Underestimated Disease

More than 2000 participants at TSIS 2010 expected in Munich scientists can submit award research for Arthur E. build Munich, August 2009 – sepsis is the third-leading cause of death in Germany after heart disease and cancer. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD contains valuable tech resources. Every year, sepsis is diagnosed at about 154 000 people. 60 000 of patients die from the consequences. Especially in the operational medicine, hospitalised patients are due to their underlying disease that is extremely vulnerable to infection. So, a real routine operation, a small operation that can often lead to tragic consequences.

In addition cause sepsis patients enormous costs in health insurance: 1.7 billion euros must be applied each year solely for the intensive treatment of septic patients. This is equivalent to about 32 percent of the total expenditure incurred by the ICU in German hospitals (German sepsis-Gesellschaft e.V.). The scientific programme of the 8th World Congress trauma, shock, inflammation and sepsis – TSIS 2010 “with about 90 Individual conferences presents numerous thematic priorities. The discussion on inflammation-induced cancer development of various organs, the use of stem cell technology to recover injured or damaged organs as well as the multidisciplinary management of obesity include, in addition to the complex problem of sepsis. 125 program points are represented as points of discussion on the Web site of the Congress. TSIS 2010 represents the new edition of the world’s most prestigious medical Conference, which deals with the latest research, developments, and innovative approaches to the discovery and supply of all acute and chronic systemic diseases. The Congress will take place from 9 to 13 March 2010 in Munich and more than 2000 visitors from all over the world are expected.

Almost all disciplines of clinical medicine and basic scientists from the biological and biomedical subjects of virtually all medical universities of the Western world and Asia as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries discuss new Treatment and care models of critically ill patients. The best scientific projects within the various program segments of the Congress will award E. build the Arthur. In addition, 30 travel awards are offered for the best scientific achievements of young scientists. TSIS 2010 can be submitted to research in the fields of cell and molecular biology, clinical pathophysiology, control of the course of the disease, as well as innovative treatment methods. The deadline for paper submissions is November 6, 2009. More information about the scientific program and to participate in Congress, see press contact Word Sandoval GmbH Tel: 089 357 75 79-0 E-mail: