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The Caliber

Do not use any oil and aroma randomly without before to make sure that it is appropriate for the mood of the person receiving the massage. Do not use as a stretcher table covered with blankets or any unstable support. You use one mattress on the floor if you don’t have a stretcher.This is the second secret: all massage has effect on the mood of the consultant, nothing is done randomly or without a purpose. Once you have these covered aspects, the result will be the esparado.In this course we cover the 3 stages comprising the massage: opening sequence and close.This means that it applies a very mild pace manoeuvre at the beginning (rods) and the same maneuver after others. Entire manoeuvre must have an end, everything is used with a goal, why is necessary that you study and practice if you want to be a good masseur. Massage with soft, very soft and slow rhythm begins because this is the first contact between the skin of the consultant and yours. Each maneuver the massage must have a purpose, hands will not unnecessarily tour the area of the body.At the beginning of the treatment, the masseur notes and he palpated the tissue, to know what state they are and according to this you will choose appropriate maneuvers to get the desired results. The pressure that is applied to the massage, does not have to cause pain, since this would cause defensive nmusculares contractions, diminishing the caliber of the veins, preventing the effect reaches deep tissue, nor should be very soft, because not the proper result would be obtained. You must choose the adequate pressure depending on the State of the muscle and other tissues. This course will explain the order as maneuvers are applied then it introduces the beginner masseur to the fundamental anatomical knowledge to work different muscle groups of the body, there are small areas where massages are not applied.