Trains Exercise

To have your abdominal markings, perfect and strong you must know several ways to achieve this and know that it is not impossible, only you should know routines to do. Training, feeding, hydration and rest are key to achieving this. Consider these 30 tips to improve these aspects and allows you to have dreams perfect flat stomach. 1. If you are a beginner learn to successfully run the exercise routines. 2. limited grassroots abdominal training. 3.

Do not put your hands on your neck or keep them close to the sides of the head or crossed over the chest. 4. The neck should be in a straight line with the trunk. 5. Never until the Chin attached to the chest. 6. When performing abdominal contraction raises the trunk without bending the neck. 7.

Do not raise the body using the back muscles. 8. If you have trouble doing so, only the stomach begins to tighten. 9. Perform movements slow and controlled movements of tires more slowly, but is much more effective and safe. 10. Keep a time of the position of maximum contraction increases the work of muscles and stimulates the development of its power. 11. If you are not properly training your abdominals it runs more risk of injury. 12. Increase the intensity gradually. 13. they include variety in your abdominal routine, an exercise for the upper part of the lower part and another for obliques. 14 Trains your abdominals as the strength of each region: the first weak, bottom then the oblique muscle, and finally the top. 15. The above suggestion is not strict, you can vary the exercises to perform and the order of execution. 16 Carries out the repetitions necessary to achieve muscle fatigue, if you can do more than 25 must be added difficulties in implementation. 17. If you want to add strength and build muscle can work with AV or loads. 18. Break of 20 to 45 seconds between repetitions depending on your physical condition. 19 Includes rest periods between abdominal workouts recalls: always more is not better. 20 Leaves at least 48 hours of rest between each session: two or three days a week is enough. 21 Controls breathing, breathe through your mouth when you do the contraction and inspire through the nose as you release. 22. The control of breathing will greatly increase the intensity of exercise significantly. 23. Do not use flexors hip, trafficking of feeling that you are tightening the abdominal muscles and not by pulling on the muscles that are close to the English. 24 Avoid lifting the legs extended and becomes excessive, they are not very effective and very harmful. 25. Always do your crunches with your legs bent, knees bent while performing the exercise. 26 Perform abdominal curls up to 30 degrees, after the work is done by the psoas-iliac muscle. 27 If you don’t see results, even if the fight is because they are not quite doing abdominal exercises. If you are training well, it is begin to see results in about a month. 28. Do aerobic exercise of medium and long term to achieve muscle definition in her abdominal area. 29 Control what he eats, muscle definition cannot be achieved without diet. 30. Not enough with having a large abdominal muscles, the secret of a good media section is to be seen. Visit this website and know the best ways for a better quality of life original author and source of the article.