The Attention

Fifth, sincere (a) at any moment, nonDES place to the deceits by smaller than these is; that decrease the relation and its consistency to the posteriority. Sixth, it looks for variable moments to share with will and joy with your pair, or they are pleasant purchases, strolls, cinema, meals, conversations in a coffee or bar, dances, etc. Which joint party of affability and good way never is bad, and are supports for the future of the pair. Seventh, it demonstrates the affection actually through gestures, caresses, kisses, hugs, and other forms of expression of the affection, to your pair. Nothing has so difficult to include/understand or to understand that a person is ” fra” in its demonstrations of love.

It takes the initiative and you will see that it is very well received by your pair. Eighth, always trusts your pair. The confidence is a luck of insurance for the pair in its life of emotions and feelings, as well as for the rest of activities that are related in their life. If one is given by love to the pair literally, that also supposes a high quota of confidence. Ninth, not to forget that the pair relation entails to realise many more activities with those than it is still more included to the pair, receiving his form to be and trying to be improving both altogether, like individually. That search of the well-being and development is seen positively affected by this conjunction of realities.

Tenth, not to forget the details that adorn and lay the foundations that relation from their origins: to be to tier to us, delicate, glad, receptive; there are many forms that occur in a pair, like remembering the dates of anniversary, birthday, giving flowers, to leave to have dinner or to dance without having reasons I pretend only by the pleasure to be together, etc., etc., etc. Eleventh, to maintain the dialogue constant. Nothing has so detrimental that what is shut up, within a relation. But simultaneously, I would add, must exist a spirit of reception, analysis, acceptance and changes; everything based on the good march of our relation of pair. Twelfth, to attend social meetings in pair, without letting by the way have them solo, intimate and very personal meetings. Finally, not to neglect that the attention to the pair must be permanent, constant, and have the predisposition to make feel special the loved person. After all, that is one of the objectives if not most important, to embellish to the being loved with the which had attentions, the pleasant smiles, the glance especially of love, etc. To love it is an art, it is a special feeling, it is a form of life more special than the one than many they consider.