The Embryo and Genetics

With the fecundao, an only combination (genetic) is produced, generating an uneven individuality to the embryo since the zygote. It does not matter under which aspect if it looks at, the embryo has right the life, exactly that it is fertilizao in vitro. It is clearly, did not have the copulao, but the end is the same: a life. In them we do not place contrary to the hopes of who wait the release of studies with cell-trunk, but the embryo has the right to develop itself and to be born. It is evident that one does not ask for to a velrio and certificate of death to an embryo that loses its viability. What if it asks for is a bigger responsibility of doctors and researchers in the generation of embryos in laboratory that do not have to generate more embryos of what the necessary one to try a fertilizao in vitro.

It is clearly that, around of the world, it has a quarrel that will bring much repercussion. Repercussion that still happens due to a point of view not cited, that it is the religiosidade. We demonstrate some topics: the 1. man does not have the right to manipulate something so valuable as the life; 2. much less, it has the right to interrupt a cycle as that one of the conception until the birth; 3. the man is victim of what he himself makes; he creates, he copies and he suffers with the consequences.

The intention is to be of the side that protects the life and that it continues. However, we are not against the biological evolution genetic for the good of the humanity. The question is: how? Human embryo and the Respect In century XX uncovered it possibility to carry through the fertilizao and to identify where the life if initiates. It is on the basis of this beginning that we go to start one another subtpico being tried to indicate when it is that the life if according to initiates some religions of the world.