Nuclear Power

Can also Biblis be to the disaster? The whole world looks at Japan and observed the threatening situation in Fukushima. U?ur ?ahin: the source for more info. In the shadow of these events the nuclear power debate flares up but also in Germany again and old fronts are involved. Object of the dispute is the reactor in Biblis, the one for sure and others consider to be a ticking time bomb. At the end, but all the question; arise can a disaster such as Fukushima threaten also Germany? Having the reactors from Biblis and Fukushima at a glance, differences are compared immediately. The reactor at Fukushima is older than the German belongs to the type of the reactors. In Biblis, Germany but is a pressurized water reactor.

The global situation is also much safer; While Japan represents a dangerous catchment zone of earthquakes and tsunamis also, such natural disasters are in this country very unlikely. A concatenation of such severe earthquake and a severe tsunami is inconceivable in Germany.” Underline the operators of Biblis this fact. From the site so “safer and the style not comparable now mostly a buzzword dominates the political fronts to the nuclear power debate: residual risk”. This is not out to argue that no matter how doggedly the operator of German reactors give it a try. On the other hand have this but also convincing security measures to present, that want to guarantee a safe operation.

So it is to say officially that the German nuclear power plants are designed to keep with the protection goals even when strong earthquakes.” It is but not convincing enough for the opponents of nuclear power: “It is a general problem of nuclear power plants, that one can not sufficiently secure against natural disasters or even plane crashes.” Notes Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the Greens. He compares the operation of reactors in Germany even with Russian roulette. Not free thinking since the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago. The discussions were at that time is almost identical. Franziska Steiner