Hypnosis Therapy

During treatment with clinical hypnotherapy, it is possible the recovery of health and changing patterns of behavior, development of healthy lifestyles, positive lifestyle, is able to confront and overcome fears and phobias, change modes when they are negative thoughts and destructive of the quality of life in the person, learning to express feelings and emotions, connecting with effectivity, life skills, to stop addictions, overcome shyness, gain better physical and mental health, coping with stress, gain self-esteem, self-worth, mastery character, overcome insomnia, pain, overcome bad habits and / or behavior, etc.., etc., etc. But the patient never does things that are against their will, their morals or ethics. When a person has attended several sessions of hypnosis, and has learned how to relax in a session, this can be repeated at home, alone, and do what is called “hypnosis” always following the forms and methods learned in the office, and they practice self-hypnosis, which is able to further strengthen and consolidate the achievements in the session of Hypnotherapy, this practice also what gives is that it learns to amend their state of anxiety and distress, that if it takes daily practice and as a way of life, not only parallel to the hypnotic treatment, but daily, will influence for the better in his life, both in their mental health, physical, emotional and relational. Another application that has Hypnosis Therapy is to overcome the fear or distress to review the lack of concentration, lack of memory and the common block (mind blank) that produces the fear of surrender.