Improving Content on Your Web Site

Beyond a definite style of a proposal made to develop different graphical, attractive and functional, we need to strive for consistency between the various elements of design used, such as: the color palette, the volume, contrast, type of support resources, etc. Each of the elements must have the same intention and solid conceptual graph. A design with personality has the same level of quality in his photographs, icons, buttons, etc.. The key word here is “consistency graph.” A typographic consistency and readability, web typography consistency and good readability is a nice site that projects very professionally.

That is why we plan our design typography and try to give consistency to their use, many sites are able to successfully base their identity on the font used for the care with which they design their presentation. A related site: Ben Dark mentions similar findings. The legibility of the content within a site, as well as being fundamental to the accessibility of it is an important element of that personality, that is why the shape and style that will give you a strong impact on the experience of visiting the user. An effective and navigation menu Many prominent ignore the impact of design on the menu and see it only as a defining element for navigation. The menu is probably the area that receives much click within our site, and represents the reference point of navigation for users, which is why a good design, attractive, functional profile and will contribute greatly to give our site that touch of class and professionalism that we want to show.