Sunset Poetry

Everyone lives as long as he is interested. This is true for both material and spiritual objects to. Simply, the second – frozen in some form, at the time of the disappearance of interest and continue to exist forever. I do not claim to absolute truth. I think everyone who makes it, goes silly.

If you have any doubts, read everything written below, take everything with irony. How am I to much. I think the interest – important. When a person is interesting – he lives when not interesting – there. Filed under: Daryl Katz. Take any. Everyone has interests.

Someone – drawing, someone writes a book, someone writes music. Let's look at another area of human life. And again see the same thing: Someone is drinking beer, someone riding a roller, someone prays to God. It is said that on the basis of common interest people communicate, make friends and go to war. So there are organizations of state and religion. Of course, all this is true, but to a certain extent. Look – all subsequently disintegrates. Organizations are losing their influence. States are changing colors, and borders. Religion are myths. Now we can watch the sunset from the most significant of all religions – Christianity. It will take five hundred years – and this scenario is followed by Islam. Why is this happening? Probably because, in each region has its own ceiling. A space filling, just a matter of time. It is impossible to read the same book forever. At a time when it becomes part of you, you lose interest in it.