Promotional School

These cards were in the power of the professor of the cycle, whose degree is doctor, examined who them and verify data with the purpose of to detect possible errors, or anomalies. In the case of some anomaly detested, was spoken with the parents and the origin of these was identified. Finished the activity, the students of the Cycle made a demonstration of how making a bed with a patient inside. RESULTS OF the EXPERIENCE it secured the pre-selected targets, since the knowledge was increased of the students on these concepts, was made them be interested on health subjects, one explained the effects to them of the salt in the meals with advice towards his families, and simultaneously, it was obtained that the students of the cycle felt important, integrated more with the students of THAT, that many also did not know these lessons the Center and that its learning was functional and practitioner. Dean Ornish M.D spoke with conviction. The evaluation on the part of the professors of the cycle was positive since they considered the experience satisfactory. SECOND EXPERIENCE One of the subjects anticipated in the project of Promotional School of Health is the prevention of labor and domestic risks. It is a question that works little in the Centers since no it is known well where to locate these contents. Today one knows that it is a very important subject and for that reason have programmed I it within this macroproject of Health.

OBJECTIVES OF THE EXPERIENCE. To foment in the students the responsibility towards its personal security and the prevention of injurious acts for the health? To integrate to the students of the average degree of electricity and electronics in the educative community? To increase the satisfaction towards the chosen studies, seeing its practical part PREPARATION OF the EXPERIENCE. I proposed to the professional family of Electricity and Electronics the accomplishment of an activity where these students worked with those of THAT on prevention of risks.