Menderes Bagci

The video message of a homeless casting participant shows no matter how highly impressive. The homeless Max Bryan (35) was one of the participants at the last year’s Super talent competition and successfully went through two of the first casting rounds up to a point where it then not continued for him. For him, the motivations of the transmitter far less in honest favor as a rather insidious villainy in degenerated, because when Bryan not delivered what the makers of the show he wanted to see, they sent him without any scruples back on the road, where he is until today a pitiful existence. “Also remains to assume that moving into the American Idol-recall for a certain Menderes Bagci was a done deal long before his appearance and Dieter reader” Bohlen once more cute has read, what the scriptwriters on dictated by him. Baloch to Menderes strongly: you realize that if you once in “the top were 15, you may never again join?” and Menderes with affirmative: the life is then just “, blind detect the actual scope of his pact, because RTL will it drop, even before this season to end. Menderes is now 25 years old.

He lived so far quite well by the annual publicity to his failed appearances on American Idol. When it all falls away, not much is left, and also it is already little.