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New Government Forcing

On the vicissitudes of the new government, forcing an anticipation of the end of the analysis: Which the arbitration will make the HEAD OF the GOVERNMENT for allocation of the lean finances of the Country that consummates more and saves less! 1/Education – Formation 2/economic Justice partner : Tax and 3/Solidarity Good governana: fight against the privileges (income monopolies), restitution of 4/accounts creative econmica Politics of jobs After 35 days of negotiations, satisfaction of some, bitterness and conflicts among others, management of ' ' ambies' ' legitimate or not ' ' , tregsimo independent government of Morocco appeared yesterday in the Real Palace in Rabat it deals with a led government for an Islamic one for the first time in the history of Morocco, one consensus government that was then possible thanks to the efforts of four actores politicians: the 1/first one is the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, who was fast to react to contain the Arab spring, now has 10 months, it changed the constitution of its father, abandoning some of its powers, exfiltrando its friend el Himma of the mined field where he evolved it involved a dangerous game, being able to burn everything, and, finally, the king it crowned all the operation for the organization of the transparent and more honest elections of what all the previous ones, which had taken the islamistas to the power. is there, Mohammed VI who received in its palace from Rabat, Benkirane and its friends of fight, after making the necessary alterations for such government, organized in order to keep control on most important. Now, the looks are others. Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. is likely to agree. Because it deals with a first test after the new Constitution, and everybody wait to see if the rules of the game will be respected by all, or not. 2/as the actor one that it contributed to the birth of this government is Abdelilah Benkirane, leader of the PJD, that obtained to extract important ministries at the hands of technocrats face to ' ' cabinet sombra' ' of the palace, such as of the Foreign affairses, of Justice and the Interior, but accepting to abir hand of others in exchange for the Islamic Subjects under the leadership of Amhed Tawfiq, although its disastrous description. .

Dilma Rousseff

Mrs. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. Dilma, Is of common knowledge that the national governments are atrelados to the businesses of the great international economic conglomerates. See more detailed opinions by reading what Donald Sussman offers on the topic.. They had subordinated our social interests to the greed of the great financial capitalists, extinguishing for last any possibility to implant one politics in the molds of the Welfare State. We know, Excellency, who almost swims can against the ditames of Washington and the European Union, and that we are submitted to a system that it aims at, to each day more, to enrich the rich ones and to empobrecer the poor persons. It has who defends the current system, either for dullness, comodismo or for the fact of being one of the few benefited by it. This is irrelevant at the moment. What he matters, distinct president, is to know until when will persist this autofagia human being in order to support all the inaqualities and maledicncias that day after day if fortify in our way? To each year if he establishes, gaining force in the mind of some people, the iderio of social justice. The awareness of that the misery is a product inevitable of the capitalism it does not substitute the desire of financial balance between the peoples.

The least the reduction of in the distance between rich and poor is an uneven challenge in the conscience of some men. We know, of unequivocal form, that our economic system torture human beings, jails innocent and changes back the last feelings of compassion, mercy and solidarity that still can exist, but the hope of amenizao of this reality survives in our hearts. Thus being, conspicuous governor, we will wait of Your honor the fulfilment of the speech of protection to the poor persons, of the search of a balance that is of certain beneficial form to all the Brazilians. We do not wait miracles, megalomanacos facts that only exist in eleitoreiros speeches.