in situations without any real threat or danger.

Forms of the diversity of the anxiety disorders social anxiety is very large. You can refer to specific situations or activities; so, for example the well-known agoraphobia is excessive fear of bustling squares, shops, crowds in plane or train, theater or concert or before traveling. Other anxiety disorders can refer to objects or living creatures, the fear of spiders is known here. The fear of specific situations is known, such as fear of flying, the acrophobia, or fear of the dark. More general anxiety disorders without specific triggers are the panic attacks, where the sick person no objective reason device in absolute panic, which can go up to the fear of death. Generalized anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder has usually not the intensity a Panic attack, but becoming permanent. The person feels then constantly a diffuse fear above all and each, the reason he may not appoint but.

The patient constantly fear that something very bad could happen to him or his family members, but can not tell what exactly he fears because. The symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include the wide range of physical and mental signs. Physically, there are the classic fear companion, such as palpitations, dizziness, sweating, trembling, hyperventilation, muscle tension, nausea and headaches. Psychologically, the generalized anxiety disorder manifests itself in dizziness, impaired concentration, restlessness, insomnia and constant irritability. The approach of Western medicine focuses on one side on the administration of medications, which should intervene on the neuro-transmitter levels in the brain, does not come up to the anxiety to make treatments for anxiety disorders. The other approach Lever are different forms of Psychotherapy, by means of which the patient is to learn to deal with the anxiety-occupied situations differently. The medication must be taken permanently what many patients refuse. Therapies are often not in the long run successful, it often comes to relapse. The website presents a novel therapy, as the ill patient in a natural and gentle way without taking medication can cure his anxiety disorder. The goal is to get the cause in the handle and to live permanently without fear. People increasingly suffer from exaggerated fears, it may involve an anxiety disorder, which requires the treatment is not yet a generalized anxiety disorders develop. generalized anxiety disorder developed.