Garlic For The Care Of Acne

In a previous post, we had several natural remedies for acne. As we passed very above the therapeutic properties of each one, today we are going to focus on garlic as a remedy for acne. We remind you that we recommended rub garlic (without frying, or cooking, or anything, just as we bought it) through the area where we have more acne and treat it as well. Several times a day, there is no problem with passing, although not obsessed. The skin outside of the garlic, such as sticky when Peel him to prepare a meal, is the key. To rub against the skin, helps the Elimination of pimples, absorbs the bacteria that we remember, are one of the main causes of the appearance of acne. Not just rub it can help us, as food has many beneficial properties for our health. For even more analysis, hear from blood test. Also eat helps us care for acne.

We can follow a simple treatment, and it is to eat three cloves of garlic a day (raw) for a month. East cleanses and purifies the blood, which keeps the acne at Bay. We recall as it appeared the hormonal acne, and as It had a lot to do with our hormonal changes, with the proliferation of bacteria and more related things, all with health, to lead a healthy life. Well, the garlic has among other qualities: is an excellent microbicide, disinfectant, decongestant and toning of the pituitary gland. It also contains much iron, all the important thing is for health is well known. Now that we are talking about the iron, I would like to demystify the point that lentils contain much iron.

Truth and lie at the same time. Yes, it is true that they contain much iron, but too much for the human organism contains a concentration too high which prevents from absorption by the body. It would be like putting a truck in a garage of a bike, so that you use lentils as a source of iron, id thinking about some other alternative, as it is the garlic (spinach are another similar case of false myth, I’ll tell in the next entry). To finish about the properties of garlic, I will tell you that the crushed garlic, is say garlic juice, contains very beneficial properties for kidneys, bladder, lungs, respiratory system, the heart, the circulatory, liver, digestive system. and much more. So here you have an ally, will help you with the problem of acne and in addition you will be giving a little push to your health. Read on acne and homeopathy original author and source of the article