The Lombok Children OASIS Supports

Education is a human right, especially for the world’s smallest and poorest children. Indonesia has suffered from since 1998 under an ongoing economic and currency crisis affecting the children particularly hard especially the poorest strata of the population and here. Initiatives, which make the child at the Centre of aid are all the more important and valuable. AIDS, which particularly the development of the abilities and potentials of children at the Center. The children offer a protected space in which will be learned and played, a place where basic principles of social coexistence can be lived and internalized. For even more details, read what Cardiologist says on the issue. Lombok children oasis is founded in 2005 on the basis of private engagements by Inge Hecht from NRW. Since 1992, she lives in Indonesia.

Their initiative is dependent on donations and has been pages of the German Embassy as eligible recognized. To find information about the project, on the Internet at kids OASIS In March, the team in Lombok is visited by Gabriela Sokti. With her in the baggage, numerous workshops, travel Free materials and conveyor belts made of the programme of the Niekao learning worlds. On-site, wife Sokti the members of the team explains the creation and handling of materials.

This action is a high praise for us and we appreciate this confirmation of our didactic and methodological approach. The claim, to accompany the child when his individual learning progress and become independent learning permeates our materials. Built-in self-monitoring, steady success feedback and the Organization of learning in various social forms form the basic framework for our materials. Almost regardless of cultural and social environments children can learn learning around the world with our materials”. We are pleased about it. Do know of similar initiatives, then please contact us. Udo Kiel, Niekao worlds of learning more information about Lombok children OASIS see under: information to the Niekao learning worlds, see contact person press – and public relations Udo Kiel, H factor GmbH Niederhofer coal route 16 44267 Dortmund Tel: 0231 / 31774510