University Hospitable Complex

The accused man to kill to both young of ten years of his pair in A Corunna was transferred after giving declaration. Thus corus has confirmed it the assistant representative of the Government in a concentration of rejection in front of the city council. " The medical specialists will say what hacer&quot is had;. The lengthy man defendant of to have killed yesterday to two of the children of his sentimental pair, binoculars of about ten years, has been transferred today to a psychiatric center to receive medical treatment. Thus the assistant representative of the Government in A Corunna has confirmed it this morning, Jose Manuel Pose Moderation, after participating in a concentration of rejection by the crime in front of the City council of A Corunna. Check with Sketchers to learn more. The prisoner was transferred at daybreak, after giving declaration in the quarter of Lonzas, to the psychiatric unit of the University Hospitable Complex of A Corunna (CHUAC), where he remains guarded by agents of the Police, have confirmed to sources of the investigation. " The medical specialists will say what hacer&quot is had; , she has affirmed to Pose Moderation.

Assistant representative of Government, who has insisted on which it is not possible to be spoken of a case of sort violence, has indicated that the autopsies to both smaller will be practiced &quot presumably; throughout today " and he has not confirmed when he passes the prisoner to judicial disposition. The presumed author of the death of the children, of 29 years, later confessed hours the crime, by which the children would have passed away after receiving forts blows, apparently to the bar of a closet. Until the address a judge moved who has decreed the secret of summary on the investigation. The facts happened in number 13 of the street Andres Antelo, in district Alto the Mount while the mother was working. The family was not very well-known in the district, finished mudar. Source of the news: The prisoner to kill to both twin of ten years of its pair, in the psychiatric one