Technological Institute

According to a study realised by the University of Chichester (England), a drummer burning fire so many calories during a concert that a professional soccer player during a soccer match. Since there is to use the arms and the legs simultaneously, and to keep a fast rate, it is that to touch the battery it is a good exercise as much for the body as the mind. With respect to the body, it increases the heart rate, it facilitates the sanguineous flow, and it develops to the muscles in the arms and shoulders. Also, the electrical batteries, like the battery yamaha for example, have sets foreshadowed that helps the drummer to keep the rate, and to train muscles. Besides burning calories, to touch to the battery yamaha it both starts up the operation of sides of the brain, developing the cerebral plasticity and changing the cerebral anatomy favorably. A drummer must adjust very quickly to changes in tempo, rate, style, and volume, and thus gift is made realise several activities simultaneously.

A recent study on the influence of the musical formation in children of 6 years, in which the children followed a course of 15 months of music classes, it demonstrated that to play it makes the used areas greater to process music and to carry out several tasks simultaneously. According to Jnke, professor of the Technological Institute of Zurich, that cerebral development improvement in the children the ability of the language, the memory and the capacity of attention. He is that to touch the battery it is an ideal pastime, that besides being funny, aid to stay in form and to improve the mental capacity. Original author and source of the article