Help! My Partner Drinks! What Can I Do?

People who live with alcoholics often don’t know that they support his or her dependency with their behavior. Cardiologists opinions are not widely known. According to the German main Office for addiction issues e.V. (DHS) currently about 1.6 million people are alcohol-dependent in Germany. The number of those who abuse alcohol and are thus significantly at risk, should also not be underestimated. The problem lies in the system, that supposedly works. It is just the dependency disorders, which on the one hand straining the family and social environment significantly. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often says this.

On the other hand however because of this manifests as life partners and members of fit is it accurate with their co-behavior. A mutual dependency creates subtly and quietly. Straight women are predestined for such co dependency roles, she, the female traditions and learned classical standards below, which represent a helping hand in the preservation of the family and the harmony of the social environment. So hatch Dependent, often under the protective mantle of a healthy”partner that kept him from the consequences of his addiction behaviour. Seem of to cure, intact family to the outside maintains there, which controlled drug (or at least believes to do so), assume responsibility and tasks of the addict. And this usually even in good faith to do good. To give yourself a good feeling. Who is finally not like second-hand or even essential at the end? Recognize entanglements but therein is the crux of the co dependency: the addiction problem is not solved.

On the contrary, this it is manifested. The perfect symbiosis of two people unfortunately built on sand or a substance much more fleeting than the fine quartz particles the alcohol. Co-dependent mostly instinctively know that they help through their behaviour, to maintain an artisanal system. You guessed it and despise themselves and their dependent partners for this. Then, the way to this but to admit and to take the first step out of the muddled situation is mostly a long. And yet the only to find back to a full, healthy and happy life with your partner. u0085 and right thing here each co-dependent has a chance to show real responsibility, he or she breaks the cycle of dependency and seeks professional help. Help, which together accompanied dependency on the way out of the (co). The intricate relationships makes clear, pointing out perspectives, other, healthy behaviors learning supports and contributes a new, to experience addiction-free life for both partners. Sandra Sopp Ebong