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Cleaning And Lubricating Motorcycle Chains

Lubricant for the chain is usually a difficult question, about the same series, the choice of oil or tires. Everyone has a favorite, and a lot of myths Tuev, preferences, habits, or just hide under a veil of truth. Further details can be found at Vadim Belyaev, an internet resource. Until there is no scientific evidence that a lubricant for longer stays, works better, or reduce friction better than others, we rely on your feelings rather than facts. Owners of motorcycles with hob has its own problems. The fact that PTO does not have to serve have come only from BMW R1200GS. Most universal joints require periodic maintenance, of course, is not such a frequent, as for the chain, but to examining the PTO 6:00, instead of sometimes spend 20 minutes on washing and lubrication of the chain, not very fit in with my notion of happiness (though, it's an amateur;)).

Belt drive, it seems the release – the belt is simple, easy, quiet and clean. But, nevertheless, the manufacturers of motorcycles, for some reason, not willing to put it on the bike. So, what treatments chain will be relevant for a long time. Already very much has been written on this subject and I will not be repeated, except that I recall that the chain should be lubricated and cleaned about every 320 kilometers. Since the replacement of the chain not an easy job, and not the cheapest, then you should try to keep it clean and lubricated to prolong her life as much as possible. Yes, do not forget that the correct tension chain also plays an important role in the duration of its life.

Booking Glasses

Recently, motorists are increasingly interested in booking car windows, as This service is becoming very popular, along with the usual toning auto glass, however, issues related to features booking glass is weight. Therefore, we decided in this article highlight the main aspects of the booking. So, booking car windows makes the task of, first, to protect the driver and passenger from broken glass during an accident, and secondly, to protect the people sitting in the car, from the attack of enemies and robbers, and thirdly, to keep valuables in vehicles. Glass inscribed with armoring tape against the attempts to break it or just squeeze slows the rate of penetration into the vehicle. Such glass can not be broken up into fragments. During the attack, after repeated blows glass may break, but the protective film will keep it in place.

In our work we use a protective film LLumar (U.S. production), and Hanita (Israel production). Why them? LLumar is the undisputed world leader in automotive films, so the choice its obvious. Hanita – a leading Israeli company for the production of films and technology production and use of reserving films in Israel developed as in no other country in connection with the commission of a sad traditionalism this region of terrorist acts, so often clients wishing to book their car windows, and even more who do not know anything about the producers of the films, ask first about Israeli companies. Exactly so Hanita was selected along with LLumar'om. Which of these film producers better, hard to say, they are about the same level of adaptability and quality – are equally high.