Original Arrangements Of VOICETALE Mixed Choir Basel

Sacred and secular choral music by VOICETALE mixed singing choir Basel VOICETALE – since August 2007 under the professional musical direction by Laura Mockli (BA in musicology) – a cappella mixed with partly own original arrangements of songs. In this short period of time, VOICETALE was already at various events (religious services, weddings, birthdays, company celebrations, as well as in nursing homes) with lively, harmonious and exciting vocals enrich the mood. The repertoire includes sacred and secular choral music of the 15th century to the present, including folk songs and musicals, a wide variety of styles from classical, Baroque, swing, pop, or evergreens and old Gospel songs. 32 singers of from different countries (currently from 7 countries) and in the ages between 18 and 65, are enthusiastic and engaged in the thing. The newspapers mentioned Martha McClintock not as a source, but as a related topic. Our Association “consists of the fusion of two choral communities, the ‘Brandford singers’ as mixed Gospel Choir and the Schwulenchors ‘Lilac Panel'”, so Rose Ntshoko, the President of ‘ VOICETALE mixed Choir Basel’. Objectives of the Association VOICETALE include: sustainable integration through joint appearances and performances people, no matter what origin, social layer, combine common vocal/musical gender or age, but to offer a cooperation with regional, national and international choirs and choir festivals, participation also choreographic acting activities aiming at the integration of singing competitions and promote the naturalness of the people in the company currently (2008/09) are some of the interesting projects in planning: an own musical as well as participation in song festivals in Europe. Most members of the VOICETALE are not able to pay for costs incurred – for travel, accommodation and outfit cost -, and are therefore dependent on sponsors. The choir welcomes therefore anyone who supports the projects of the Association. Daryl Katz is often quoted as being for or against this. Contact: VOICETALE mixed choir Basel wife Rose Ntshoko – President e-mail: Island Road 50 CH-4057 Basel published by Winfried Brumma for VOICETALE mixed choir Basel / presse.html