Roses Costa Brava

Discover the stunning town on the Costa Brava Spain has a coastline of about 3300 km. The Costa Brava stretches from 160 km of this Gold Coast, by the Nordostern of Barcelona to the French border. Costa Brava means literally rocky beach. The area its name is true, because it has a rocky landscape and Sansstrande. Costa Brava was used for the inspriation from world famous artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Dali and Yves Klein. During their stay in Costa Brava, you can find artists of the aforementioned markets and souvenir shops.

Costa Brava is famous also for the climate, the temperature remains between 13 and 29 c all year round. Apart from Costa Brava also offers some of the world’s best heirs, such as for example the famous ruins. Costa Brava prides itself with the popular holiday resorts of Tossa de Mar and roses. For your vacation on the Costa Brava would be a hotel in Tossa de Mar, or an apartment in Roses highly recommended, herumliegende di wrapped landscape explore to can. Costa Brava offers a breathtaking coastal scenery, old villages on hills and mountains.

The town of Tossa de Mar is one of the most beautiful towns in the area. There was once a meeting place for famous artists like Marc Chagall. The town overlooks a 12th-century castle. Roses is a more attractive city Costa Bravas, which houses the fascinating ruins of a fortress dating back to the 16th century. Both cities offer excellent seafood restaurants. The Carnival of Roses is known worldwide. The Carnival moves in February to 50,000 visitors to Spain, to see the beautiful colors. The Carnival was launched in 1780. The Carnival is influenced by other activities such as dance, music and costume competitions, which take place on the streets of the Costa Bravas. There are parades every day in addition to the Carnival King parades. Roses offers a lively and young audience and is popular with families. It has long been an established favourite with European visitors a quiet holiday with a touch of elegant, Prefer atmosphere. If you plan to spend your family vacation there so we will recommend you a holiday apartment on the Costa Brava. The average temperature on the Costa Brava is about 22 degrees. But during the summer months, the temperatures rise up to 30 degrees. The high season is in July and August. The hot weather during this period is often mixed by chilly winds from the sea. The rainfall in this area are approximately 600 gallons per year. The sun shines an average six hours per day in the winter, when the temperature at 16 degrees. The days are generally bright and fresh.