Test For Treason

From childhood, we hear that you can not trust everyone he met the man. But time passes and we meet the most expensive person we fall in love. The days are rushing months and we’re starting to trust him. And forget about known since childhood, the principle – ‘Trust but verify! “. Vleblenny man tries not to see the shortcomings of their partner. We believe him / her. Afraid of losing your soul mate. And in a ‘perfect’ day we begin to suspect their husband or his wife of infidelity.

Dream is to arrange his / her original ‘test for treason. ” And the more we love, the more unbearable suffering brings even the very idea of treason. Symptoms of high treason: 1. Less time to spend together Watch for her partner. If he / she changes you, you’ll notice frequent late after work, strange trips with friends / girlfriends to a stranger (which you do not go together) places an inexplicable urge to travel separately, etc. Take your time, check whether there is a Partner of where your talking about. Those who cheat – ultimately mistaken. Be unpredictable.

Appear on the work at if you feel that you are deceived. Bring him / her a surprise dinner. 2. Changes of any kind of seat passenger in a strange position? He / she suddenly changes its appearance or finds a new job? Pay attention to these things. Ask questions if you feel that you deceive. An honest man in front of you calmly explain to you all and will respond calmly to any questions. The truth is worth remembering that men are less creative in terms of otmazok than women, so uchityvyte this time. 3. Telephone Review calls on the mobile phone book. Recorded unfamiliar to you people? Try to find out if possible who it is. Men often call their mistresses female names in the phone, try calling some ‘Ivan’. 4. If all of the methods used and you are sure that you change, then try to follow your loved one. And do it so that no one figured it out. If funds allow, then hiring a private detective. If you sure that he / she is cheating, sometimes it is – the only way to get evidence. I repeat – this is an extreme case. However, you may be surprised, but there is a simple and effective way to learn the truth about a loved one – Test treason. The test will answer you on all interesuschie questions about your partner: When the sex life, how many partners he / she has been and how many there are now to other issues, and most importantly – you will answer the main question – whether there was cheating? We hope that your partner successfully pass the test and your argument is just a fly in the ointment.