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Application Layer

PUTTY Let's begin. The first thing to do is remove the rust. To do this, where there is rust should clean up the 'Bulgarian' and anticorrosive process (phosphoric acid). If the car is rusted to holes, then you can not do without welding. Although you can 'fill up' putty, but not for long, so this will not be mentioned.

Further, if necessary, must be broken items otrihtovat. Otrihtovat need as much as possible approximately to the initial form, that would be a layer of filler does not exceed the 10-15mm. (A maximum). After anticorrosive finished its work (on 30 minutes. Up to 1 day depending on the used vehicle)-treated sites should be washed with water (although Some drugs, such as 'ANCOR-1', do not require rinsing).

Next place, which would place filler should be thoroughly cleaned sandpaper (P80). Grinding grain is of this size provides, first, good adhesion layer of putty to the surface, and secondly, eliminates shrinkage of fillers, ie, can not emerge through the layers of risk grinding surfaces. Around the same arguments apply to cases not continuous puttying parts (approximately 99% of the plastering work.) It should be remembered that a sufficiently thick layer of putty is applied only in the middle of the defect, and the closer to the edges of the fine finishing place, the filler layer is thinner. Exactly therefore, the peripheral zone should be treated with P150 grit gradation. Next, place puttying be degreased with degreaser or silicone wash, at worst, solvent. Application Layer corrosion-resistant ground – an operation in the overwhelming number of cases of overlooked artists.

The Tube

If you look to the hilt in the illustration, you can see the partition in the end of the tube. If necessary, lower the car or other cargo down the tubular valve handle is placed on the screw, and sliding is in the groove of the screw – something like a screwdriver to the contrary. Rotate the handle around its axis, the user rotates accordingly and the screw, relieving pressure in the working cylinder and lowering the load to the desired height. Most often movable jacks can be found on the tire plants – they are ideal for lifting one side of the car fast enough to work and installation. Disadvantages such design stems from the name – for movable jack requires a hard, flat surface, asphalt or concrete. Besides – a significant size and weight, to carry this unit in the car is not very convenient. So what is the place for them – and tire service stations. There is another type of movable jacks – transmission.

Pick-up of the jack is equipped with a special rotating frame. Here in all its beauty proves to accuracy and smoothness hydraulic jacks. Mounted or dismantled vehicle transmission can be accurately recorded in the vertical and horizontal planes in position. Pneumatic jack. Unlike hydraulic, pneumatic jack as a working body uses air. Structurally, this is a pneumatic pump and the same piston in a cylinder or a pneumatic cushion. In the automotive repair these jacks are used little, the nature of the working body – the air is able to shrink and make it more difficult than the liquid, keep in a closed volume.

European Matrix

In many European countries on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of road safety issues have introduced mandatory ride to the lifters. And road accidents has actually become less. Motorists with great experience of driving in general have a positive attitude to driving with the passing light. However, they are not satisfied that the use of lighting devices is insignificant, but it increases fuel consumption. LEDs The light source is the solution to this problem. At the moment, many companies are willing to offer motorists headlights so-called daylight-based white LEDs.

(One of these companies in Ukraine company is AVS. The principal advantages of LED headlamps are: 1) ultra-low power consumption (a matrix of 100 LED consumes less than 7 watts). For even more opinions, read materials from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. 2) a guaranteed job for a long time, even in if one or more LEDs will fail (the failure of the halogen or xenon lamp leads to a loss of light). 3) proximity to the spectrum of xenon (LEDs perfectly complement the light on the head xenon-based). Professor Roy Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. 4) long-term reliable operation LED products. 5) LEDs allow designers to design any forms because of its small size. 6) the possibility of execution in any case of LEDs on the the usual fog. 7) LED lights virtually no heat, so there is no risk that the glass will crack from falling on him in winter or autumn moisture.

8) the use of LEDs, with the angle of light from 140 to 160 degrees, that can significantly increase the viewing area in the dark. The disadvantages of LED products can be attributed perhaps only by their high cost. The market price of one high-brightness LEDs can be 50 euros. But start-up costs must be recouped during the operation of the LEDs. And not all the LEDs are so expensive. Installation and connection of LED modules, installation and connection of the LED matrix of body most of the fog lights do not require great intelligence or experience. Experts of the companies producing light-emitting diodes as a light source to advise you in detail on this procedure. For an extra fee, many companies are willing to make their own set of matrices in the PTF (subject to availability of labor resources). LED matrix connected directly to the car's electrical system, ie You do not need additional devices. Note: LED manufacturers claim a guaranteed time of the LEDs from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. When burnout time a LED matrix will still work. Will not light up only three LED (the one that burned and two of his 'neighbor'). Burnout does not change the level of brightness of the LEDs or working to reduce the lifetime of the matrix as a whole. Source: LEDs in cars

Lift Advantages

System such as 'lift' is ideal for working in different industries and can be used for transportation of scrap metal, household and construction waste, sand, gravel and other goods. This system greatly simplifies and speeds up the work, reducing time of loading and unloading, and is universal: one car may be carried in the body for various purposes, equipped with a special sub-frame (container, tank, side loader, loader, cabins, specialized equipment). Depending on the required capacity is chosen model hooklift and type of bunker. Possible options for equipment installation at domestic chassis (KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural) and the chassis are imported. The advantages of this system lies in the fact that the car leaves the swap body at the site and leaves after the other is already filled. While saving time and thus money. Consider special car 581140 (lift): () 1. Purpose, scope and mode of operation of the product 1.1 Vehicle Special 581,140 (the lift) is designed for loading, transportation and removal removable hoppers, loading and unloading by the crane, and also allows you to do the work in the dump mode.

The use of interchangeable bins can be used to lift various sectors (Utilities, construction, trade, industry, road service, etc.). 1.2. Lift is manufactured in climatic design – Y location category 1 according to GOST 15150. 2. The composition of the product consists of a car Automobile chassis MAN TGA 28.353 FNLC and specialized equipment, which includes: – a mechanism for loading and unloading ECOPRESS; – kranomanipulyatornaya installation EPSILON E90Z74; 3.

Work products drive the mechanism by control valve with manual control. Before the work mechanism includes a pump, is available on the chassis. Loading lift with a hook lowered to a height of staples, available in the bunker, pulls up to the bunker. After linking hook clamps up the bunker with the help of master cylinders, front and hook frames. When the bunker will transport provision, it is fixed on the vertical and horizontal movement of Nogo-fixing mechanism. Then disconnect pump drive. Removing the tank is carried out in reverse order. When working in the dump clips from engagement with the longitudinal beams bunkers are not taken. Kranomanipulyatornoy installation is controlled with the help of control valve, located on the beam opornopovorotnogo device. More information about this construction can be found at:

Booking Glasses

Recently, motorists are increasingly interested in booking car windows, as This service is becoming very popular, along with the usual toning auto glass, however, issues related to features booking glass is weight. Therefore, we decided in this article highlight the main aspects of the booking. So, booking car windows makes the task of, first, to protect the driver and passenger from broken glass during an accident, and secondly, to protect the people sitting in the car, from the attack of enemies and robbers, and thirdly, to keep valuables in vehicles. Glass inscribed with armoring tape against the attempts to break it or just squeeze slows the rate of penetration into the vehicle. Such glass can not be broken up into fragments. During the attack, after repeated blows glass may break, but the protective film will keep it in place.

In our work we use a protective film LLumar (U.S. production), and Hanita (Israel production). Why them? LLumar is the undisputed world leader in automotive films, so the choice its obvious. Hanita – a leading Israeli company for the production of films and technology production and use of reserving films in Israel developed as in no other country in connection with the commission of a sad traditionalism this region of terrorist acts, so often clients wishing to book their car windows, and even more who do not know anything about the producers of the films, ask first about Israeli companies. Exactly so Hanita was selected along with LLumar'om. Which of these film producers better, hard to say, they are about the same level of adaptability and quality – are equally high.