Lift Advantages

System such as 'lift' is ideal for working in different industries and can be used for transportation of scrap metal, household and construction waste, sand, gravel and other goods. This system greatly simplifies and speeds up the work, reducing time of loading and unloading, and is universal: one car may be carried in the body for various purposes, equipped with a special sub-frame (container, tank, side loader, loader, cabins, specialized equipment). Depending on the required capacity is chosen model hooklift and type of bunker. Possible options for equipment installation at domestic chassis (KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural) and the chassis are imported. The advantages of this system lies in the fact that the car leaves the swap body at the site and leaves after the other is already filled. While saving time and thus money. Consider special car 581140 (lift): () 1. Purpose, scope and mode of operation of the product 1.1 Vehicle Special 581,140 (the lift) is designed for loading, transportation and removal removable hoppers, loading and unloading by the crane, and also allows you to do the work in the dump mode.

The use of interchangeable bins can be used to lift various sectors (Utilities, construction, trade, industry, road service, etc.). 1.2. Lift is manufactured in climatic design – Y location category 1 according to GOST 15150. 2. The composition of the product consists of a car Automobile chassis MAN TGA 28.353 FNLC and specialized equipment, which includes: – a mechanism for loading and unloading ECOPRESS; – kranomanipulyatornaya installation EPSILON E90Z74; 3.

Work products drive the mechanism by control valve with manual control. Before the work mechanism includes a pump, is available on the chassis. Loading lift with a hook lowered to a height of staples, available in the bunker, pulls up to the bunker. After linking hook clamps up the bunker with the help of master cylinders, front and hook frames. When the bunker will transport provision, it is fixed on the vertical and horizontal movement of Nogo-fixing mechanism. Then disconnect pump drive. Removing the tank is carried out in reverse order. When working in the dump clips from engagement with the longitudinal beams bunkers are not taken. Kranomanipulyatornoy installation is controlled with the help of control valve, located on the beam opornopovorotnogo device. More information about this construction can be found at: