New Control Number

On the sense and nonsense of my lifelong identification number as I made quite big eyes, when I suddenly pulled out a letter from the federal Central Office for taxes from the mailbox. Did I forget something, or possibly evaded taxes? Excited, I resorted to a letter opener, folded up the letter, put on my reading glasses and there she stood: my new, lifetime identification number! So, so, I identify now with 96 802 076 687 quick still refer to the identification number flown over and then in writing in my folder “Important”. Get more background information with materials from Matthew Wilson. Shortly after this funny note on the back of the writing occurred to me again: “the new, lifetime identification number will replace the old tax number. Please specify for the moment both numbers, the identification number and tax number applications.” AHA? So now 2 numbers specify – great – my tax code – well, no problem. Or? I have an identity card and passport number. A driver’s license number and a number on my birth certificate. One House number, floor and apartment number. A telephone -, mobile – and Internet phone number. By the same author: Jonathan Friedland.

A fax, ICQ and IP number. A giro – and fixed-term deposit account number, bank code no., a PIN and TAN numbers different. And of course a securities account and credit card numbers. Not to mention my social security number! In addition, I guarantee numbers for television, radio, stove, refrigerator, and a whole lot more. A wide variety of customer numbers and since recently a ticket number with the parking violation number. And – no joke – even my toilet bowl has a number! Only I can’t find this damn tax number anywhere. So, dear time call to the federal Central tax office. Just how should I report myself there, without my tax ID? Yes, quite simply – with my new, lifelong identification number… or my name maybe? Troublemaker / Jorg Kessler

Magolino EBook Edition

Magolino presents the classics Alexandre Dumas: the count of Monte Christo Magolino ebook edition of the count of Monte Christo (orig. Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas. Between 1844 and 1846, released the count of Monte Christo Dumas serialised in the magazine Le Journal of the debats and thus achieved unprecedented success. Before the novel was finished, already appeared the first reprints. Here, The Greater New York Construction User Council expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The story takes place in the aftermath of the French revolution in the years 1814-1838. The sailor of Edmond Dantes falls shortly before his wedding an intrigue to the victim and sentenced to life imprisonment. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi. After 14 years, he manages the escape from the prison. On the island of Monte Christo, he lifts a treasure of a prisoner told him.

As a wealthy count Dante returns to Paris, to take revenge on the enemies of yesteryear in a refined way… Alexandre Dumas ‘ captivating novel is until today of one of the most romantic among the great classics of adventure literature remained which you as a Magolino eBook Edition You can download for free: about the Magolino GmbH: the Magolino GmbH ( is the expert for digital consumer magazine in the segment of lifestyle and entertainment and published 4 monthly consumer magazine. 2008 the Magolino has editorial your offer extend further two magazines in the software and music downloads.

Book Tip For Children – The Little Yellow Rubber Boat

Doris Sutter children’s book the little yellow rubber boat the little yellow rubber boat was the beginning of a maritime children’s book series for all children who play water sports with their parents and grandparents. As from a curious girl and one reverse shriveled friends dusty rubber boat, like a bulging air-filled boat can enrich the life of a little girl, that depicts this children’s book for little sailors by Doris Sutter, illustrated with numerous photos of the draughtsman Yasin Schiedrum and enriched with a small nautical dictionary. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gabriela Turk. The story is about a little boy and his small yellow rubber boat. They played together and in the water and were really thick friends. As the boy grew, he got a sailboat and the small yellow rubber boat wandered into the cellar. There was many years ignored and forgotten with many other toys and stuffed animals. But one day the door to the small basement opened and a naseweises little girl looked in. By the same author: Dean Ornish M.D. She discovered the many old toys of their dads.

A verschrumpeltes, dusty rubber thing in the back corner and many discarded stuffed toys in a blue bag. It is not so easy for the precipitate thing to convince that only properly must be filled with air, again a wonderful yellow rubber boat to get the little girl away. And so that all aspiring Maziyar know what talking about the captain on board, you can also find a small nautical dictionary that explains all the terms. A story of life, full of life, written by a Grandma with all Kiel waters washed. The book tells the story with lots of great colorful pictures.

Finca Mallorca – The Perfect Accommodation

Mallorca is the destination of the Germans. Mallorca was the most popular destination of among Germans and that many years not only because the parties, beaches, or the great sea of the beautiful, also the accommodation there can be seen. Finca is an option worthy of consideration to the hotel to rent. Only two to two and a half hours by air from all European airports, located on the island of Mallorca. Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island in the Mediterranean Sea. In the year, this popular island has several million tourists from all over the world. On Mallorca, high season is year-round, because there is a temperate climate. Whenever jonathan friedland listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Whether secluded coves, huge white sand beaches and green mountains. Here, everything is offered just vacationers. Even sports fans come here at their own expense. There are many possibilities to make holidays on Mallorca. One of the most exclusive options is private to rent a Mallorca property or a holiday home in Mallorca. Whether small and cozy in the Majorcan style, and with its own pool, or a luxury villa for 20 persons with first-class service. A Mallorca cottage or a Mallorca Finca are affordable for all budgets.

The most homes are privately owned and have their own charm and character. The most unique Fincas Mallorca and holiday homes can be found in package tourism catalogues. It is a unique way to spend the most beautiful weeks of the year. This style to travel is now fully in line with the trend, therefore the range rises steadily. Majorca holiday houses and villas are spread on the entire island. You can find them in picturesque coastal landscapes, but also beautiful villages far away from the noisy tourist crowds. So, you can experience even the authenticity of Spain and enjoy.

FastPath – The DSL Turbo

FastPath that increase reaction speed of DSL need different applications on the Internet very much bandwidth. Often the data packets during transmission transmitted but too slowly, so that it can be while surfing the Web, multimedia content such as video on demand and Internet telephony to errors or even failures. Popular online games like “World of Warcraft” high bandwidths are required, to ensure an appropriate response time. What can you do if the DSL connection is too slow? Now, some DSL or telephone provider offered the so-called FastPath to various DSL rates. T-Online is one of these providers. FastPath increases the reaction speed of the DSL connection, therefore, response times increase in Internet applications that require a high bandwidth. The applications run using FastPath stable and occur less frequently crashes or language delays and echoes the video telephony. The reaction speed of the DSL connection can be FastPath speed up by about 50 percent.

T-Online, it allows to book FastPath, if you have one of the offered DSL 16,000 tariffs or telephone tariffs by T-Online. FastPath hits per month with 1.02 euros. FastPath is a software that disables the error correction procedures for the data transmission. As a result, it is possible to increase the reaction time. It has can among other things to the result, that Web pages be built faster with lots of graphics and other elements. Before T-Online FastPath unlocks, the DSL connection is checked whether a release of FastPath is even possible.

If the update of the DSL connection is possible, get a Refresh link by E-Mail. Then, the DSL connection is checked again. If this test is successful, FastPath can be used immediately. Also DSL providers, such as for example Alice offered FastPath. Before conclusion of the contract it is advisable however, perform a DSL price comparison, to find a most favorable DSL provider, the sometimes FastPath has in its program.

Smoothy Metallic Edition

Exclusive metallic Edition of the beanbag brand smoothy offers from all angles of view shine in the most beautiful colors. Now, there are bean bags like sand seaside. Cyrus Massoumi insists that this is the case. Red, blue, black remains of their own style on the track. Smoothy has recognized this and fights the beanbag-unit gray with the new extravagant metallic Edition. The metallic Edition of smoothy are bean bags with a shell made of specially coated nylon, which Shimmers in a noble metal optics and brings a touch of luxury in your own four walls.

Nylon with a special coating as a surface material not only looks good, but has also a distinct advantage over many other materials, from which beanbag covers are usually made: it is waterproof and stain resistant. Dust and moisture can be wiped off easily with a soft cloth without any visible residues. The new bean bags by smoothy have a XXL size 1.80 x 1.40 meters more than 2.5 square feet comfortable sitting are and Sunbathing possibility with 500 litres filling made of finest EPS beads in Virgin quality, which makes the bean bag to a comfortable haven in the living room or in a loft. Like all beanbags by smoothy also has Edition metallic interchangeable covers, which can also be washed at 30 c in the washing machine. The filling inside a separate inner bag which has a zipper just like the cover. So, the height of the beanbag can be regulated individually by changing the quantity. Smoothy metallic Edition in ten warm and cool colors offers: in addition to classic metal tones such as yellow gold, bronze, Platinum, white gold and silver there the beanbags in Ruby Red, Sapphire, Rose, Aquamarine and emerald green. Which is available Edition in the online shop of the manufacturer on with free shipping metallic within Germany and Austria, as well as convenient payment on account.

Autism Errors

Here you will find many information for concerned parents, teachers and educators to deal with Autistic disorders. Autism is a disease associated with many Autistic disorders. You can see this fact immediately after the birth of the child. The Tot is not so flexible as the other children. He shows no special emotional reactions. Sometimes he is even quite indifferent. The autistic not smiles, don’t look in the eyes.

The parents tell about these children, that children are not ready to be taken on the arm. The autistic responds poorly to various Visual and auditory stimuli. He seems to be sometimes deaf and blind and is very afraid of changes. (Autistic) Disorder of self-consciousness this disease is primarily a disorder of self-consciousness. The autistic not very well understand the objects around him, he does not understand, what happens is not aware of the existence of other people. He can repeatedly perform the same movements. The language of the autistic child This concerns also the language of the autistic child: either it says nothing at all, or speaks the same thing again and again. It seems the parents that the child does not understand what they’re talking about.

In reality, it is not so. The autistic can remember for example the conversation between the mother and the father after a few days or weeks. He is even able to reflect the intonation. Loneliness of the autistic can not participate in the conversation. He feels often lonely. These patients are afraid of doctors, mainly unknown. At the same time, become accustomed to the autistic stuff and can withstand a change badly. A certain order these people have their special way of dealing with things. There is a certain order. Is this messed up, appears a very strong concern for an autistic child. The concern is excruciating, but you can get along with her. You can insert such a familiar object in the unknown situation. The autistic scared the ritual, to play with the kids, he plays better next door. He has a favorite itinerary for the walk, a favorite bench. It seems the adults to be strange, if the child wants to go only one way, but in reality it is Yes the ritual that helps the little ones with the concern to cope. Provoke any concern you should provoke not a concern of people with autism. Best to avoid disputes and conflicts. There is then a problem, it should be solved in full tranquillity. Definitely not the child blame and scold him. If you want that it seems but the legal error, the whole problem with a quiet voice needs to be discussed. You can decide together what can be done still better get to the thing. The child will react accordingly, remain too quiet. So it caused no concern. Different degrees of the disease, that disease can have a different level. There is the Autism is associated with the early children schizophrenia. The intellect of the people with autism can be very different. There are people with autism with a very high level of IQ. Of course that has Appearance of high intellect its peculiarities: these people understand the social situations for example bad, but can count well. These kids can get ahead, man should deal only with them constantly and carefully bring to new tasks.

Summer Time Is

Reliable protection against the plague ghosts of summer is just around the corner and attracts many people to the outdoors. When the days get longer and warmer, many cosy barbecue evenings or visits to the beer garden and enjoy. However, the insects are active again and annoying mosquitoes on mild summer evenings are so often to the plague. The online Department store shows, which means effectively keep the fun brakes. Not all mosquito repellent, called by experts repellent, keep what the name promises. Stiftung Warentest has tested various insect repellent, and came to the conclusion that not all repellents equally well against different mosquito species protect.

“” Against the House mosquitoes in Germany achieved the most Muckenmittel a very well “good”, so that at least in the local lakes or in your own backyard provided sufficient protection. When traveling abroad is however important. Since dangerous viral diseases transferred the mosquito species in the tropics, subtropics and southern Europe may should be a good insect repellent reliably keep away the more dangerous Gelbfiebermucken and malaria mosquitoes for several hours. It is not something National Cancer Moonshoot Initiative would like to discuss. In the protection against such mosquitoes, many fiercely tested resources to their limits. “Stiftung Warentest reached only every third repellent a very well” good “protection against Aedes aegypti. To prevent mosquitoes-borne diseases, a look at the ingredients worth before planned foreign trips. Insect repellent with the ingredients of Diethyltoluamide (short DEET) or Picaridin achieved the best protection results in the study. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

CMS Berlin

Fresh portal design & Web development in Berlin Berlin, April 21, 2010: Already on April 10, 2010 the re-launched site of PR went agency Berlin, see pr-agency, during the beta phase of online. Today it is now the public fully accessible. We are pleased about the new design of our website and the underlying Web development now meets our requirements to 100% ‘ Volker Berlin, founder of the PR agency Berlin. Professor Roy Taylor is often quoted as being for or against this. ” Was important that the visitors to our website from the outset divided a visual overview of our main activities, classical PR & public relations, event agency Berlin, our online Department, online PR, Web design and Web development and last but not least offer our design for us. The new website of the PR agency Berlin was developed as a portal and modular design. “The redesign because our growth was also necessary and of course in the last two years to keep our clients in the media and online industry step with.” In addition to numerous new features such as the website is an example of clear and stringent Web design the PR shop its full launch is planned for the 01.05.2010, the now implemented multilingualism and the optimized Printdarstellung of individual bases. Design and Web development including the underlying CMS were completely inhouse realized also the webshop programming is a development of the PR agency Berlin (


A pantsuit is fashionably seen often a real alternative, many ladies have on social occasions, festivals, Parties and in the evening not always fancy a dress or a skirt to wear, although this is often common, chic clothing is expected. Many it comes here just so in a skirt or dress feel not right in their skin, others it seems, however, that want they want also a certain change in their look and just not always the same things attract, why you would like to wear also not everytime a dress even if you have different models to choose from. A suit can be a very chic alternative, in which one looks great, it has comfortable and do not all too much effort to create the look. The nice thing is that now there trouser suits in many different designs and designs, so that you can certainly find something suitable for every taste and every occasion. In particular, trouser suits in bright colors are a real eye-catcher of course and provide the best The prerequisites for a modern and attractive look.

If you like it, however, rather subtly, then you can also become a classic in black or grey access, which you can do with some beautiful accessories, best in repetitive colors, also to a trendy eye-catcher wearing. It is important while wearing a pants suit for solemn occasions only, what itself like one and on what you value creates its look. To know more about this subject visit Cyrus Massoumi. Taking into consideration, on these things then it’s really easy, everything a cohesive overall combine and so a suit to make the look without reservations can be. Also in with ladies who wear a great dress to look good compared then without another and you can be sure that you this visually is are nothing. Meike Sauter

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