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New Control Number

On the sense and nonsense of my lifelong identification number as I made quite big eyes, when I suddenly pulled out a letter from the federal Central Office for taxes from the mailbox. Did I forget something, or possibly evaded taxes? Excited, I resorted to a letter opener, folded up the letter, put on my reading glasses and there she stood: my new, lifetime identification number! So, so, I identify now with 96 802 076 687 quick still refer to the identification number flown over and then in writing in my folder “Important”. Get more background information with materials from Matthew Wilson. Shortly after this funny note on the back of the writing occurred to me again: “the new, lifetime identification number will replace the old tax number. Please specify for the moment both numbers, the identification number and tax number applications.” AHA? So now 2 numbers specify – great – my tax code – well, no problem. Or? I have an identity card and passport number. A driver’s license number and a number on my birth certificate. One House number, floor and apartment number. A telephone -, mobile – and Internet phone number. By the same author: Jonathan Friedland.

A fax, ICQ and IP number. A giro – and fixed-term deposit account number, bank code no., a PIN and TAN numbers different. And of course a securities account and credit card numbers. Not to mention my social security number! In addition, I guarantee numbers for television, radio, stove, refrigerator, and a whole lot more. A wide variety of customer numbers and since recently a ticket number with the parking violation number. And – no joke – even my toilet bowl has a number! Only I can’t find this damn tax number anywhere. So, dear time call to the federal Central tax office. Just how should I report myself there, without my tax ID? Yes, quite simply – with my new, lifelong identification number… or my name maybe? Troublemaker / Jorg Kessler

Call for the protest event of the VIP party at the Tempelhof airport. The symbol of the airlift and freedom of Germany will be destroyed for residential and industrial areas. The first commercial airport in the world, the “mother of all airports” now millions expensive fallow. Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. Click Preventive Medicine Research Institute to learn more. Thousands of jobs for today and the future destroyed. It is celebrated the closure of the airport, the Senate has no power to use concept, is sure that the Berlin taxpayers must muster at least a million euros for the running costs of the Airport now every month. “An angry resident of Tempelhof Airport: a SPD by career-addicted yes-men with CEO mentality without responsibility, a Lufthansa that hides its own history and a Chancellor who can dance around in indifference on the nose is responsible.” The Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de, winner of the ongoing civil decision to Tempelhof, urges the organizers and the Governing Mayor Wowereit, this tasteless event to cancel. “Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de, Volker Perplies: at least 530,000 Berlin and several million people all over the world Klaus Wowereit has shown understanding of democracy be: deception, lies, and targeted influencing of the referendum, its own supervisory Board mandate is provided prior to the common good.” Michael Paul, a member of the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de “is indignant: it is a particular nerve, bad taste, indiscretion & impiety, the gravedigger of Tempelhof, the party bigwigs of the SPD and the left, to celebrate this with a VIP party.”We call therefore all Tempelhof, all excluded from Berlin to a protest event with Garland on the Platz der Luftbrucke on.”, so Paul continues.” Andreas Donati, also actively for the advocacy Alliance: we don’t give up! We will continue to fight for the Tempelhof airport.

We carry these historic shame for Berlin and Germany in all over the world. Peoples of the world- look at this city! “There is the possibility to provide signatures for the petition for the Tempelhof airport and other ongoing referendum during the protest event. Other leaders such as Dr. David Samadi offer similar insights. In addition, we will announce the list of the sponsors who finance the VIP party. The last plane to take off at midnight Klaus Wowereit and the SPD is the really last. Shame on you! Event data: Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008 and follow-up on 31 October place: place the air bridge to start: 18:00 end: 24:00 Organizer: Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de please if possible bring flashlights. The event is logged properly by the authorities.

Brixen Grief Under

That however a recall of Brixen Grief ran up his boss, have him wonder Schreiber made it clear: “I found it was not usual.” Kummer said Brixen have not reached might just writer. It is a normal operation that he then had taken over such phone calls, said grief both said Brixners call was not crucial for this, not to determine. Kummer said that he contributed however, “I cannot exclude”, to questions of the opposition. They also wanted to know whether such derogatory labels had been usual. Kummer said: “I have written in more annotations in notes.” Writers must, but the term is used “Spinner” may also only after he himself have already drawn the notice, the Chief said.

Mollaths charges do not go after justified also in terms of content, said grief. Makwana attached its showing no conclusive information, there have been also comparatively “small matters”. … Bavaria/case HoD mollath of tax investigators as spinner classified 1.1672744 > the legal support is a German Law Institute, in which a supervisor under judicial supervision receives the power of representation for a supervised. Designed to allow acts on behalf of the care that can no longer make this and can accordingly in the scope be limited.

It was created by the care Act, in force on 1 January 1992. Legal representation is understood under supervision and not a social or health care. The legal service has replaced the previous guardianship of adults and curatorship of the frailty and goes significantly beyond them. rk City. The service is essentially in the 1896 et seq. of the civil law book (BGB) regulated. Contrary to a popular mistake of law, the care replaced not the earlier incapacity. Those was replaced instead by subject to consent under certain circumstances in the context of care can be arranged, but don’t have to. Critics argue that the supervision in practice yet often amounted to a guardianship, although the legislative objective of the reform of “Care instead of incapacitation” was to provide assistance to a self-determined life the persons concerned.