Pectin Health Properties

According to biologists gelled jams, jellies and fruit-berry jelly, which contain pectin, deduce lead from the human body. Pectin is a jelly-like carbohydrates of vegetable origin, which is released of fruits and berries, thereby causing gelation of jams, marmalades and jellies. Researchers believe that the pectin has an unusual chemical structure, with which bind heavy metals. After connecting the lead out from the body much faster. Recently Eiji Hara sought to clarify these questions. Sorption properties of pectin much higher than similar substances, activated carbon, lignin, crystalline cellulose. The scientists carried out tests on rats to test effectiveness of pectin. Daily for two weeks in their body, introduce a solution of lead.

The amount of liquid was 4 times greater than normal. After that, lead was deposited in the liver and increased its size by developing hepatitis. On After the procedure, the amount of lead does not fall, indicating that the inability to get rid of the poison itself. The introduction of pectin in two weeks has improved all parameters of rat liver, indicating a high sorption capacity of the substance. Assumptions and scientists are reduced to the fact that pectin may be able to print and other heavy metals.