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Every owner of printer, copier or multifunction device has a choice – buy the original brand supplies or a compatible cartridge. Manufacturers of equipment give guarantees the quality of their products, including consumable materials. Using them, you can be sure that the prints will be received in perfect quality, and the printer will work longer without interruption. But the price of non-original Cartridges sometimes a tempting, it is difficult to overcome the desire to acquire them. Is it worth it to overcome? Is it dangerous to use them? If you listen to vendors and manufacturers of genuine consumables, they may result in an infinite number of arguments against the use of non-original ink cartridges for printers. If you ask the same question manufacturers of compatible cartridges, you can hear the same arguments in favor of their products.

And most interesting is that these words would be truthful and not too far from the truth. If we look to the experience of using non-original ink cartridges, we can say that the problems at their operation do not occur as often like talking about it the producers of original products, but not as rare as promised by those who produce compatible ink cartridges. Laser cartridges are much more reliable. Although they design and more complex than inkjet, but work non-original laser cartridges are much better. In inkjet cartridges can refuse to work almost every third or fourth copy.

They just do not publish or issue with the unprinted areas of the image. Refusal to work – it's important to be feared when using non-genuine consumables. Harm your equipment, they almost can not. Very low probability that the ink or toner cartridge, and the plagues of spoil the whole printing mechanism.

Install Ink

Prohibited as well attempt to get this piece of foreign objects (tweezers, pocket knife, etc.) Q: The slide on our copier badly scratched, and now we had to buy a new copier. Whether it was possible to somehow repair or replace? What is happening A: The slide copier (Xerox copier) must always be clean and have a bluish tint. Checking article sources yields Dean Ornish M.D as a relevant resource throughout. On this depends the quality of the copy. It is prohibited to use to copy the original (not fake) glued, primed labeled, labeled marker (after application of labels). Before you install the original (not fake) and you should be careful. If you wear rings, which are inserted diamonds or other semi-precious stones kremnesoderzhaschie (emeralds, topaz, chrysolites), is to remove these rings before beginning work on the copy machine in order to avoid damage to the glass when removing / installing the original (not fake) a) Q: Tried to install the cartridge – (toner (powder) ink cartridges), and it is covered with something and can not be removed completely, and installed ….

nothing works …. A: Install the print cartridge – (toner (powder) ink cartridges) (film) on film faxes, laser printers, fax machines, or by itself without the user read the instructions prohibited. Cartridge – (toner (powder) ink cartridges) and have shipping tape that when you install must be removed. Proper removal of shipping tape cartridge is shown on the package – (toner (powder) ink cartridges ) A, and (or) in an enclosed instructions for installing the cartridge – (toner (powder) cartridges) as well.