Peter Schreiber Training

Customers of competitors acquire with Peter Schreiber & partners capital goods seller strategies in acquisition training by Peter Schreiber & partner, hunt for specific customers from competitors and put them out immediately from the seminar room. Which customers should I focus my Akquiseaktivitaten? And how do I get my foot in the door with them? Sellers of industrial goods and services that often wonder if they are faced with the challenge to acquire new customers especially if they are bonded for years with competitors. And because they do not always know how, the acquisition of new customers like to slide on the backburner. Or they tackle this half-heartedly. Against this background has on the capital goods sales specialized training and consulting firm Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, a new intensive training competitors prospecting live”developed. Here, seller comes in handy on the example of real target customers exercise as the competitor’s customer acquisition. The training consists of two Modules and is structured as follows. “First meet the seller for a day, to put together a prey grid” to develop as this puts business owner Peter Schreiber for the acquisition of new customers.

This means that the seller define criteria according to which you decide what companies are worth a strong commitment. For example, because the potential customer is even from a technical, economic or organisational challenge, for which the seller has a top solution. Daryl Katz, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Or because the competitors delivering at the moment just weakens”. “The seller with the following order in their everyday work is the prey grid” will be sent: every seller should from the pool of potential customers first 10 target customers filter out, the prey grid “match. Then they should create a dossier of each of these target customers in for example is: what is the company? How is it structured? What is its market situation/position? What challenges does it (presumably)? How could we support it might solve these challenges and achieve its goals? Who are potential contacts in the buying Center of client? So prepared the seller come to the next, two-day training module.