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The Volatile

The one that if relates this? The volatile truth while, assumes aspect of does not fix, varying as metamorfo one to be, something perhaps burkiniano where he remains ' ' thing-verdade' ' , but it if adapta not to lose to the process that is continuous, what it makes in them to think about another factor, that would be the volatile one as permanent factor, what it would send to a fixed point again. But when it is thought about one transformation under a heraclitiana perspective, has a differentiated form of comment concerning such permanence, that it would be exactly this cyclical shock that if perpetuates. However no matter how hard let us make conjecturas, it is finished almost falling in the absolutizao and being apprehended in ' ' cage of ferro' ' weberiana, what it makes in them to transpose this obstacle through one another bias, that would be the abstract regimentao of the concrete. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It seems nonsense, and in fact it is, but the one that if relates such desvario after all? The truth becomes inefficacious when it starts to exist, therefore regimentada it materialize itself in an antithesis of itself, since when materialize themselves and not obtaining to enclose what she has, becomes inefficacious while absolute, beyond what the materialized abstract becomes abstraction-deceased (serving me of a poetical license), vide the example of the written thought that if becomes ' ' letter morta' ' according to words of Bourdieu. But when we relegate the concrete truth while affirmation of an inherent existence to the one process cognitivo, we have the truth-abstract, where if it makes gift while or-topos, that is, an utopia. The truth is only while not-to be, a goal that if draws out in a inalcanvel objetivao, desire-to be that it searchs to establish itself in a posteriori, having as speech a priori one, what it makes with that what either has moved in way to these two great extremities (one more time thinking about Heraclitus), findando the truth in what it was and that it will be, but that it never is..

The Being

In these directions, as much the being of the being who has the placed eyes ' ' in-workmanship-of-verdade' ' , how much the proper poetess, is presences that if understand in a inominvel originary meeting, that came to be poetry for the mortal character of proper the meeting-of-presence-mortals. research. Life, that the poetess receives in the meeting of the presence that if desvela in the look is in the property of enlace-if-with in the inefvel movement of the being, and therefore, the mortality of the poetess, that consists of a delivery of itself, happens in grafar and to publish the poem, that brings to the light its originary meeting with the presence of You, for who of its life. How much to the sphere of the language, express in ' ' Yours olhos' ' , she brings to the light the poetess: ' ' Yours eyes are the inspiration of awkward poetess who has as much to say, /Por in do not know more to choose and to write the words to exaltar these eyes, /Pois the words are Minsculas and Insignificantes, /Perto of this yours olhar' '. In these verses, in-apprehension of the language about the originary meeting, and the disparity between &#039 are elucidated; ' be-happening-a' ' before the act to think the meeting that died and, posterior, it convokes it in the poetical nomination, that is different of thinking. Therefore: ' ' The language is the house of the being.

In this habitation of the being deferred payment the man. The thinkers and the poets are the guards of this habitation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Professor Roy Taylor. The guard that exerts is to consummate the manifestation of the being, in the measure where they take it to the language and in it conservam' ' (HEIDEGGER, 1998, p.31). Of certain, the words are inferior the reality of meeting-happening. The words in ' ' Yours olhos' ' they do not deplete the originary meeting, therefore in the poetical metaphor this comes to the light of the language, this the bush, in meanwhile for the poetical impreciso, of the metaphor with its penumbra, the originary meeting is always: living creature, furniture and adveniente; the meeting sung in the poetry exceeds the poetry.

Psychologists Tips

Psychological and emotional state of people during the crisis suffered more than their material well-being. People are increasingly no longer cope alone with their problems, panic. According to Cancer Research, who has experience with these questions. How could cope stress during the crisis, Council of Psychologists. Among urban residents is more common behavioral problems than among rural dwellers. A crisis is also exacerbated the situation. Our fellow citizens are not used to refer to psychologists to solve their own problems. Heart-to-heart talk with us more often occurs in the kitchen with friends, where they slopped the emotions expressed sore.

It's like a one way drop of negativity. The vast Most Russians seek the advice of relatives. One in every four to friends. Among men, the number who applied less than that of women. Men are more used to solve their problems independently. Lung cancer contributes greatly to this topic. Every tenth of all believes that he will cope with their own problems. Probably why the crisis has had more women harmful effects.

Any shock always knocks people out of our usual ruts, reduces its ability to handle stress. A crisis seriously affected the psyche of people around the world. This is very dangerous for the human psyche. Constant thoughts about work, family welfare, bad news on television and in the media. This affects the state of the human body. Begin headaches, irritability, fatigue and insomnia. This is just some of the symptoms of psychological disorder. Therefore it is necessary to filter out information that does not succumb to the newspaper ducks seeking inflate the sensation of petty events. Learn how to find all positive. All that is done, all the better. Those who live by this principle, the least susceptible to psychological influence from outside. Do not discuss the bad news circle of friends. It is not necessary to escalate the situation. Leave the negative beyond the threshold. Make every effort to confidence in the future. Confidence and ability to always increase your stress levels. Make plan economically feasible costs. Order them. Because you can not do something, not very compromising yourself. Realize, finally, that the crisis – a temporary phenomenon. This is not the end of life. And try to find positive aspects in this situation. People who have passed through the crucible of hardship, only hardened. Be persistent and you, like a fairytale soldier of tin.

Sociological Theory

MARTINS, Carlos Benedict. What it is sociology. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 2006. Carlos Benedict Martins, author of the workmanship ' ' What it is Sociology? ' ' , he is sociologist graduated and master Social Sciences for the PUC of So Paulo, beyond doctor in sociology for the University of Paris. Hodiernamente, acts in the practical professor and research in the Department of Sociology of the University of Brasilia (UnB), more specifically in the areas of Sociological Theory and Sociology of the Education.

It is, still, researcher of the CNPq. In synthesis, the workmanship problematiza the sociological question searching the factors motivadores of the sprouting and the affirmation of sociology while science. Martins makes a historical boarding in order to contextualizar and to become visible elements that are not clarividentes, but that they had influenced strong and they are closely linked to the appearance of new science, of the science of the people in the collective scope properly said. The book is divided in: ' ' Introduction; First chapter: sprouting; Chapter second: The formation; Chapter third: The development; Indications for leitura' '. In the first item, ' ' Introduo' ' , the author presents the workmanship and clarifies its pretensions with this. It makes one brief communication concerning what it configures sociology in its essence, of which its objectives while science, of its relation with the capitalist rising society, of its initial experience in the universities and later the prohibition of the education of the same one. In addition, the author deals with the mistake, that is perhaps even though proposital, to equal or to take the sociology as .causing of the marxism and Theory of the Revolution, therefore for the capitalism he is not nothing interesting that the proletariat is organized and mobilized for its rights and sociology was despertando the capacity of criticidade of the mass. The ruling class, bourgeoisie, desired to verwhelm sociology and tried to convince others that this optimum age.